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  4. Yeah, but clans are going to be completely uprooted and changed once v4 comes around. Forum-based clans will already be at the top early on though because they're still gathering members.
  5. There are a few clans on the forums, but there are a ton in game. Just check the online players list and looks at the different clan-tags.
  6. Legendaries

    Shadow Cranidos for: Mystic Cobalion, Mystic Darkrai, Mystic Diancie, Mystic Entei, Mystic Kyogre, Mystic Mesprit, Mystic Mew, Mystic Mewtwo, Mystic Raikou, Mystic Uxie, Mystic Terrakion, and Mystic Zygarde? If so the Shadow Cranidos is UFT on LankyYouth.
  7. So then @xShadowz_ you wished me to expose you for the fool you are on the community trade thread.


    FYI guys, I blocked him so half of the story you can't see. First, he broke Rule 34 of my Clan. Basically he uploaded some really bad videos to my Discord, which I won't go into too much detail because this is a kid-friendly game. Next, he PMed me on Discord after I banned him begging to be unbanned. (Though he claims on the community trade thread that doesn't give a d*** and it was for lols.) He asked my age. I didn't give it to him, and then jokingly said 69. Not that I'm really 69, but you get the point. I'm not sharing my age, whether I'm 21, 34, or 19. It doesn't matter anyways, and sharing your age online is never a good idea even if you're not a minor.  He told me his age (which was around 40, I think). I asked if he was married. He said no. I said no wonder, if he watches vids like that. Then he tried to go around to @RigbyTheHeroKing and ask him if he could unban him. See the above image for more info. He also tried saying Rigby's mother is dead, which he then deleted afterwards, so I can't show it here. Thanks Rigby for the screenshot, I owe you one.

    Got anything to say, Shadowz?

    1. xShadowz_
    2. eurstin


      You exposed him as a troll, not a fool ;) 

    3. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      welp he is certainly a pathetic loser at the least.

  8. I notice you don't follow me? Just curious, Wynaut?

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    2. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy
    3. RigbyTheHeroKing


      Yeah boi. Well I'll just spaGHETti out of here for now.

    4. eurstin


      Maybe he isn't following you because you aren't following him :) 

  9. Hardcore

    sup yo
  10. Welp, I accidentally deleted your messages when I blocked you on Discord. But Rigby didn't! So I'll get those later from RigbyTheHeroKing and post them on somewhere that's not on a community trade thread, since we're both being quite rude. Also, @Uncle_Psychic or @sportsandmusic69 I do believe that xShadowz has broke one of the Forum Rules by swearing: so yeah.
  11. Pheonix's Quest for the Pokedex! Hey guys! Thanks to Flamescape's new VortexBot command, I can now make a thread trading my legendaries for uniques! Basically for any Legendary I have up for trade here, I'm looking for 10 uniques I don't have! That list can be found at! Offer any 10 of those Pokemon, and the legendary I have is yours. The account these legendaries are on is LancingLegends. Here are the Legendaries. You can pm me on the Pokemon Vortex Discord at my name Pheonix Lancing. Also, all forms of Mega Legendaries, Rayquaza, and Mewtwo are worth 20 uniques. Normal Dark Metallic Mystic Shadow Shiny
  12. Yes. Expose me.
  13. There's a new VortexBot command in the Official Pokemon Vortex Discord! The command !Missing <IGN> lets you see ALL the Pokemon you don't have in your account. Helpful for those trying to complete their Pokedex!

  14. Do you want me to reveal the private messages to me and RigbyTheHeroKing? Cause they were quite laughable and embarrasing. Especially if what you say about being a man of almost 40 is true. Should I go on?
  15. Lmao, you act like I gave a damn about being in it. I did it for the lols, idiot.
  16. Random thought. Pokemon GO: Team Mystic, Team Instinct, or Team Valor?

    Obviously for me Team Instinct.

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    2. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      ewww you rate mystic above instinct.

    3. leander4


      :teaminstinct:   :teaminstinct:   :teaminstinct:   :teaminstinct:   :teaminstinct:   :teaminstinct:   :teaminstinct:  

    4. R3LOADED1


      None of them.

  17. Very few clans, actually. Check the forum page "Browse Clans." Most other clans will probably disband once v4 comes around.
  18. I nominate @v3567 to be Forum Moderator for his content-reputation ratio.

  19. Meh it's not worth it x_shadowz is a jerk anyways. He broke Rule 34 of my Clan.
  20. he didn't one-up he just trillion-up
  21. Does everyone have to one-up my offers?
  22. I thought Lancing was R3LOADED1's Ign... @GodsWithin
  23. my ++ for it?
  24. see properly
  25. Oh, I totally agree. I just hate Togeween and am willing to get rid of it for pretty much any other event except for Zygarde Cells. If you have a Zygarde Core, I'll trade it for that.
  26. Pm'ed i think you're overvaluing your togepi, by quite alot.
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