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Welcome to the next installment of Pokémon Vortex's special events.
This event will pit you in a two-part battle against the mysterious and powerful AZ.
Think you have what it takes to defeat his overpowered team? If so, it's rumored that he will give you his very special form of Floette - Floette (Eternal)
This event will require you to have an event ticket to unlock the event center.
To obtain an event ticket, be sure you log in on November 2nd 2018 to get one in the daily login rewards.
This event kicks off on November 3rd 2018 and will end on November 5th 2018 so waste no time getting your best team ready to take AZ down.

Enjoy, everyone!
Event FAQ
Q - Can I keep defeating AZ for more Floette (Eternal)?
A - No. You can only claim 2 Floette (Eternal) - One from each battle round. The first battle guarantees you the Normal Floette (Eternal) and the second battle will give you a random variant of Floette (Eternal) from Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Metallic or Shadow.
Q - I didn't get my Floette (Eternal), where is it?
A - The Pokémon obtained from this event are sent to you as a promo code and will be delivered to your inventory in the promo code sub-section.
Q - Can I beat AZ on multiple accounts for more Floette (Eternal)?
A - You can, but this is frowned upon. Your account will be at risk of a ban if we feel you are abusing the event on multiple accounts.
Q - Can I sell my Floette (Eternal) promo codes on PokéBay?
A - Absolutely! The promo codes have a one month expiry period so they can be sold multiple times before they need to be claimed.
Q - When does this event end?
A - The event is scheduled to end on Monday November 5th 2018 at 00:00 GMT.

Event details

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