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About This Clan

Hi what's up it's the o.p squad feel free to join and help are clan we are curtly on the TOP CLAN PAGE and on others me (Clementime ) and Others (DJDROPPYDROP ,Angfan and more )want to be the best clan ever and we are we combing clans help noobs and more "we are going to be the very best" clan and more hears are discord slide and more https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1vWWsqIfXUJhfsC1gl81iuNFsgmEGUif-FaejYcipi-k/edit#slide=id.p-slide https://discord.gg/u5aXdhK-discord https://zeta.pokemon-vortex.com/your-clan/ -o.p squad https://quizizz.com/invite/5a3a930f9cee6e1200bd811e -who that pokemon o.p squad .

In-game Clan

o.p squad
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  2. Clementime


    This is our new discord https://discord.gg/JZVYCAj members JOIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!