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Merry Christmas, everyone! and welcome to the next installment of Pokémon Vortex's special events!
This event requires you to collect and hatch eggs into undetermined Pokémon of all variants.
You can obtain eggs from the daily login rewards or buy them from other players on PokéBay
There are four different kinds of eggs that differ in time length to hatch, some eggs will hatch in as little as 30 minutes while some eggs will take a long 24 hours!
The longer your egg takes to hatch, the better the Pokémon will be that hatches from it. There is a rumour that some Pokémon that hatch will have a special holiday theme to them - even ones that are supposedly no longer obtainable.
The following perks will also be available:
Double Happiness from wild battles and trainer battles (Ends December 31st) Diglett (Christmas) will be able to evolve into Dugtrio (Christmas) (Ends December 31st) Pichu (Christmas) will be able to evolve into Pikachu (Christmas) with level 3 Happiness (Ends January 7th)  
Egg drops from the daily login rewards will start on December 1st and stop on December 31st
The Event Center for hatching will open on December 5th and close on January 7th (This is also where you will be able to list your eggs on PokéBay)
Please remember: You will no longer be able to hatch eggs after January 7th so waste no time hatching any you obtain!

What will you hatch?!
Christmas Hatchathon Event FAQ
Q - How many eggs can my account hold unhatched?
A - As many as you like. You can store your daily login rewarded eggs along with PokéBay purchases until you're ready to hatch them.
Q - Why does the hatching run until January 7th but egg drops only run until December 31st?
A - This is so people have time to hatch eggs bought from auctions that are currently running when the egg drops are over.
Q - Can I get more than one egg from daily login rewards?
A - You can get one every day until December 31st.
Q - I can't see my egg in the Event Center - Where is it?
A - Make sure your daily login reward was actually claimed on the account you are on. If you have multiple accounts, it's likely that your egg is one of your other accounts as only 1 daily login reward is given per person, not 1 per account.
Q - My egg was due to hatch but I don't see it - Where is it?
A - It likely already hatched. You can see your previously hatched eggs in a list on the Event Center page.
Q - Can I hatch more than one egg at a time?
A - Yes but you must hatch eggs to unlock more incubating slots. Hatching many 30min eggs would be the best for method for this.
Q - Do I have to be actively playing for the egg to hatch?
A - No, you can leave an egg hatching and come back whenever you're ready to check on it. The time taken to hatch is not influenced by anything.

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