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    I've got a ton of spare normal legendaries that I want to get rid of and quite a few spare unique legendaries to add in to the mix. So I'm hosting a giveaway. Special Prizes are the following: (with 1mil experience) 6 Main Prize Winners: 1st: @hpyz 2nd: @MrVirus 3rd: @eurstin 4th: @unknown_citizen 5th: @-LuxirousFighter- 6th: @VITOL To the 6 top winners, please message me in game with a list of the top prizes from most wanted to least wanted. For the rest of you who did not win a spot in the top 6, please message me in game (my ign is Loki) with a list of ten common legendaries from most wanted to least wanted (please do not include unique variations such as shadow, I will distribute those randomly).
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    So, since I have a ton of ideas I might as well plop them down here because I find quite a few things on this site frustrating. I'll put them in little categories for easier access to what each thing is. I also have no idea how to code so some of this might not even be possible or would require a lot of reworking. -Easy Usage- These are minor little nitpicks I have that could make the experience on Pokemon Vortex a little smoother. 1. "Open Link in New Tab" on Everything Often I find myself right clicking to open another tab in Pokemon Vortex, and am greeting with no "Open link in a new tab" so I have to manually go in and open another tag to go to the website. Granted this is a minor inconvenience at best, but it'd just be nice. 2. "Go Back" Similar to the 'open in new tab' I'd love a 'go back' feature on PokEbay. I often search specific items on there and find a few I want to bid on simultaneously. Since I can't open them in a new tab I have to just click on them, then go search it again in order to find the second item and reinsert all of my search fields. Similarly, I'd love to see something like this on the Trade Center and the Gym Battle/Frontier Battle/etc area and when evolving a Pokemon. (Or just a 'Return to Party' button for that) 3. "Go Back" 2 - Because I didn't have a better name for it. This would be a sort of rewind feature. I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally skipped past a shiny or a legendary that I wanted to catch on accident In order for this to not be abused, it'd have to take into account if you've been in a battle or not since using it. So you can't just infinitely spawn legendaries and probably only work within a 1 tile radius. I.E. You accidentally step past a Pokemon, press button, it shoots you into a battle with the last Pokemon you encountered and since it should detect if you've battled or not, if you've already battled the Pokemon it wont work. -Better Trading- Since I had quite a few ideas revolving around trading, I figured I should give it its own category. 1. Trade Multiples Similarly to how you can offer multiple of your own Pokemon in a trade, I feel like you should be able to ask for multiple Pokemon in a trade. This would make bulk trading easier and allow people to trade back and forth more smoothly. Trades that happen this way would obviously only be able to be done with two people, of course. 2. Send Gifts This is less 'trading' and more giving people stuff. I'd love to be able to send over items and Pokemon to people in a way differently to PokeBay. This option could be added to sending a message and attaching the Pokemon/Item(s) to it, or work similarly to promo codes, which is a tie in with a later idea of mine.* *See 'Other' 1. 3. Multi-select This could also apply to PokeBay and the boxes as well, but I decided to put it here. Multi-select would work pretty similarly. Let's say you're looking for the same Pokemon in two different types.. I.E. Metallic and Shiny Dragonite. Instead of having to search both separately, you could multi-select Metallic and Shiny and see them both at the same time. 4. 'Mark' Trades This is kinda simple, but I think you should be able to mark trade Pokemon you're interested in/want to get back to. Obviously it'd go away if that Pokemon went off the trade center, but it'd be nice to have a little list. -Other- These don't necessarily fall under anything 1. Items to Promo Codes This could work with my 'Sending Gifts' idea in the Better Trading category. I'd love to be able to convert an item into a promo code, maybe for a fee, so we can send over that item (or item(s)) to other players. I.E. Lets say I have 10 Mystery Boxes, and I want to give away one. There could be a button that says "Promo Code" which will ask you how many you want to put into the code, and who you want to send it to (if anyone). If not, it could then go into your inventory where you can give the code away, sell it, etc. 2. Better Box Sorting I feel like there's a lot that can be done with Pokemon Storage. I'd really like a 'Sort by' option when switching