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    First EX Raid Battle was a success. Mewtwo has been caught.
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    Hi guys , i wanted to say that ive been hacked by @carrliam761 , its not like hacking into account and get my pokes , this is different , okay so lets get started , he was my one of the most best and oldest friends , since i trusted him , i gave him my to train them for me , he said "okay , ill return after 2-3 days or so" he gave me back and never returned the other 2 , i messaged him like a million times to return them back please but he never listened and blocked me (i can show screen shots) i was worried that i lost my events and when i saw his account , i couldn't find my rotom forms , i got more sad , then i asked @WinnerOJD he helped me and told me that he was scammed too and he keep all of his scammed pokes in ign : Blue , when i saw Blue's profile , i found my both shiny rotom heat and wash with the same exp and the same OT , so guys please mods help me get those 2 back , i can show screenshots and can give proof to mods , thank you!
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    Also side note. The proper term for your condition would be scammed, not hacked. But please listen to Flame.
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    It has come to my attention that this pokemon scammer thing is not working. There are about 3 scammers I have seen that have been scamming for months and none of the mods/admins have taken any notice of this. Even if their names have been posted online with all the information that is needed you mods still don't see the need to help others. This is a real problem and it needs to be solves. Candles, YousufAhmed and anandalex123_- have been scamming countless others for a long time now and nobody has stopped them. I have posted a topic for about almost 3 days now. 70 people have seen it but nobody helps stop it and now all my months worth of work on getting all those pokemon have gone to a waste because this hasn't been taken seriously by such people. I think if we can dispose of at least the scammers we can detect, we can make this game a safer and more fun game to play. And I think everyone can agree. Yours Sincerely, Nullioid
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    Totally agree! Genesect is trash.
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    If you've not played Magikarp Splash yet, get on Pokémon Vortex now! It's a fun game with amazing prizes only available today! Click on this status update for the video.
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    Hey pat i like the new event u created. i have reached only till 610 points. But i like the Easter event its cool. thanks for making the event. Hope there is one more event on 4th of may. thankyou. but the event is very difficult.
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    We're here for the Season finale of 'Road to Seasonal Top'! Did we make it into the Top 100?! Click on this status update for the video.
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    Please share the screenshots of the agreement you had with carrliam761
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    Hey Patrick! I have been trying to Pay for Premium Pokemon's from Vortex Store, but every time I receive an message transaction refused and hence unsuccessful. I am from India (Currency - Indian Rupee) - Tried with both Mastercard and Visa linked to Paypal account, having International Transactions enabled. I have verified all the details mentioned in PayPal and verified the card as well - No issues. It works fine with other International sites like Amazon, Google and even credited amount in Entropay cards. Please assist!
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    Hi, I've been doing sidequests but I'm not sure what variant are the best to use. Besides that I'm also wondering which variants are more expensive. So my question is: Can you rate the variants: Normal, Shiny, Dark, Metallic, Mystic, Shadow in the order from best to worst and from expensive to cheap. My thoughts: Questing: Dark, Mystic, Shiny, Metallic, Shadow, Normal Price: Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Shadow, Metallic, Normal.
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    Since I’m a #nice dude, I’ll give my non dupe rotom wash for your rotom spin I’m looking to trade my kartana for any other ub apart from guzzlord.
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    and his stupid evolutions bcos they are stupid ice creams
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    to whom it may concern i have been playing the game for roughly a week and made some good friends along the way and enjoyed the game however it has come to my attention two members have been scamming and causing problems they are Candles and YousufAhmed. in the next few days there will be more reports of these two, they scam by promising to trade pokemon whislt having the victim bid on something silly for a high price and then doesnt uphold their part of the deal taking several $100,000 for something as simple as a pokeball. over the next two days i will aim to get the victims to post there complaints in this thread. i hope you take this seriously and ban their accounts one victim is only 14 years old. YousufAhmed on my very first day of playing toyed with me saying he would make a trade and then not doing it laughing in my face and mocking me to which in much respect other players stepped forward and helped me. kind regards WPGuardian
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    Announcement of Winners.... @KYNO won the 1st Prize @nonie22 won the 2nd Prize @qbd won the 3rd Prize @Ash1667 won the 4th Prize (5 unowns) Congratz all winners!!!! Winners have 5 days to claim their prizes!!... if they don't claim them before 24th March..... I'm going to put your Prizes up for auction in the PokéBay at price= 25,000 pokémoney.
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    Los premios por completar la SideQuest de Alola son VARIABLES!! (No son los mismos premios siempre). Tú puedes obtener los sgtes. premios al finalizar la SideQuest de Alola: 1x Beast Ball 10x Beast Balls 25x Beast Balls un Ice Stone (Piedra Hielo) a Perman Ban Para mayor info, hecha un vistazo al siguiente link... https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Sidequests#Prizes_and_Drop_Rates
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    You need to make sure people can understand you
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    Alolan Vulpix is found at the Ice maps. Also, to encounter Alolan Forms and to evolve into Alolan Forms, you need to either have reached Alola in the Sidequests or beaten it.
