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Forum clan for the original in-game clan; Pokemon Vortex. Everyone is welcome.

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Pokemon Vortex
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  2. hi

    hi I just joined this clan
  3. Porymon's Ultimate Trade Thread

    I don't quite get you I'm looking for 10 non leggies for a leggies of your choice.(I'm open to 10 leggies too )
  4. Porymon's Ultimate Trade Thread

    Is the rate 10:1 applied to non-leggies? Or does that also count for leggies too.?
  5. PORYMON'S ULTIMATE TRADE THREAD Hi guys! I've decide to make my first second trading thread. Be sure to check it out! RULES RATES POKEMON FOR TRADE : LEGENDS- Normal Dark Metallic Mystic Shadow Shiny EVENTS- DONATIONS- FOSSILS- EONS- LOOKING FOR : PACKAGED DEALS (PKGD) PKGD 1 PKGD 2 PKGD 3 FOR OTHER TRADES CHECK IGNS - porymondex porymon2 (FOR UNIQUES) porymonz (FOR LEGENDS) Thaat's it! Looking forward to trading with ya!