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    for Your ?
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    See now this is fair! 1) I want 2) 3) 4) I would rather do these for 1 Unique Legend?
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    rnix damn onix was better
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    - for any 1 unique legend of your choice ?? @KYNO
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    Early Bird
  9. Game

    derodactyl good game
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    HEY I DONT HAVE MANY SHADOW POKEMON BUT YOU CAN STILL CHECK MY IGN ken000 (there might be some you r looking for)
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    wow idk that starters r rare then how about only these:_ 1. - these 11 have been considered as 12 unqiue pokemon due to a starter in it - 2 unique legnds of your choice for them 2.-- 1 unque legnd of your choice 3.for what shiny vivllon or which unqiue legnend ?? 4. - 2 unique non legends for each , put them uft what legends u want for 1,2,3 ?? @GodsWithin
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    ken000 THANKS MAXIE!
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    are all starters which are rare. are happiness Pokemon. I want at least 2 unique non legends for every starter I trade you and 2 for each happiness. 1 for 1 for the rest. Or you can trade my 5 Unique Legends of my choice.
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    rogekiss ( me facepalms) nice idea tho
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    this for any unique legend( choose what u want ) or ?? came in reverse alphabetical order )( will be easier for u too offer ) these 19 for any 3 uniue legnds choosee what u want @GodsWithin and i hope u offer , pls dont go ofline now
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    I have to mention a few... Check the rest on IGN LancingUniques
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    This is the first time I`m doing a Game,so don't expect too much. How to Play: Here,Lemme start: Lulbasaur
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    I think I have some dupe fossils, also do you come to discord anymore??
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    IGN: Maliha12 Thanks
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    Before I am gonna explain: Patrick,I know you are busy,So this can be a future addition.... In this Case i am gonna Take my trade: I gave + for a I waited for 4 months, he was not a Inactive player. Then he declined (Cruelly ) Let's Say, these are the pokemon he was looking for : So instead of me offering again, there could be a system where an user could say what he is looking for. That would be easy to find and offer what that person wants. Thanks, ~dropthat
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    !claim dhanesh15
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    Shadow Collector's Trade Page !!my first trade thread !! MY IGN- rishivojjala014-2 NOTE; IF U R LAZY TO CHECK WHAT SHADOW non-legends I NEED , JUST TYPE YOUR IGN AND ASK ME TO CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT FOR WHAT I WANT !!!!!!!! WHAT I HAVE Legends- Events (dont expect much ) - Scatterbugs and Vivillons- WHAT I NEED LEGENDS - yeah only these 7 I ACCEPT ANY UNIQUE ARCEUS ALSO i even accept legends that i dont need for any of your legends Fossils - ,,OR cosmog - ( i have shadow lunala i dont need it ) Events - i may accept other unique events/fossil also ( read rules for more info) Scatterbugs And Vivillons - I accept any unique SCATTERBUG for 1 unique legend of your choice or watever unique pokemons i have (I REALLY WANT SHADOW SCATTERBUGS ) i need these shadow vivillons - Continental,Garden ,High Plains,,Icy Snow,,Jungle ,Marine , Monsoon , Modern , Sandstorm ,Sun , Tundra ( I MAY ACCEPT OTHERS ALSO JUST ASK ME) RULES AND RATES 1. please provide your ign while offering anything 2. 1 unique legend of mine = 1 of yours that i need , or i even accept legends that i dont need for any of your legends 3. For fossils and events that i need,,, ,,tell what u want for them or ask me what i can offer for them ,, we can negotiate 4. my 1 unique legend = 5-6 shadow non legends i need 5. 1 shadow non legend that i need (i.e. what u r offering) = 2-3 (depends) of my unique non legends 6. if there is an unshadow / shadow ,, event / fossil which is not on my wishlist , i may still accept it , so ask what u want for it or ask me what i can give Shadow uniques i need - ( THE LIST IS HUGE DONT TRY TO OPEN IT IF U HAVE HEART PROBLEMS LOL )
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    !claim WorldOfFootball
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