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Forum clan for the original in-game clan; Pokemon Vortex. Everyone is welcome.

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Pokemon Vortex
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  2. My name is godpathak and I am thinking that if anyone need my any pokes well except for my incredible team I can do the offer.... Igl godpathak...
  3. i need a free legendary please ill give my two zygarde cells and zangoose if it is level 100
  4. Charizard mega x flare blitz outrage earthquake thunder punch
  5. Hi yall Im zayden a newbie here. My team is not very strong though so until i get better i doubt ill be doin any special battling. Team: Flygon Dark- max trained Aromatisse- max trained Passimian- max trained Kanghaskhan- max trained Gliscor Shadow- max trained Shiny Unown- max trained (max trained= level 100) but im good talking online but sometimes bad at battling i play many games pretty much all pokemon games in that list Discord: RS Acronius#0681 I run a server, and particapate in 2 others Thats some info about me Also if you are generous enough I could have some level 100s to improve myself so i can defeat special battles and encounter legendary pokemon. Note my Flygon and Gliscor are not for trade so dont ask for them Gliscor is special to me and my Shiny Unown isnt either its a shiny soo you know the drill(exceptions are for other Shinies) Thats some info for you about me so thats myself and thanks for reading
  6. I just got a lvl 100 Charizard and sableye,does anyone know the best moves for them?
  7. Please lock Topic and erase This message nobody needs to post here it's just a guide
  8. Can some one please trade me a Mewtwo (evolution)
  9. I'm looking for a shiny treecko, anybody have one?
  10. me is a noob i progress alot but me is a noob please trade with me a suirtle i will give you a garbite
  11. I need drives for my Genesect could you give me one?- please!
  12. I don't have those but I have some other leggies check ign:inteleon
  13. do you mean My for your or My for your or are you looking for and I can trade with you @The.Kanto.RegenIGN:inteleon
  14. For Newbies Only *TRADE,ASK QUESTIONS AND MORE If you want to trade go to Browse then Pokemon Vortex Battle Arena Then select anything *REPORT BUGS AND SCAMMERS PROVIDE FEEDBACK AND IDEA Go to Browse then Pokemon Vortex Central then select anything *PERSONAL MESSAGE Slide up then you will see the chat icon click it then type the username you want to send then Done! *SHORT TERMS USED AFK (Away from Keyboard) IDK (I don't know) PD (PokeDollars PM (Personal Message) IGN (In game name) Enjoy the game Newbies! Follow me and add friend me!
  15. I can trade you 1 too = MY BULBASAUR FOR YOUR SHINY METAPOD
  16. Selling Razor Fangs for only 560 Pokedollars. Search my name in the auctions to buy it. (Valid until Mar.30)
  17. i need a shiny and im willing to trade my normal for one
  18. do you whant a genesect for the regigigas?
  19. dude i have groudon if ya want for trade

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