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Welcome to the Official Thread of Pokémon Vortex's Clan; The Kappa Squad (TKS) . Kappa isn't just the imaginary organism. But it's an emotion. "KAPPA!". . The clan thread was already constructed. . But, thanks to Patrick, this new system has given us a new way to think about it. . We aim at making the environment harmonic by helping each other and then, we surely can become #1. . You can also join the Discord Server. . So what're you waiting for? . Join in and become a KAPPA!

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The Kappa Squad
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  2. TKS - Official Giveaway (2)

    Maybe I'll enter.
  3. Kappas,How are y'all? I promised you a GIVEAWAY. Well,here it is. Prizes: Unique Legends Unique Non-Legends You must be a member of TKS Forums Clan. You must have submitted the Form in the correct section here. You must join In-game clan 'The Kappa Squad'. Support Us. We're hiring Moderators and Artists just for the clan and Editors. We not only aim at becoming no.1 but also ENJOY V4 cuz V4 is Love. Post your in-game name (ign). Wish @dropthat Happy Birthday (Jk) {But this'll get you my 'sympathies' perhaps?} Enjoy.
  4. Hi Kappa's! Well, there will be a giveaway starting tomorrow. Only the ones who've joined here and submitted the form or the ones who've joined the in-game clan 'The Kappa Squad' will be allowed to participate. Thanks.
  5. Submit Forms

    Yes. There is one. We're working on it. It'll take 2 more days. (Sorry for the late response).
  6. TKS - Official Giveaway (1)

    ign:laoboy shiny greninja good luck
  7. TKS - Official Giveaway (1)

    is the giveaway over?
  8. TKS - Official Giveaway (1)

    Ign: ani142 Shadow Infernape
  9. Submit Forms

    Thx bro! Do TKS have a discord server?
  10. Submit Forms

    You're a Kappa! Enjoy your time here.
  11. Submit Forms

    ☆IGN (In-game name): EliteBr ☆Forums Name: EliteBr ☆Discord Name: Elite#7838 ☆Are you an Artist/a Writer? Maybe a writer ☆Your Favourite Pokemon: Mewtwo ☆Your Favourite Non-Legendary Pokémon: Charizard ☆Current Ambitions: Join TKS and catch all legendaries ☆Which Pokémon Vortex community are you most active on? Discord ☆Favourite In-game Variant of Pokemon? (S/S/D/Me/My/Nor): Shiny ☆Why do you want to become a Kappa? Because It's boring to play alone
  12. TKS - Official Giveaway (1)

    IGN: thribhuvan35 lucario
  13. TKS - Official Giveaway (1)

    IGN; godlybob pikachu
  14. TKS - Official Giveaway (1)

    ign ken000 favourite unique non0leggy - mystic shinx
  15. It's Giveaway Time! The prize is 10 Unique Non-Leggies. The prize isn't much but it's just the start. All you have to do is comment in with your ign and favourite unique non-leggy. This giveaway is only for the members of TKS who have already joined.
  16. Here, we will welcome our new members; @godlybob Joined. Welcome to TKS~ @awesome119911person Joined. Welcome to TKS~
  17. Submit Forms

    You can submit the "Joining Forms" here.
  18. You can join TKS by filling out the "Joining Form". After filling it, you can post it in the "Submit Forms" topic or you can message it to me or the moderators here or on Discord. 》Joining Form: ☆IGN (In-game name) ☆Forums Name ☆Discord Name ☆Are you an Artist/ a Writer? ☆Your Favourite Pokemon ☆Your Favourite Non-Legendary Pokémon ☆Current Ambitions ☆Which Pokémon Vortex community are you most active on? ☆Favourite In-game Variant of Pokemon? (S/S/D/Me/My/Nor) ☆Why do you want to become a Kappa?