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Welcome to the next installment of special events held by Pokémon Vortex!

Be prepared to go bankrupt as we kick off PokéBay's second event. Unlike exclusive auctions that are already held on PokéBay, these event auctions will start and end at random intervals and be much more frequent during the event period (August 16th 00:00 to August 23rd 23:59 BST)

Each auction held will be for a set amount of Chill Drive items which is a new item introduced for this event and used on a regular Genesect to change its form to Genesect (Ice).

To change the form of your Genesect, you will first need to win one of these quick-run auctions and head over to the event center where you will be able to use it on a Gensect you own (and is not in your team or up for trade)


These auctions can pop up randomly and last anything from minutes to days so choose wisely when bidding if you're in a hurry or like to play the patient game to nab them cheaper.


Event FAQ:

  • Do I need an event ticket to unlock the event center?
  • No, just press "Unlock" any time while the event is running and you will be able to take part.


  • Why can't I see my Genesect in the event center?
  • If you are sure one should be in the list, make sure it is not in your team, not up for trade and not up for auction. Only Genesect in your storage can be form changed.


  • I won a Chill Drive auction but the event center says I have 0 - Where is it?
  • Make sure you won the auction, it is very easy to make the mistake with last-second auction sniping where you believe you won but you actually didn't. Auction Watch List will help you here, add any auction you're bidding on to your watch list so you can easily come back to it when it ends.


  • Are auctions the only way to get Chill Drives?
  • Yes.


  • Can I resell a Chill Drive that I won?
  • No, once you've won a Chill Drive auction, the item is locked to your account.


Obtainable Pokémon:

Genesect (Ice)Shiny Genesect (Ice)Dark Genesect (Ice)Mystic Genesect (Ice)Metallic Genesect (Ice)Shadow Genesect (Ice)

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Recommended Comments

11 hours ago, TomulisciaLT said:

 agian blaze ? Genesect (Blaze)

well there are no details (yet) so maybe ice or lightning will be it this time

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On 8/4/2019 at 10:48 AM, porymon said:

Ples dont let it be another pokebay event

yea other wise those rich guys will snipe it

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Just don't be a sidequest event again...many players can't participate in those...


Edited by holmes4869
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