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    Hello everyone! Welcome to the next installment of Pokémon Vortex's events - The long awaited Deoxys forms event. On this very special event, we present you with an interesting challenge like no previous event. To put it simply, it is a scavenger hunt. You must complete very specific tasks and bring your findings back to the event center to be presented with the next task. Upon completion of all tasks, there is said to be one final test of patience which will award you a Deoxys form of your choice. Deoxys (Attack), (Defense) & (Speed) Event FAQ Q - My task is to catch a female Ralts level 12. I already have one but it's saying I don't. What's the problem? A - All tasks that require the capture of a Pokémon must be completed after the event started, you cannot use a Pokémon you already had. In addition, Pokémon obtained through trade also will not work. Q - I already met a milestone it's asking me to achieve in a mission, do I have to do it again? A - Most likely. Ask it to check your status to see if it needs doing or if you have already done it. Q - I have completed all missions. Can I get more than one Deoxys form? A - You can get multiple Deoxys forms based on a process that is explained after the last mission is complete. Q - Why is this FAQ so vague? A - Explaining things is hard.
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    Why do these always seem so easy and then take so much time... I have been lurking for a lot of time so I decide that I'd actually do something and this is what came in my mind. Enjoy. Rules: Prizes: It's low this time. Sorry aboot that. ENDS ON: 3RD OF APRIL 2K69.
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    I will just change their names to "One" and "Two", no one will notice i got rid of one because I will still have two left.
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    Since making "Auction Threads" or in some case, "action threads" is the new biggest craze on Forums, I have decided to make a Community Auction Thread. This thread eliminates the need to create a new thread every 5 mins because you get a new normal legend. The Community Auction Thread runs on 7 Basic Rules (plus the Forums rules duh) and you must follow them to participate. Furthermore the 7 Basic Rules also apply to any Auction Threads, old or new, and must be followed by the creator from now on. Mods will be enforcing these rules. The point of the rules is to eliminate useless Auction Threads that would have better luck being posted in here. Also the rules allow Pokemon that are being auctioned to actually be traded instead of sitting around for 2 weeks in a trade thread type "auction". I will be updating this thread everyday. The rules will either make PROPER auctions an instant hit or rid Vortex of any type of auctions- A win-win. Auction 1 by OPEN by @porymon Min Bid- Unique (non-shiny) DP Auction 2 by OPEN by @xShadowz_Min Bid - 2 Unique Donations or a Unique Volcanion. Auction 3 by @VortxBro Min Bid - Auction 4 by @himanshu24092002 Min Bid - 3 Unique Arceus (Water) Auction 5 by OPEN Auction 6 by OPEN Auction 7 by OPEN IGN: Pokemon that you are auctioning: Suggested minimum bid: Time Limit: 36 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours, 5 Days. (Choose one):
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    Congrats to everyone who completed the Deoxys event! Your patience (and luck) was rewarded. A special shout-out to the following users who I find REALLY inspiring. They have completed the event successfully despite losing a buttload of battles. You folks are a true inspiration to everyone on vortex. 2263 - 326 losses james7b - 180 losses cashlover - 165 losses daluramh - 151 losses sambrett - 110 losses Nuevo016 - 107 losses Frenchfry - 79 losses fecku - 64 losses Vinod_kumar - 49 losses
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    Take a break, Even the greatest among us need a break now and then. Its normal for people to burn out from a game they are playing for a very long time. Be patient and before you know it your back here in vortex. I myself have taken quite alot of breaks, but never really quitted since I knew I would come back anyway when there was an intresting event or a new update. Anyway best advice I can give you is dont give your stuff away and keep your account for yourself. Everyone comes back now and then and It would be sad that if you come back you immediately quit again because you lost all your previous progress Greets a Captain that calls himself Blackbeard with a T Kappa
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    New VortexBot Command for Discord Right now, I am currently trying to complete the Pokedex in Pokemon Vortex, and trying to boost my points. Through the past couple of days, I've been using the extremely helpful VortexBot in the Pokemon Vortex Discord in order to take duplicates out of my account. I just thought it would be useful to have a bot command to give a list of Pokemon that a player doesn't have. This command could attract more users to the Pokemon Vortex Discord as players could use it to help their progression in the game.
