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  2. https://ibb.co/q7TxXVDfor map https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Route_1 for encounters. scroll down to see encounters in the other maps
  3. Hello, I came back to Vortex after sometime to find the game really changed. I really liked all the changes, but I can't seem to find fire and electric type pokemon. (And also some other types I can't think of as well) I did go to Lava Ridge which had an extremely limited list of pokemon. For electric type, I couldn't find any at all, other than some random encounters. Could you point me in the right direction please? I've been going around the map in circles to no avail
  4. So you're basicly asking for from pokemon. You can correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't see any appeal in this
  5. What do you think the bug is here?
  6. Oh. Serves him right. Happy Everyone got justice. But how low you have to go to scam people in a game where there is no real life gain
  7. Hi everyone, if you have a pokemon that you no longer need (Common or Rare or even Legendary I'll accept) please tell me. Lvl 20 below or not, I'll still accept it. Must be more than 4 pokemon! NOTE: If you really don't need those pokemon, you will offer it to me in my other account NekoLegendC even the pokemon I put on trade is only lvl30 or 40 or not legendary.. THANKS!!!
  8. Wow I’m 300th in the UK

  9. I found this I refreshed the page but it didn't go https://paste.pics/264502d01679a97850418a4a759ec364 I don't know if it's a bug
  10. Did you just create your account? It’s never like too late to start over (I’m not saying that you should start over) If you want to start over, then I recommend training immunes like Zubat or Beldum to help gain Pokédollars (for the first time you train them, it’s around 20k Pokédollars but then less as they increase levels) Anyways that was one tip if you do want to start over.
  11. Hi, have you really regained access to your account?

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      Just wanted to check

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      if ur name eevee cutness why u have zeraora as pfp

  12. Your welcome. Chris71 is selling some mega rayquazas if you want to buy.
  13. I've reported all bot posts the moment I saw them. I recommend you do as well (in case you're earlier than everyone else). The earlier the mod team knows about them, the earlier the posts can be deleted. There's a decent chance there's malware or something else bad in there. I can't be certain, as I never checked. I want to be safe. I report, then leave it. With how regular it has been recently, I do believe some kind of security update should be applied. That's assuming that's possible. I don't know how the programming of Forums goes at all.
  14. Hi everyone, this probably isn’t the place to report this but the pv forums are facing a huge issue now. Spam bots increase day by day and advertise gambling and more. They provide links in their ads which may have ip grabbers or malware. @PatrickPlease take immediate action about this
  15. I specially thanks to Patrick admin and flamescape for banning Laven in this game, Last month they are accuse me for scams but she don't have any proof i know she is not a real girl she is a boy he trying to pretending to be a woman Lol. That is all i share my story so i hope you learn to believe to pretending people Laven if you read this message please stop scamming and creating more alts account just be a fair don't use a game to destroying people, This game create to unity and enjoying have more pokemonlover friends Thanks to waste your time to read my post love you all
  16. ign: kong-zilla hope everybody is doing good really hoping for shadow rayquaza or shadow groudon since weather trio is awsome and i like the weather trio alot anyway can't wait for the winners and take care
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. Ign-blood7411 hope i win and thnx for helping others
  20. To my knowledge, once a timezone is chosen within Pokémon Vortex, it cannot be changed. I also recall being strongly warned to make certain the correct timezone is chosen.
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