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  2. I also have some ideas like, [✓] In maps while we are exploring we will meet some trainers, they will challenge us for battle. [✓] what if we can have live battles with players when they are online. [✓] Before challenging gym leaders, we have some other trainers.
  3. I've already got floette and not selling 3 galar legendaries for one arceus is too much
  4. Try clearing your browsing history and cache. Or maybe there was some problem with your end that is your connection issues.
  5. When I press the "Explore" button on the new Pokemon Vortex and it says I have lost the connection to the game server. I have tried reloading the page like it is suggesting, and it does not work. I have also tried changing internet and even "x"ing out of the page and bring the page back up. Any suggestions? I am sad I cannot play the new Pokemon Vortex. Please help me.
  6. Hello, Trying to trade away some of my legends/dupe legends What I have: Rare: Normal Legends: Legends Variant: Event: Event Variant: Only looking for Multi Legends I do not have. Please offer fairly. All of these are in my trade. So send your offer there. Please do not message here as I am not always in this site. Will try and update these regularly. IGN: zhon Thanks all.
  7. I have some ideas. They are as follows: What if we had rains on live maps? Like they could add the rain feature to the places where there is water. Also it would be very nice if we have the seasons on the maps. It would look more interesting. I feel the map graphics settings can be moved to the options tab. I also feel that there should be an option to disable members on the live maps. Because when you opt to exit full screen mode and opt for low graphics, it looks like too clustered when there are many people roaming on the same patch of grass. Also another idea where normal members can reset the names of the pokes they get through auction or trades. Like normal members can only remove the nick names of the pokes for like 5k pkd.
  8. i want ,,and will offer and ign:aditya.s13 thx
  9. Ill give for ,,,. btw i dont want ALL i just want one. also i have and are accepting rare mons for it.
  10. Yeah of course you can join! No no it's fine keep them. Whas your ign?
  11. Can i join? ill leave my own clan to join yours. also as a gift for accepting (if you do) I may give you a or a .
  12. I have a and a but no other legends. i do like them alot and wanna keep them but at the same time im starting my quest to complete the dex (dratinis, cosmog, missingno and darkrown excluded) and i need someone to trade me a legend/mythical for them. i would really like or a or a, maybe even ultra beasts! but ill accept any legend/mythical except phione.
  13. Looking for Offering 23M pokedollars and
  14. this is my team guys!11!!!!1 please tell me what u think
  15. These Q&A forums are for players to get help with the game, not for personal questions based on boredom, please don't post questions like this again, set a status instead.
  16. Auke1993

    Universal Mew

    An update to my previous post, as sometimes it's misunderstood. I don't accept every offer. It's possible I decline because someone else made an offer that's better, or because I feel a person's offer has a (much) lower value than the Pokémon being offered on. However, if you offer at around the same value and I don't have the Pokémon yet, I'd say there's a good chance I accept.
  17. Eternatus event isn't coming out soon probably .
  18. oh sorry guy's the host itself forgot he-he I have many team formats I use, I am using this one for now the others are and ash's kalos team and starters mega's and more thankyou ign:aditya.s13
  19. So as the Eternatus event (etrnamax) will also be coming so it will also be same and necrozma is worth of 2M and Eternatus (shadow) is worth of 1.5 M or more and the normal Eternatus will be 750000pds at least now the total offered by me will be 2M+250000 worth now what will u say tbh
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