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  2. Hola, ¿Qué tal les parecería que se pudiera jugar Pokémon Vortex en español? Creo que sería genial que existiera la opción de elegir el idioma para que las personas que no entienden el idioma inglés también pudieran visitar el sitio en español. En lo personal, prefiero el sitio en inglés, ya que desde pequeño he jugado todos los juegos de Pokémon en inglés, pero creo que sería una forma buena de atraer más jugadores a este sitio. ¿Qué piensan al respecto? Saludos =)
  3. Hi, i was thinking that would be nice to have an option in members tab to see players close to your point score in the world rank so everybody could watch how far or how close they are to advance in the world ranking (like Global Top Trainers tab, but with members close to your score). What would you think of it? Greetings =)
  4. Yesterday
  5. skhorus

    Discusión Mega Evoluciones Nuevas

    Hola, aunque entro seguido a jugar, recién veo que se han agregado a Pokémon Vortex dos nuevas megaevoluciones, es decir: Arbok (Mega) [Veneno/Fuego] y Snorlax (Mega) [Normal/Lucha] Me dio mucho gusto ver que agregaran nuevas megaevoluciones a pesar de no ser oficiales. Creo que son buenos diseños y la elección de tipos me parece interesante. Me gustaría mucho que se siguieran agregando con el tiempo más megaevoluciones y no puedo evitar pensar como serían sus estadísticas si existieran en algún juego de la saga principal, aunque parte de la magia es que sean exclusivos de Pokémon Vortex. Gracias a los dueños del sitio por agregar contenido diferente e interesante a este juego. Me gustaría conocer la opinión de otros jugadores sobre estos nuevos Pokémon, sus diseños, etc. Saludos! =)
  6. okt08

    Unanswered Pokemon name

    I can change my two ( Shiny Kyogre (Primal) and Shiny Mewtwo ) pokemon name. But ı want orginal names again is it possible?
  7. Loudboom

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Hi, I am looking for a or . I am offering a , , or . Please reply if interested.
  8. Loudboom

    Universal Reject's Trading Shop

    Hi, I would like to trade. I have: I would like to trade: (1st pick) and/or (2nd pick) Thank you!
  9. shoki7

    Universal Just looking for a pokemon

    I have metagross
  10. Hey Patrick both of my accounts "chris_285" and "chrishicks" have been banned I made a backup account to pokemon in if you could reach back to me I would appreciate it thank you 

    1. omg414


      Once banned is banned! They would not ban you simply! You might have broken the TOS rules which you agreed while creating your account. 


      They will never return the pokemon from banned account.

    2. Lifeofnicks


      Guess I gotta start from scratch again but I ain't tripping tho :-_-: it's just a game even tho I had hella UB, event Pokemons but it is what it is

    3. Lifeofnicks


      But I literally just traded pokemon from my main account to my backup account that's all but like I said I ain't tripping tho it's just a game

  11. IKmaster100

    Universal looking for certain pokes and items (offering well)

    ok put the poke on trade and i'll offer
  12. CBeast2008

    Universal looking for certain pokes and items (offering well)

    a shiny of any kind would be nice
  13. Alys

    Universal Alys' Wishlist

    Hey friend, offer made thanks! Is there anything else you wanted for these?
  14. shoki7


    hi dude whats poping
  15. IKmaster100

    Universal looking for certain pokes and items (offering well)

    dark popplio, dark bulbasaur and metallic squirtle also im really interested in that shadow poipole and will offer a lot for it yes i am, what would u want for it?
  16. Henkkaliini

    Universal looking for certain pokes and items (offering well)

    Did you find anything?
  17. Drunnerisback


    I have this pokemons for trade: I'm Looking for these: ID: Drunnerisback
  18. gundon44

    Universal Alys' Wishlist

    Hey i have a shadow oshawott up for trade. If you want it just offer your mystic dialga. Thanks IGN: gundon44
  19. Last week
  20. CBeast2008

    Universal looking for certain pokes and items (offering well)

    got a metallic kyurem if you are intrested
  21. IKmaster100

    Universal looking for certain pokes and items (offering well)

    take a look at my profile and tell me what u want
  22. jlansbergen


    My shiny Palkia for your shiny Mewtoo?
  23. waybig

    General Sidequest

    Latiasite good. But yeah I kinda see your point. I mean fossils are rarer than legends now unless ur willing to grind ur side quests relentlessly
  24. Hello I got 2 shiny pichu
  25. IKmaster100

    Universal looking for certain pokes and items (offering well)

    Ok I’ll the genesect up for trade and I’ll look at ur profile to see which unique starters I want Yep I’m interested in lots of your pokes especially the cosmog and ubs tell me what you want from my profile Are you looking for xp, other pokes or pokedollars? Sure I’ll look at your Pokemon and tell you what I need
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