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I would like to see the thing in the spoiler below, quite possibly because the first time I saw episode one (my favorite, not quite sure why, prob because of what I'm 'bout to say), I was about Anakin's age then (a little older, actually) and I thought he was... um... cute...? :$ (And, as I've said before, whether you remember/believe it or not, I am a girl.)


Pikachu + Image result for young anakin skywalker Like all of your Darth Vader ideas, but a lot cuter.


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Ok I think i have it: I think it will be a Dark <-> Shiny converter, so u can pass during that day ur Dark Combee to Shiny Combee and viceversa.

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plz can someone help i havent claimed a jedi at all but it keeps saying i have already claimed a jedi i am not able to claim one ign is gordor plz help 

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