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    ┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°) ├┬┴┬┴
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    I have 69 Reputation points... my life is complete.
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    Hi, @Patrick , Lot of rare events such as and cosplays, r in the account which r now banned and only few left, So U should make the the separate portion in the pokedex for these pokemons, Example: ( out of 400, 300 r in banned account, remaininng 100 left) It will make the vortex clean and more attractive, I hope u like my idea .
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    I think there should be an option to enter your IGN on your profile (A new box under the Skype username box when you edit your account). It's quite annoying when someone's forum account is different from their in game account, and you have to go through their posts to find their ign. Thanks for taking the time to read this
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    It has come to my attention that newcommers often don't know what team is the best for defeating all the gyms and elite four. Although I wouldn't choose one team (I prefer to modify my team after each gym), I have made a chart for the top 5 pokemon from each type. Legendaries are excluded but fossils are still included. Enjoy! (Don't mind the bad formatting... I tried to fix it.) Bug Dark Dragon Electric Fairy Fighting Fire Flying Ghost Grass Ground Ice Normal Poison Psychic Rock Steel Water 1 2 3 4 5 For detailed info on any pokemon, I would suggest visiting this site.
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    This is what is hanging in our Dashboards now. Seen it already? THE SONG YOU ASK FOR? So as the Video begins we see a Ugly New and Fresh Homepage for Vortex with like 10000 Times better looks and finally a Wiki Link. We finally see a new front image. OMG Waited for it so long. Then comes a Floating Login where Chris_ logs in and we fail to know his password ... and then a New Dashboard .... where Vortex claims to still giving for 10$ (Which is now over) and listed new features are Super Secret. WOW a New Pokemart with features from Amazon and No Masterballs A New Team View with Good Poke ball Backgrounds And with Pokemon who only knows Solar Beam, Outrage, Blast Burn and Wing Attack. Wish my could learn Blast Burn. Then comes a New Page which will be called the Trading Station and with Wonder Trade already added. Oh Cool. We can see new Mini-sprites added in game. Then Comes The Fossil Lab with not so many changes... and then we finally get a Bag and new Pokeballs... Update : Nest Ball,Friend Ball and Masterball are Sidequests Exclusive. WHAT ARE YOUR THEORIES AND VIEWS? HOW MUCH ARE YOU HYPED?
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    I'll giveaway normal cosmogs just put ur ign and the number of cosmogs u got until now. You can enter more than once. I'll gave them whenever I have and I want so no pushes or u will get out of raffle until next one ^^ If you take some days to answer after u been declared as winner u will lose your cosmog. Cosmogs given away until now: Winners until now: - seth1129400 - bilal.anwar - himanshu24092002 - sreesree - eurstin - Best_Is_Back - CaptainX - SquirrelKing CabanaBoy - maliha! - baddream - ferradorandre
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    I have a lot of Legendaries but I couldn't trade them because the fear to the botted exp so I gonna make some rules: THE LEGENDS ARE UFT IN VITOLLEGS Definition of rare Legends: Rates in EXP: Normal Legendary: 200K EXP Normal rare legendary: 300K EXP Unique Legendary: 450-500K EXP Unique rare Legendary: 600K EXP Shiny Legendary: 550-600K EXP Shiny rare Legendary: 700K EXP Examples of hypothetical trades with fossils: 20-35 normal legends for a unique Hoenn. 30-40 normal legends for a unique Sinnoh. 2-15 unique legends for a unique Hoenn. 4-20 unique legends for a unique Sinnoh. Fossils I'm searching: What I have: Normal: Metallic: Shiny: Dark: Mystic: Shadow:
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    There should be a button to put all your duplicates up for trade (button in game). I find it very time consuming to sift through my pokemon to put the dupes uft, so adding a button that would do it for me would help a lot.
