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    IGN:Nirav_987 happy birthday
  3. Giveaway

    vitol happy birdday tnx
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  5. Universal

    Guys,I have Traded What is the minimum amount of Donations do i ask? P.S. the volca has non-banned OT
  6. Giveaway

    B'day boi:3 IGN: dropthat
  7. Universal

    Can I get the following 28 ones for it?
  8. Programing

    not working
  9. Echoes By The Charm The Fury
  10. Experience

    @Minson Soh i'll do 6,000,000 then
  11. Experience

    I can train hearts and exp myself. I'm mainly looking for Unique Starters and Legendary Pokemons.
  12. Experience

    train my to 2 hearts +1 promo ,,,payment-with 3 hearts and 450,000 exp ?
  13. Experience

    Yes! You'll be considered as the 2nd customer as well, So yeah you will. Gimme a Large Order and I'll do 1 Pokemon to any amount of hearts for free!
  14. Experience

    do i get 1 free heart for my 2nd happiness job ?
  15. Experience

    Thanks. I'm free for now. So, I can probably train some other pokes to hearts as well. Wanna make another deal @rishivojjala014-2?
  16. Universal

    I have mystic omanyte what can you give?
  17. Universal

    okay no problem
  18. Experience

  19. Experience

    (Sorry for Double Posting) @rishivojjala014-2 Your has been successfully trained to . Please offer the Payment on Ign: Happiness-Grindings .
  20. Giveaway

    ign- rishivojjala014-2 happy bday
  21. Universal

    Thanks m8!
  22. Yardım

    Bu oyu birincileri yada 15 20 m expli pokeler nasıl kasılıyor muhmelen otomatik savaş botu ama öyleyse niye ban yemiyorlar benim bi hesabım bu yüzen banlandı.
  23. Universal

    its okay bro, take ur time, i m in no hurry u can take all the time u need
  24. Universal

    Could you gimme an Hour? I'm a bit busy with Drug Dealing with @Nutella Navigator UMM..
  25. Universal

    I love ripping people off! My Pokemon : Dark Kabuto Other's Pokemon = x amount of unique non-leggies.
  26. Universal

    ok,choose 28, but it will depend on the pokes u choose check ign : seth112940 and tell if u like anything
  27. Universal

    Hmm... Could that be 28? Since, 1 unique leggie is worth something around 10 unique non-leggies,I guess...
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