Pokemon into my party so I don't have to scroll through a crap-ton of my Pokemon that I don't want to use just to find the few I do. Again this would work with Multiselect if implemented, and could definitely see a sort by level option being extremely useful when looking to train Pokemon (even if its just highest to lowest level and vice versa) Another thing that would definitely help but is kind of a different idea entirely is having different boxes. One that shows up when sorting Pokemon into your party, and one that doesn't. I'd love to have a little checklist of Pokemon that don't show up when I open my party because I'm either already done with them or don't know what to do with them since they're cluttering up everything, but I want to keep them. Separate/sort-able boxes in general would be wonderful. 3. 'Keep me logged in' I'd love a simple 'keep me logged in' button when logging on. Whenever I open a new tab (due to not having the 'open link in a new tab' option, might I add) it makes me re-login. 4. Remove Pokemon from your Party I don't know if this is a thing (if it is then someone please tell me, haha) but I'd love to be able to just remove a Pokemon from my party and have less than 6 on my team at a time. Even if its just a 'send to box' option. -- That's all I got! Hopefully some of these will be implemented~ Here are some images of what it could look like https://imgur.com/a/xqOuMtF
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    Guide for Perfect Exp. Before you guys say that there are already posts like this, please read this: I am aware that there is already a similar topic in the Vortex Wiki, but it did not explain how to even out pokemon with exp not ending with 0 or 5. The following charts only apply for level 100 Pokemon. Hope this helps! Training Accounts (full teams of 6) Number of Your Pokemon in Battle Exp Gained 1 3,000 2 1,500 3 1,000 4 750 5 600 6 500 Gym Leaders Kanto Gym Leader Number of Your Pokemon in Battle Exp Gained Brock 1 140 2 70 Misty 1 325 2 163 3 108 Lt. Surge 1 600 2 300 3 200 4 150 Odd Exp. If your pokemon has an odd last digit of its exp (with an exception of 5), here is one way to make it 0 or 5: -Use 5 of your own pokemon to battle a gym with 5 pokemon. The easiest gyms with 5 pokemon are the Saffron City Gym or Fuchsia City Gym. They will give you 259 exp. -Battle Misty with 2 or 3 pokemon. This is the easiest way to even out odd exp. (see the chart for the exact exp gained) Please PM me if you notice an inaccurate datum
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    I'll giveaway normal cosmogs just put ur ign and the number of cosmogs u got until now. You can enter more than once. I'll give them whenever I have and I want so no pushes plx If you take some days to answer after u been declared as winner u will lose your cosmog. Cosmogs given away until now: Winners until now: - seth1129400 - bilal.anwar - himanshu24092002 - sreesree - eurstin - Best_Is_Back - CaptainX - SquirrelKing CabanaBoy - maliha! - baddream - ferradorandre - Jorge Rey - Haxor69 - Anna9. - sas x2 - carrliam761 - waybig - BLASTOISE ROCKS THE HEAT - nirav_987 - KYNO - Sujeet218 - fodnbilal - okten - adrsh2146 - siktir - Ash1667 - xMasterKevz - idle - EchoCHALLENGE - Eeveelutions8 - KILLERTRAINZ-KING - PawsInvincible - -LuxirousFighter-
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    So far we have the following pokes from the universe of 'Star Wars':& (lately). If you have the option to elect/choose and even create a new poke for the next Star Wars event.... Which one will be?? I recently found this (image^^) on a website and I think that it'll cool for Vortex to consider to add a 'Wobbu-Fett' (fusion of Bobba-Fett and). However, I personally prefer the most a Bidoof (Chewbacca) for the May 4th, 2019 Event!!!!
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    HI IGN KILLERTRAINZ.. ARTWORK(S) 1)Pikapool(Fusion of deadpool and pikachu) Model made by me: 2)Pikaflash model by me: This are models really made by me please @Patrick, @sportsandmusic69 , @Tyheamma And others say about it.... Can.they be used for events????
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    I think this is a good point to bring up, unless I'm not understanding the situation correctly. Players who are already high ranking will stay high ranking for a significant amount of time until other players catch up. Other players will only catch up by gaining exp themselves as they cannot trade for existing exp anymore. The leaderboard will stay similar to how it exists now, as current top players have >100,000,00 exp and growing, whilst lower ranked players must now singlehandedly catch up through time consuming training (which will probably be no match for the current leadboard considering how much they'd have to catch up). I'm probably missing some key point(s), but that's what's on my mind currently.
