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    No you cannot change your username once if you created it
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    The sidequest prize drops on the wiki is finally complete for the many times it's been asked for - https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Sidequests#Prizes_and_Drop_Rates
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    1st Edition is most important with event Pokémon. Some event Pokémon are only distributed once. Therefore, all of these Pokémon will be 1st Edition. However, some event Pokémon may be redistributed in the future. These Pokémon will be 2nd edition (or whatever else Patrick decided to call it). Although these event Pokémon will still be valuable, to big collectors the 1st Edition Pokémon will likely be more valuable.
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    I'm fully aware of that. I'm just posting for other people to know as some might get confused that think you are setting prices, then when they feel like they were ripped off, someone might try to come along and say "Well Red_Viper post said this! So I was scammed."
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    Hey begginers! welcome to pokemon vortex V4 ! Its a very cool and amazing game! I will give you guys some good pokemon as a giveaway! All you need to do is post your ign (In game name) and you will get something, once we have enough participants! The criteria for participating is players who have started playing in 1-2 months. Please do not cheat by making new accounts as theses prizes are only for newer players and older players might not find them useful anyway. Hope you like Vortex! -Eeveelutions8
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    No, but if you're at the end and have redeemed your Alolan prize without resetting, you can still find Alolan forms on the maps and evolve to Alolan forms.
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    Started By: sportsandmusic69 Total Bids: 0 Start Price: 25,000,000 Started: 6:43am on 11-Feb Ends: 6:43am on 18-Feb Auction ID: #0000251959
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    I dont care to be honest. Just bug off you little troublemaker.
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    Hello everybodyZ, as u can see I'm hosting my first and last GiVeAwAy... It's a small one, cuz I'm a poor guy AnywayZ, the prizes are the following: and(SPECIAL PRIZE) How to participate? RuleZ: GiVeAwAy ends on January 31st... Good luck !!!
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    By 'unknown A'... u meanor an?? ó.ó
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    Damn, the poll is closed to new votes... I wanted to vote for Magikarp AnywayZ, the winners are: @carrliam761 won a @Dark_Wolf won a @VITOL won a @eurstin won a xMasterKevz_07 (please see the spoiler) All the winners pls put something UFT and I will offer asap.
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    Yes, catch lots of Pokemon that you haven't caught yet in the month (I used a note pad to track. If you caught them before the month you can catch them again and they will count towards your seasonal unique Pokemon count) and then train them up as soon as you get them using training accounts. For Pokemon that don't have an immunity, certain gyms with high level Pokemon can be helpful, I found Salon Maiden Anabel particularly useful. Evolve your new Pokemon for the month whenever you can so you can catch their base forms for another unique. It is a grind, but good luck and have fun! You can check your seasonal standing even if you aren't in the Top 100 by going to the Discord and typing !card <playername> for your account.
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    Battle a lot and catch a lot of pokemon so that u may enter seasonal top trainer or may even local and global top trainer
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    ign: Fire_fist_ace Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackNot mewtwo
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    Welcome to the Pokemon Vortex Training Accounts Forums Thread! Let me just make it clear, these are not ACTUAL training accounts as there were in V2, that's not possible anymore. However, these accounts might just help to level up some Pokemon, or grind some EXP on already-Level-100s. What is a Training Account? A Training Account is an account which has been created with a team of (usually) 6 Level 100 Pokemon with weak movesets. They are used to train and level up Pokemon that are super-effective against the type of Pokemon in the team of that training account. So I've listed the accounts by their Type in Alphabetical Order. This will make it easy for you to find an account according to the Pokemon you wish to train. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pokemon Type → Training Account → TrainingGenesect → TrainingDarkrai → TrainingRayquaza → TrainFire // TrainingKyurem → TrainFlying // TrainingYveltal // FlyingSoda → Ghost_Unit // → TrainingKyurem // ThunderStick → TR_DragonSlayer // TrainingXerneas → TrainingKeldeo//VitolFight → TrainingShaymin // iaraGrassDragon → TMacGround // TrainingGroudon → TrainingKyurem → Normal_Unit // Murr → PoisonSoda // Tetrodotoxin → PsychicSoda // TrainingMewtwo → TrainingKyurem → AvSteel // TrainingDialga → iaraLuvdisc // WaterMe // TrainingKyogre ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And I've also added in a type chart, just for extra convenience and information. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, that's about it. Didn't take much time to make this at all, just a quick short post since a lot of people on chat come to ask about these everyday. Still missing a couple of training accounts as you can see above, if anyone knows any please do recommend them, and I'll add them. Also, I'm open to suggestions, so if anyone has any about what I should add/remove, feel free to hit me up. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: http://teamdxgeneration.weebly.com/training.html Thank you SmartAss for helping with updates!
