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  2. I recently sold shiny Archeops in 24 m. So currently don't have any But some of the pokemon I have. that I list above
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  4. Halloween event??

  5. Dqrk

    You want free metallic ash ?

    1. dades


      It’s a rare poke, I suggest you to keep it with yourself

  6. You can reach Route 23 by going south on the east side of route 21, or by going north from Shore's End. if you're in Wild Overgrowth, you can follow the path to the left, through multiple areas, and you will eventually end up on Route 23.
  7. Well you should not make a post or getting 1 pokemon. Go to chris_ trade page and write there
  8. the only prize is the lycanroc it will be up for trade
  9. so, aaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhuuuhhhh please tell me wat are the prizes, are u saying that we need to have a charmander to enter? or is that trade? i am so confused, can u answer, or can someone else answer because of my stupidness. cuz i dont understand
  10. IM looking for a shiny guzzlord so if anyone wanna trade add me in game DOPEY.xx and ill add back and we will trade.
  11. I am willing to give away my lycanrock, my first pokemon, but ONLY if you have either a not shiny variant toucannon or charmander, and you only have a chance to get it if I find you a tough opponent in pokemon vortex (the game) to enter, simply put in your ign
  12. yes exactly they really may be cousins we dont know anyway he withdrew his entry leave it
  13. If people are coming with the same name just don't start blaming them straight away.
  14. dude if people have same names what we do let ti be hey i reached collaborator
  15. Are you making fake accounts cuz they both say pokemon master
  16. I have some of this pokemon like. Volcanion, deoxys defence, mystic metallic normal greninja ash, hoopa unbound.
  17. Well, I think halloween is coming soon so u better accomplish ur halloween plans!! 

    Spooky event when? 

    Well halloween is this sunday 31st of october. 

    Get ready.... 



    1. Pokechampionpikachu


      Happy Halloween!!!!! 


      (coming this Sunday) 

    2. Anrose


      happy halloween

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