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Pokémon Vortex


On Saturday September 22nd 00:00 to Sunday September 23rd 23:59 BST all Ultra Beast Pokémon found on the maps will have twice their usual spawn rate.
Necrozma will be slightly more common than the rest on the Ghost/Psychic maps.
The following Pokémon will be more common during this period:

In addition to this:
A previously unreleased Ultra Beast; Stakataka will be made available for these two days on the cave maps. All Mystery Box purchases from the store will be 25% off with the coupon code 25OFF.  
Please Note:
Ultra Beasts can only be caught with either a Beast Ball  or a Vortex Ball  Stakataka will not be exclusive to this event - It will be a permanent addition on the maps in the next update (v4.2.x)

Event details

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