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  2. my Vivillon type is Continental if you still need that, and I have Mystic Flabebe (White) and Shadow Spritzee
  3. Thnx a lot for  being with me. I enjoyed my stay here. I am very grateful to all of you. Yes I am quitting. Does that mean I do not finish saadi's job? No I finish his job and quit the game. Everyone gets a chance to pick any 3 pokes which you guys like.


    Note- I am giving away the pokes only to my close mates other who ask will not get.

    1. fodnbilal


      Ill ask u a favor instead of 3 pokes. Just dont quit.

    2. EchoCHALLENGE


      Please dont quit KBC. You are a very good person :(.


      P.S. Check your Discord.

  4. Oops I meant my Metallic Unown (1) !! My form is continental!! I know it says you need event/store purchase, I have a decent bit of them. maybe I could trade one for the shiny vivillon and trade my metallic unown 1 for your shiny scatterbug? it looks like you have a lot of the events I have i'm just trying to trade for the shiny scatterbug and shiny vivillon but I don't think a metallic unown (1) is what you want for them both, I am not sure if I have anything else
  5. No thank you. There is a list on my post of things I need.
  6. I do need unique forms. I’d be happy to trade 1v1 with any non-shiny/non-ultra-beast on my list
  7. I have a list of things I need on my post. If you have one feel free to offer it
  8. What Vivillon forme do you have? I have a Shiny Unown (1). The only stuff I need are listed in my post
  9. for the record to all!! I have just traded my sorry for those wanting to trade for it!!
  10. some things I saw that i'm interested in, just a list of stuffs: shiny oshawatt shiny chikorita shiny holiday events shiny larvitar shiny bagon those are some of the things I saw that particularly caught my eye!!
  11. hmm i'm actually a bit interested in your mystic chimchar.. i'll be honest otherwise i'm mainly looking for shiny's! even common shiny pokemon too
  12. your shadow genesect for my metallic thundurus.
  13. for my event's i'm mainly looking for shiny rares/starters/things of that nature!
  14. oh yeah I definitely need all of those! see any unique legendary pokemon you need? or pokedollars!
  15. what exactly you want for your kyurem white?
  16. @schartface I need shadow arceus (rock). I have many shiny starters and events. My ign: rotoms5. If u like anything then pm me in game
  17. I have some Vivillon Continental (uniques and normie) if you are interested
  18. bruh this guy wont train it hes just gon 1. take ur account or 2. steal the riolu ill buy that of u btw good luck!
  19. Hey man! I have a mega blaziken with 400-500k exp and a active xerneas pm or mail for details, good luck! pkmn Trainer ID: nigward_testiclek
  20. I support with your point. And u can take help of other players as they will know many people (like if a user is playing since long time, he might have heard the scammer name in forums or in discord. And u can also take the help of moderators before sending your pokes for exp training. Lunch,sports,and many others who are in discord to help u. And other pokes we can think but arceus unknown is unbearable.better u train those pokes only as they really worth alot
  21. Hey man! i have dialga some money reshiram mega gengar P.S i would give a ton for the kyogre <3
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