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  2. dude on vortex discord server by the name of @!beast28 tried to get me to give him mystery box. i thought he meant master balls then he said mystery box. and he said to go buy a promo code. i said no. he the proceeded to delete the messages. all you will see is my messages. also he then said st*u noob and blocked me. please help. https://twitter.com/NotMysticalx/status/1221573484830130180/photo/1 https://twitter.com/NotMysticalx/status/1221573484830130180/photo/2
  3. o4rel

    1. TheBedPotato


      Confirmation on the new Unown (o4rel) I see :o_o:

  4. Tritre

    Unanswered Dark mode

    I'm not sure about Pokemon-vortex's idea on this. You may raise this topic in the Ideas section. However, if the answer is negative, you may download dark theme extensions on Firefox. Hope this helps you.
  5. Tritre

    Necrozma Nexus


    When is it gonna start? Or has it ended already?
  6. How much exp you want for promo?
  7. porymon

    Universal Promo Codes

    1mil for the meta deoxys promo
  8. Last week
  9. Y more useful from default moves x reisists more.
  10. It would be fine if All the regions were seperate and could be reset seperatley. Like you can reset kanto but carry on Kalos or whichever. Considering the regions with fossils you need 2 of 6 forms and then kanto-Sinnoh have alot of mega stones. And Ice stone aren’t on the shop and you will be wanting to farm the 6 forms while you are on the alola part. And with evolving the alola mons/having them appear maybe just a new map/appear when you have progress on the alola quest.
  11. I wanted to see how pokemon vortex looked with a different tileset (link). I edited some of the tiles which acording to a reply from the original author seems to be allowed, if not please notify me! The results can be seen below: I've since given map 5 the same treatment: And one last one before i go to bed, this time it's map 4:
  12. Well you do have an advantage when fighting ai because you get first pick. The computer can't pick pokes to counter yours so you'll always get super effective attacks in.
  13. I legit do NOT know why but whenever I try to fight some player(on computer cuz there is no other way) I ALWAYS WIN!(even against Patrick!)I keep on looking for a computer to beat me but like none of them do. I know I couldnt EVER beat those guys if it was player vs player instead of Player vs Computer If I am right then I want everyone who is reading this forum to battle my AI, I hope hes smart
  14. I'm gonna have to take a break for a while, could be a couple weeks, could be a couple months, if you want to get rid of your order, just reply and I'll take it off for you, but if you don't I'll still do it after I get back to it
  15. I ain't got a shiny kyogre but I do have a metallic one
  16. ok sur discord id:ninjini1767
  17. Hiii Its difficult here to message in forums So can you give me your DISCORD USERNAME so that I can message you there
  18. Hey I know I'm late and I'm not necessarily new but I was wondering if your still doing so then can I try to do something. I'm usually active so I can do a lot for you as in job wise and such.
  19. I'ma new player and sorry because im late but i can do some job
  20. Hi Ghost! I also love trading, you can check my post regarding my trades, if you like anything just message me here on in-game. Thanks! By the way my IGN is: Yui-
  21. Hey, I'm Ghost and I'm new! I played back when it was Pokemon Crater, starting over now. I'm looking for shadow pokemon mainly, but also taking shinies. I have dark, metallic, mystic, and a few shinies available right now, and I'm open to pokemon hunting. Available for trade: Dark Deino, Exeggcute, Pansear, Tranquill Metallic Exeggcute, Hoppip, Minccino, Natu, Phanpy, Scatterbug, Whismur Mystic Sandile, Pansage, Pachirisu, Meditite, Golett Shiny Foongus, Lotad, Meditite, Rotom, Scyther, Wurmple, Yungoos
  22. Sxmuel

    Universal Promo Codes

    Looking for EXP Training Offering Metallic Deoxys Speed Promo Mbs, Pds, Dps Other promos
  23. Hello guys. I saw the Active Clans table in the forums home page. My questions are - 1. By which activity does the clan become active? 2. And, is there any benefit of having a clan on the forums other than changing the clan icon? 3. Is there any benefit of having an active clan in the forums. [ PS : I rose this question after checking whether this question was already asked ]
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