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    As per given info, the new varieties of pokeballs released in v4 i.e. dive ball, net ball, dusk ball, moon ball etc. give the same capture chance as an ultra ball if their respective conditions are met while ultra balls always give a high capture chance. Now these new balls are priced 5k while ultra balls are prices 1.5k. Since ultra ball is more effective and useful, I suggest that their price be increased while lowering the price of these new balls. They maybe case sensitive but they are good in their own conditions. This will also promote the usage of new balls since those will be cost effective. I also suggest adjusting the price and power of nerfed moves like Punishment, Explosion, Reversal etc. Else these may confuse the players greatly while building teams.
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    The time is drawing near! v4 has been under the testing phase for roughly 2 weeks now and so it's about time you all got to see what's new, what's changed, what's gone and what's fixed. Below is a list of all the most notable changes that come with v4 (And yes, you get to keep your accounts and Pokémon) When the time comes for you all to play it, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the time spent developing it. What's new? The entire site's user interface has been redesigned to give a much smoother gameplay experience Clans are back! And have been reworked from the ground up Clans have been given user roles to give to their members and each with a limitation of power Leader - The creator of the clan (Has 100% power over the clan) Co-Leader - Assigned by the leader (Can invite, accept, kick and promote/demote the member/elitest role) Elitest - Assigned by co-leaders/leader (Can invite people to the clan) Member - Automatic role when joining a clan (Has no power over the clan) Clan roles are displayed on profiles User country is displayed on profiles Completed sidequests is displayed on profiles Link your external social accounts on your public profile (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & more) Leaders can now transfer ownership of their clan to another user Clans can now be disbanded when there is only 1 member left Leaders leaving a clan will result in the clan being transferred to the next highest roled member Each clan member has their own seasonal battle counter to help the clan know who is active Link your forum account to your game account to be able to give your clan a custom icon in the clan settings Each clan gets their own private, password-protected group chat to speak with all the other clan members You can now search for a clan and filter the clan list to help you find what you're looking for quicker The top trainer leaderboard is now called the "Global Top Trainers" and consists of every player with the highest points A new leaderboard based on your location called "Local Top Trainers" has been added so you can see who's the best in your country Another new time based leaderboard called "Seasonal Top Trainers" has been added and will reset monthly as well as give everyone on it an exclusive prize at the end The old friends list has been converted to a follower list and a new request-based friends list has been implemented A new chat bar has been added to the bottom of the site when logged in, you can talk privately with friends or in groups as a clan Notifications are integrated into the chat bar and you will now be notified of messages, trades, badge unlocks, friend requests and clan invites A translate option is on the chat bar which will translate the entire page you're on to a language of your choice (Translations provided by Google) You can now unlock, collect and change your avatar as a user for your profile and used in chat Profiles will now display your global and country rank whether you're on the leaderboard or not All of Pokémon Vortex's services can be monitored whether they're working or not in the options tab You can now reset your account progress in the options tab for the following: Gyms Sidequests Special Battles (Formerly event battles) When you change your password, anyone else logged into your account will be logged out to re-authenticate You can now drag and drop your team Pokémon into a slot of your choice rather then moving them all up/down one at a time Nickname any Pokémon you have caught yourself (You must be the original trainer) Pokémon nicknames are displayed wherever possible instead of the actual Pokémon name Suggestion lists are available when searching for a Pokémon in your storage or when changing your team Clicking a Pokémon in the Pokédex will drop down a count to show if you have duplicates of that specific Pokémon The Pokédex will now show what ball you caught it in if you have one obtained (If you have more than one, it will show the ball of the first caught Pokémon) You can now search the Pokédex or order it by dex number, name or rarity All user lists in the members tab will now show the user account type, avatar and clan tag of each user Viewing all your Pokémon now has a list or grid view and is able to be filtered by name, dex number, experience (highest or lowest) and Pokémon primary/secondary type Selecting a gym/battle facility/villanous team to battle will now signify better if you have or haven't completed it Alolan league has been added (Must be completed to be able to find legendaries again) Team Skull has been added to the villainous teams/special battles and awards a profile badge Selecting a user to battle now has a "random" option and will find a random user based on your search criteria if set There are new Pokéballs to be used in wild battles: Dive Ball (Higher catch rate for water Pokémon) Dusk Ball (Higher catch rate at night) Moon Ball (Higher catch rate for Pokémon that evolve with a moon stone) Net Ball (Higher catch rate for bug/water type Pokémon) Beast Ball (Will only catch Ultra Beasts) Vortex Ball (Will catch anything without fail) You can now put a Pokémon up for trade right after catching it without the need to navigate to view all Pokémon The following new Pokémon have been added: All of generation 7 (Alolan Pokédex) Porygon (Hammer) Porygon (Shield) Porygon (Sword) Sidequests has been completed all the way to Alola and have had their prizes reworked to much