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Hello everyone!
Welcome to the next installment of Pokémon Vortex's events - The long awaited Deoxys forms event.
On this very special event, we present you with an interesting challenge like no previous event.
To put it simply, it is a scavenger hunt. You must complete very specific tasks and bring your findings back to the event center to be presented with the next task.
Upon completion of all tasks, there is said to be one final test of patience which will award you a Deoxys form of your choice.


Deoxys (Attack)Deoxys (Defense)Deoxys (Speed)

Deoxys (Attack), (Defense) & (Speed) Event FAQ


Q - My task is to catch a female Ralts level 12. I already have one but it's saying I don't. What's the problem?
A - All tasks that require the capture of a Pokémon must be completed after the event started, you cannot use a Pokémon you already had. In addition, Pokémon obtained through trade also will not work. 

Q - I already met a milestone it's asking me to achieve in a mission, do I have to do it again?
A - Most likely. Ask it to check your status to see if it needs doing or if you have already done it. 

Q - I have completed all missions. Can I get more than one Deoxys form?
A - You can get multiple Deoxys forms based on a process that is explained after the last mission is complete. 

Q - Why is this FAQ so vague?
A - Explaining things is hard. 

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