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  3. Heeey guys, going to hunt on the electric maps, tell me want pokes you want and maybe if i find them i'll give them away

  4. Hi,my dear friend today you said you will do giveaway on instagram when it will start?

  5. Universal Rex's New Hunting Shoppe

    What would you want to hunt Dark Snover and Met Abra for me?
  6. Uniques Pokemon Hunting (103 jobs done)

    What would you want in exchange for a Dark Snover and Metallic Abra?
  7. trade

    shiny mewtwo
  8. Game Staff vs. Members

  9. My birthday is next to your birthday (5 September )006

    1. adrsh2146


      WOW! bro I don't want to break your heart but you know you are said this very late and his birthday as well as your b'day has gone (a long time ago) :D

  10. Unanswered Question......

    Can you be more specific?? Also can you say ur IGN (In-Game Name/ Username) ??? Are u playing on a PC or on a mobile ???? Also wich browser r u using ????? Are u a Kappa ??????
  11. Unanswered Question......

    So I use to have a account before I gave it away...But I'm restarting and curious why aren't ANY pokemon coming up on the map..? It'll tell me when no pokemon appear etc...But then I think once I'm on a pokemon it's just blank.......Any one know why..? Tried logging out logging back in etc. Nothing is working...
  12. Please make the halloween event easy and interesting please.

    Is this time any re-rum of old halloween pokemons?Togepi Halloween

    1. eurstin


      It won't be interesting if it's easy.

    2. 990295233HEREWATSUP


      so u mean its difficult?

  13. Yesterday
  14. Universal mrnxmndrgt Trades

    @Nutella Navigator ^^ All his alts were also banned.
  15. To all IPhone users, IOS 11 is out today! Make sure you check it out to get the latest IOS.

    1. eurstin


      And while you're at it, drop $1k on the new iPhone 10! :T_T:

    2. sportsandmusic69


      Lol. Chump change.

  16. Universal mrnxmndrgt Trades

    his silverdragon is banned
  17. Universal mrnxmndrgt Trades

    dark electrics and unique vaders? how about 8 each, are we good?
  18. Giveaway A great week

  19. Giveaway A great week

    37 Porymonz EurtsinBot so gud with numbers bruz
  20. Discussion Introductions and Conclusions

    hello. I haven't been here in ages
  21. Giveaway A great week

    You proved that you are die-hardfan
  22. Giveaway A great week

    ign SuperKool 5 thank you so much
  23. Game Staff vs. Members

    uhh whats this
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