bigger pools Promo code redemption now supports items and money codes You are now awarded for logging in daily with small prizes (Particularly for new players) A social hub has been implemented to keep track of your requests in one place You can now change the order of your Pokémon's attacks by dragging and dropping them on the change attacks page All Pokémon have had their change attack lists completed Lottery is back and works on a much better system similar to real life lottery The PokéMart has been redesigned to give a much smoother item purchase experience The inventory has been redesigned to now show your promo codes and the ability to pack/unpack them ready for sale on PokéBay The inventory now offers shortcuts to be able to buy/sell items quicker and easier A new feature called PokéBay has been implemented which is an auction system similar to eBay Start an auction on PokéBay with from pretty much anything collectible on your account from Pokémon to promo codes Bid against everyone else to try and win an auction with your in-game money Watch out for exclusive auctions started by the system for things available in no other way Pokémon now have an "edition" stat based on it's availability and when it was obtained Special battles (formerly event battles) now show completion for each individual battle Bug Fixes An issue causing ajax content to mirror into the sidetabs when one is open You can no longer purchase more items than you can carry from the PokéMart The following Pokémon have all had their primary/secondary types corrected: Snover Abomasnow Skarmory Gligar Surskit Dustox Doduo Dodrio Farfetch'd Tympole's spawn on the land in the cave maps has been moved to the water of the cave maps Dex numbers have been corrected for Genesect, Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist forms An issue causing your character to move on the map when trying to type into the sidetab Kyurem forms displaying as not obtained in the Pokédex Viewing a profile from the "Who's on this map" link will no longer default to user ID 1 Opponent attack failure when user uses an item and the opponent's attack was the same Electric attacks no longer paralyze ground types Critical hit output message now displays every time one occurs Lick will no longer paralyze normal type Pokémon Thawing out of the freeze status will now display the attack used A Pokémon hurting itself in confusion output has been corrected Furfrou (Debutante) has had it's spelling corrected Shiftry is no longer listed in the trade search list twice Account points will now be re-calculated when a Pokémon is removed from trade Returning to the map from a wild battle will now spawn you exactly where you left for the battle Switching between user and Pokémon search in trades no longer fails after an ajax request You can no longer offer on your own Pokémon in trade Rare occurrence where a sidequest prize is not obtained when pressing claim has been corrected The following attacks have all been corrected in spelling or capitalization: Flare Blitz Wake-Up Slap Silver Wind An issue causing certain items to max out when switching between battle and the PokéMart Trade history will no longer show duplicate trades when the system has a lag spike You can no longer remove a Pokémon name in trade search to give the result of every Pokémon up for trade Initiating a battle against non-existant trainer's will no longer result in a null battle or automatic wins/losses The map activity feed will no longer lose animation smoothness when the page is left open for a long time Map activity feed will no longer say a Pokémon was caught if it was claimed from a promo code Status effects not being remembered between switching Pokémon until an attack or item was used Message options for delete/reply/forward will no longer appear when a message is not selected Going "back" from a user profile to user search results not remembers what your last search was You can no longer add yourself as a friend or block yourself A bug exploit allowing users to change Pokémon attacks to non-existant attacks or null A bug exploit that allowed users to evolve Pokémon into something they shouldn't be able to Multiple Pokémon have had their gender ratios corrected Slowpoke can no longer evolve to Slowbro before level 37 Snorunt can no longer evolve to Glalie before level 42 Kirlia can no longer evolve to Gardevoir before level 30 Trade offer counters for individual Pokémon will no longer display incorrect counts Game Balances Ultra Beasts have been given a spawn rate lower than legendary Pokémon The following Pokémon have all been moved to a lower spawn rate on the maps: Bulbasaur Chikorita Turtwig Treecko Snivy Eevee Porygon Squirtle Totodile Mudkip Feebas Piplup Froakie Oshawott Lapras Vaporeon Pichu Jolteon Charmander Cyndaquil Torchic Chimchar Flareon Larvitar Tepig Fennekin Dratini Ditto Bagon Riolu You can now find "rare" Pokémon on the maps without completing all gyms. (This does not include legendaries and ultra beasts) Many mega stones were removed from the PokéMart and are now exclusive prizes to be won in other natural gameplay methods Master Balls are no longer in the PokéMart Master Balls can not catch Ultra Beasts Shadow Pokémon are now immune to status effects as their battle perk Multiple Pokémon have had their evolution methods altered based on time or sidequest location Genders are now determined & displayed when a Pokémon spawns rather than after it is captured Time of day for the maps is no longer optional and instead runs on the time of the server (7am - 7pm Days) Level 5 Pokémon have been removed from the maps and level 6 is now the lowest you can encounter Removals Achievements have been removed and will be replaced with a much cleaner achievement system similar to Xbox Achievements/PlayStation Trophies All wonder trade links have been removed and is now limited to inside wonder trade itself The admin special battle (previously event battle) has been removed and made the badge no longer obtainable
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    You know exactly why you were banned in the first place and the ask questions sub-forums is never a good place to ask for amnesty.
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    9 Gag : Best LOL Pics and GIFS
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