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Ultra Beast Bonanza


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On Saturday September 22nd 00:00 to Sunday September 23rd 23:59 BST all Ultra Beast Pokémon found on the maps will have twice their usual spawn rate.

Necrozma will be slightly more common than the rest on the Ghost/Psychic maps.

The following Pokémon will be more common during this period:


In addition to this, a previously unreleased Ultra Beast will be made available for these two days which will be named at a later date.


Please Note:

  • Ultra Beasts can only be caught with either a Beast Ball :BeastBall: or a Vortex Ball :VortexBall:
  • The newly added Ultra Beast will not be exclusive to this event - It will be a permanent addition on the maps in the next update (v4.2.x)

Recommended Comments

5 hours ago, sportsandmusic69 said:

We the people, want...a Necrozma event! *Prepares war items if we don't get it.*

shhh dude let us recollect 2 necrozmas for each type first! :( just around 2030


12 hours ago, eurstin said:

inb4 beast/vortexball prices triple :(

buy them now :V

Edited by VITOL

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Even if the rates of the UBs get doubled, the spawn rate of a UB would be less than that of a leggie. Anyway, what I mean to ask is if the starting date of the event could be moved to say..Thursday?



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1 hour ago, Nutella Navigator said:

Something to look forward to. Great timing, checking some news here in Forums after 4 months and seeing an event is up soon! Gotta mark that calendar, tho got only 2 bballs :(

save them for unique necrozma only :0 

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