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    Ultimate Training Thread brought to u by : Commander-Rayquaza7, Demonstriker and naruto1129 Rules : All Global Rules Apply. All trade rules also apply Please mention or qoute one of us before leaving a reply Rates will be revised as thread moves on Special orders will be added soon, so hold your horses
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    or or + unique cosplay for auction 1
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    Contact me @ https://twitter.com/chrispkmnvrtx - follow and maybe v4 screenshots will appear in your feed.
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    To gain Exp you battle weak opponents to your Pokemon and every time you gain some Exp. These accounts have obviously decide to grind out and gather all the Exp, If you want Exp you can 1. Train it yourself (No Bott) 2. Trade for it (People take different Events for different amounts of Exp, and some times Unique Legends) 3. If your lazy like me just don't get it (Its too much effort to train it yourself, and sometimes people have botted Exp so I ain't taking any chances) If you want Legendaries you caught yourself, simply beat all the Gyms and Elite Four to collect all the badges Once done you should be told you can encounter rare Pokemon or something along those lines and just search on maps and you'll find some! Btw i recommend Ultra Balls or Master Balls
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    Make it like I have a I give it to my clan member for $(pokemoney) 10,000
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    When creating a report thread, please make sure to be as informative and thorough as possible. At minimum a report must include the scammer's username, the scam message, and a screenshot as proof. Any user who tries to create a false report in an attempt to get an innocent player banned, will be punished with a ban.
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    Playing Showdown with Pokemon Vortex Members Well, since Pokemon Showdown has became Popular here, I think it was worthy bringing this thread back This is going to be a place where you can battle other Pokemon Vortex members. Chat Channel Discord: https://discord.gg/QJdhFZv Staff THE TIER THIS LEAGUE IS OVER USED! BE CREATIVE WITH YOUR TEAMS! Rules · Be nice to people. Respect people. Don't be rude or mean to people. · Moderators have discretion to punish any behavior they deem inappropriate, whether or not it's on this list. · We reserve the right to tell you to stop discussing moderator decisions if you become unreasonable or belligerent. (Off topic conversations are allowed, just keep it appropriate). League Champions and Elite Four Challengers Note: As of yet, there are no Gym Leaders. Me and Sneezeball would like to see the turnout of the players, and then determine if a system including gym leaders would be viable. Application Process
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    People like @iZeus and @Sneezeball do a lot for us on the Wiki. Perhaps giving them a role that really doesn't do anything (like Regular) but is separated from the rest of the crowd online as recognition would be a good idea. They do a lot for us, and are often underappreciated.
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    Pheonix's Quest for the Pokedex! Hey guys! Thanks to Flamescape's new VortexBot command, I can now make a thread trading my legendaries for uniques! Basically for any Legendary I have up for trade here, I'm looking for 10 uniques I don't have! That list can be found at https://paste.ee/p/yROl5! Offer any 10 of those Pokemon, and the legendary I have is yours. The account these legendaries are on is LancingLegends. Here are the Legendaries. You can pm me on the Pokemon Vortex Discord at my name Pheonix Lancing. Also, all forms of Mega Legendaries, Rayquaza, and Mewtwo are worth 20 uniques. Normal Dark Metallic Mystic Shadow Shiny
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    They aren't under appreciated. I bet they're lot of other people who feel more "under appreciated." Wiki Editors are recognized for their contributions...Finally they did have a role on discord but Patrick removed it because he kept having to give it back to them whenever they got kicked.
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    Pokemon Vortex Clash Royale Clan Simply put, @Patrick has given me permission to use his Clash Royal Clan as the center of a Pokemon Vortex clan. The name of the clan is Dinosawrs, and the Clan tag is #G8G2YYP. If the clan is active enough, I'll hold a tournament with nice Pokemon at the end of it. Good luck.