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    This Idea is very useful to trainers in the second to the last page,it is also useful for the first page users also... My idea is that our profile bio should be an option in the members tab. when i am training or i am catching pokemons to view my points or total experience or average exp....,i had to scroll down and go to whichever page i am and view my profile. or Patrick can just do this, when we click our username on the top left,it should show our bio opened in the members tab as it was in v3,it was a lot better hope that my Idea is liked by others and the admins just look at it.Thanks
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    I have explained to you on Discord why you are banned. Do not claim ignorance. We have a recording of the last 11 minutes of your gameplay. Every click, mouse movement, keypress, etc... 3 minutes before you were banned, a "bot check" dialog box appeared on your screen, asking you to click the button to prove you were not cheating. Instead, you ignored the dialog box, and continued to click in the same positions and with the same rhythm as you had been doing for the prior few minutes, despite the fact that the battle buttons were hidden. It is the opinion of all the staff, after reviewing the footage, that you were using automated tools to play the game. As a result, your account is permanently banned from the game.
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    Welcome to the Pokemon Vortex Training Accounts Forums Thread! Let me just make it clear, these are not ACTUAL training accounts as there were in V2, that's not possible anymore. However, these accounts might just help to level up some Pokemon, or grind some EXP on already-Level-100s. What is a Training Account? A Training Account is an account which has been created with a team of (usually) 6 Level 100 Pokemon with weak movesets. They are used to train and level up Pokemon that are super-effective against the type of Pokemon in the team of that training account. So I've listed the accounts by their Type in Alphabetical Order. This will make it easy for you to find an account according to the Pokemon you wish to train. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pokemon Type → Training Account → TrainingGenesect → TrainingDarkrai → TrainingRayquaza → TrainFire // TrainingKyurem → TrainFlying // TrainingYveltal // FlyingSoda → Ghost_Unit // → TrainingKyurem // ThunderStick → TR_DragonSlayer // TrainingXerneas → TrainingKeldeo//VitolFight → TrainingShaymin // iaraGrassDragon → TMacGround // TrainingGroudon → TrainingKyurem → Normal_Unit // Murr → PoisonSoda // Tetrodotoxin → PsychicSoda // TrainingMewtwo → TrainingKyurem → AvSteel // TrainingDialga → iaraLuvdisc // WaterMe // TrainingKyogre ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And I've also added in a type chart, just for extra convenience and information. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, that's about it. Didn't take much time to make this at all, just a quick short post since a lot of people on chat come to ask about these everyday. Still missing a couple of training accounts as you can see above, if anyone knows any please do recommend them, and I'll add them. Also, I'm open to suggestions, so if anyone has any about what I should add/remove, feel free to hit me up. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: http://teamdxgeneration.weebly.com/training.html Thank you SmartAss for helping with updates!
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    Heeey Patrick, in my opinion it would be a bad idea. Because some people dont have the time to do a lot of exp training and others dont have the money for those DP. And so they can trade one for the other. If this idea is going foward i think exp will become worthless with time. Because the leadboards will always be the same people that have the time and patience for exp training. And those who dont have the time will stop trying. Ps: I started 2 days ago a pokedex quest with just the pokes that i received from doing exp jobs. This idea would be my doom
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    Well I was looking how many normal jars jars I have it seem to be 28 Normie's ohk well I have , but I don't have 2 sets I have only 1 set
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    Haha, quite a good idea actually! What about Marshadow (Maul)? I know it isn't released yet but I thought that would be pretty funny.
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    Note: This map is only available on the currently unreleased mobile mirror website of Pokémon Vortex.
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    Feels nice to have internet back.
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    Yes.These are plastic models..... U believe or don't believe but they r made by me......
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    I was trading with this guy IGN - SmokeyGator , and I cancelled from my side when suddenly he must have accepted. So i got the pokemon i offered for but he did not get the one I offered. I offered him the required Pokes in another trade so that I don't feel like a culprit ( and also because I felt bad at having gained something which i didn't deserve ) but please look into the matter that Trades are not one sided, cause it confused me a lot and I took some time to understand what happened. What I really want to say is that when one guys cancels his offer and another guy accepts it at the same time, what happens must be decided before hand otherwise it is a lose for one guy and gain for another
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    waterbottler is now banned.
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    In the shop says it recovers 50 HP but in battle (at least against members) recovers 100HP
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    Do you have any kind of proof you were "hacked"?
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    eurstin. Sexy lady, queen of Budews and poor elitist... pls be my girlfriend My Highest Experienced Pokewith Experience of 471,176 ign:Mohitxyz And Thank you for the giveaway!!!!!!
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    eurstin. Sexy lady, queen of Budews and poor elitist... pls be my girlfriend. Highest exp poke-5.5 mill exp Ign: upoli Thnx
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    eurstin. Sexy lady, queen of Budews and poor elitist... pls be my girlfriend. 1,197,365 ign: qbd thanks for the giveaway
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    It seems as if u dont wanna Trade and please do learn some manners
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