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Halloween 2018

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Our special Halloween 2018 event starts at 0:00 on October 31st GMT and the following perks will be available:

  • Scyther (Halloween) will be available on the ghost/psychic maps with legendary spawn rate
  • Zubat (Halloween) will be obtainable from bottom tier mystery boxes
  • Golbat (Halloween) can be evolved from Zubat (Halloween)
  • Double money is earned from trainer battles
  • Daily login rewards will guarantee you a random letter of Unown avatar drop

Scyther (Halloween)Zubat (Halloween)Golbat (Halloween)

This event ends 24 hours after it starts at 23:59 on October 31st GMT Happy hunting!

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The scyther is really cool but the other two are too fixed if u know what i mean IMO. I only miss that I´ll be working full day HD and i´ll have just some hours to rush

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Finally I decided to cheat and play on work on mobile as hidden as possible, so I betrayed the bosses that trust in my professionalism, i lost my principles, i found nothing in maps and now i have an injury in the neck for looking down too much time. Karma.

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