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    @Patrick Just got this rare idea in my marvelous brain, IDEA: Hey Pat U should do a weekly pokemon hunting event/competition every week ( sat and sunday r the best day cuz lots of ppl will be free in these 2 days) and just bring the events pokes like etc U know everyone will do the missions for these events pokes and this weekly event/ compettion will attract the lots of new ppl and made the game more popular . Remember hard missions r better than waiting for years for the release of these events. I hope u like my idea,.
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    Auction House This is an auction house for several event Pokemon. My main objective though this auction is to get rid of the Mystic Volcanion at a high price. Per global trading standards, I have to have a minimum of 6 Pokemon. If you want to trade for a Cosplay from me, it will be extremely expensive as I am not actively trying to trade them off. I retain the right to refuse even the best offer if I don't believe it is high enough. Good luck. Auction 1: Auction 2: Auction 3: Auction 4: Auction 5: Auction 6: In order to place a bid on any of these Pokemon, follow the steps below. 1. Post your IGN. 2. Post your Auction.
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    When you try to transfer 100+ spares out of one account into another, but you don't realize there is a 20 Pokemon limit. FeelsBadMan
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    Time to hibernate till the next event
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    Hi guys , i m looking for pokemon which i am missing on my ign : naruto1129 Further details will be added soon The thread is updated daily so please check often for new pokes and rates Rules for trading : Rates for trading : Pokemon which are for trade : Pokemon which i am looking for : Vivillons :
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    None of you trading Cosmogs for events are gonna get events unless the people giving it to you are idiots. Cosmog is permanent, events aren't.
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    Made a new training account: TrainingDarkrai It's especially for Dark type pokemon. You should all give it a try (and maybe it can be added in the guide). Also, I want to thank Vitol, Luka, Hoopendranath and Kaylum for providing the pokemon needed for this. You're the best!
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    Also while we're on the topic, I would really like to be unbanned from chat @Patrick I miss talking to a lot of my friends like Sneezeball, Aninoob, Tyheamma, Paine and the lot. #BringGodBack
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    https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Xm3o6JOZZDamGyEkWtHJemcIe2CeF4-XyY1GOBbB3G4WBspLd4GaSb4g-VU9XYIsIv-QOQE=s85 we need this on Vortex. Maybe this can be a thing in v4
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    It doesn't matter if people bot. They will be caught and they will be banned. Don't waste your time caring about them. There are always ways around any measurement. A lot of people care what Pokéball their Pokémon is in. While I was never really bothered too much about adding more balls, it's a highly requested thing and simple enough so why not let them have it is my view on it. Plus Zeus picked up on something - There are no Master Balls in the Pokémart. How do you know you'll be in abundance of them to say "I'll just use Master Balls" FINALLY, I want to comment on something else that was picked up on in the video and that's the Hoopa donation on the Dashboard. The dashboard was designed while Hoopa's donation was available and running. Right now, I have no intention of running the Hoopa donation again, it's purely there for design purposes in the video.
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    Just wanted to hear what people's ideas would be for interesting Pokemon ideas on Vortex. Armor Mewtwo is a good example of something they've brought in from the anime. What kind of monsters would you like to see? The striped clone Pokemon? Pinkan Island Pokemon? Pink Butterfree?
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    Banner for Porymon :) Check out his trade thread:
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    Thanks for the Giveaway. I'd rather let you keep the prize.
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    Hmmmm, can't remember cause I watch a new one about every day but....Doctor Strange. Loved it @seth1129400
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    I like the way you described and came up with these great ideas! I honestly hope these are implemented in the game at some point Realistically though, Patrick is working to release V4 and I think he said that he isn't gonna do any events till he's done with that. I hope he uses some of these event ideas in v4 though. Great job man!
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