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New Year 2017


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Happy New Year!


Log in between the 30th December 2016 and 1st January 2017 to claim your free Alolan starter Pokémon.

Rowlet, Litten and Popplio are available in all 6 types and their evolutions.

RowletShiny RowletDark RowletMystic RowletMetallic RowletShadow Rowlet

LittenShiny LittenDark LittenMystic LittenMetallic LittenShadow Litten

PopplioShiny PopplioDark PopplioMystic PopplioMetallic PopplioShadow Popplio

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He should keep Greninja - Ash event cuz it's there in pokedex but no 1 has it. He can also keep the 3 spl dratinis- dratinire dratinice and dratinilic



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