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Forum clan for the original in-game clan; Pokemon Vortex. Everyone is welcome.

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Pokemon Vortex
  1. What's new in this clan
  2. i need a shiny and im willing to trade my normal for one
  3. i havea rayquaza for sale if u whant
  4. do you whant a genesect for the regigigas?
  5. dude i have groudon if ya want for trade
  6. Turtanator.Pikachu.Trade.
  7. You're not even in Pokemon Vortex clan also I am sure Patrick will feel "threatened" by this
  8. Thank you for unbanning me after the unown quizzes ended.
  9. So i currently am looking for 1. Rayquaza 2. kyogre 3. groudon 4. Mewtwo if you have one of these you dont need please message me
  10. What is your username? Also you can use training accounts or sell eggs to gain money quick
  11. i am out of money in Pokemon vortex ve can anyone help me
  12. I will trade a mystic jirachi,zekrom and a metallic mesprit as well as it original version
  13. The best place to look for a is Grass Maps. If u want any more pokemon's location, you can view the ling i am sending you:- https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/List_of_Pokemon_By_Location Enjoy.
  14. I need a bulbasaur, anybody know where the best place to look is?
  15. INGLISH :'m looking for MEGA RAYQUAZA, GROUDON (primal), KYOGRE (primal) and Mega Mewtwo X ...... I give other legendary pokemones for them .. and if they can give away ........ ID: josephkitu ESPAÑOL : (Busco MEGA RAYQUAZA , GROUDON(primal),KYOGRE (primal) Y Mega Mewtwo X......Doy otros pokemones legendarios por ellos.. y si pueden regalen........ ID : josephkitu)
  16. You obviously didn't read my rates. It's porymon.
  17. hi i want your . I will give you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,or, MY IGN:-Sujeet218 WHAT IS YOUR IGN?
  18. Your kabutops for my omanyte. Your cosmog or cosmoem for my lunala. My IGN fodn.do you want those pokes from PKGD1
  19. I need some ligs And need a I need your donation I agree.ur ign

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