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    Anyone here celebrated annoy squidward day?
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    if im not mistaken unique ice roughly 12-15m unique electrics like 18-20m waters well ppl were offering 3dps on discord and no1 would sell so 0.0 id say least 30m all this is interms of pokemoney
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    1) That's intentional. You only have a set amount of time to edit your post. 2) Most likely your phone. I tried iOS and Android and it works fine. 3) That was likely a moderator replying then changed their mind, moderators and above can post in closed topics. In addition to all this, please do not report forum bugs, the forums are a paid for software not developed by me so I have no control over bugs that may occur.
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    I would like to see this as well. I've had maybe one moment, although I don't remember why, that I wanted to keep the original attacks.
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    Mine is to become the best And collet all my favourite and rare POKEMON Like all types all types
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    Pokemons to Sell : The list is huge, please search for Albonator, all the pokemons are up for trade. Looking for : Mystic Primal Kyogre/Groundon, Mystic Mega Rayquaza, Mystic Mewtwos(Armor,Megas) Designing prices: Signature : 7 Legendaries Avatar : 7 Legendaries Thread Design : 15 Legendaries
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    Then why did you say this
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    Hello everyone! I have published my new book on wattpad! Pokemon Journeys-2 Please, if you like it, post a comment there or vote on it! I hope you like it! - Eeveelutions8
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    Unown a in his trades for Bilal to offer on Definetely wouldn’t be an unknown
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    ign: 9alfy9 thanks for the giveaway! movie:seven pounds, staring will smith
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    ok dark , shadow and 2 normal offer them ign : sfdf
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    IGN: carrliam761 Movie: Stand by me Thanks for the cool GiVeAwAy m8!!!
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    Voted. Thanks for the giveaway mate. IGN: eminem1317 Movie: Mr. Nobody .
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    @Emre. Thanks mate
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    1. Ive noticed that some pokemons doesnt have right colour of type when you check your all pokemons Here is an example: Might be that this is not a bug but some pokemons has wrong code colour. (looks like Fight type is wrong) Its nothing super important but still... 2. Some pokemons doesnt have pokeball icon when you find it in wild. As we all know they usually do have it when you already have it and you find it once again. I noticed it on two pokemons- Latias and Latios. I know 100% and i did check after aswell that I already have them but when i found another one of each in wild, neither of them had this icon. Hope it helps to improve the P.V. Best Regards, Reinako ^.^
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    What is the right color for fight type? ó.ò The second issue is typed here, it happens if u r logged out and its solved in the moment u caught a pokemon or put some poke for trade or remove it for trade, just saying for if it can help to ya
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    Doesn't seem to have slowed down at all that I've seen since I put it back. (By the way, it's used for notifications mainly, not chat although the private chat is very popular unlike the global rooms) I may remove the global rooms since they aren't really necessary (because of Discord) or used much. You can already toggle the chat off by pressing the arrow all the way on the right of the bar. Adding a second option would make no difference at all. Also this isn't a bug, could you post things like this in the feedback section next time please. Thank you. Moved to feedback sub-forum.
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    My first starter was charmander and my first highest experience trained by me is Lunala nearly 2.6 millions and the second it is 1.2 millions and I had left a lot of ultra beasts due no beast ball nearly I have left 14 unique ultra beast pokes in map
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    There's some backstory to this. Punishment originally did in fact have a power of 200 along with a few other moves (Self-Destruct, Reversal, Trump Card, and Explosion which was 250), but this made the game a little too easy so all of these moves were nerfed to have 120 power. Unfortunately, the 200+ power is still displayed for these moves, but they are 120 power. Originally, you could one-shot even Shiny/Metallic/Level 120 Pokemon with no Dark resistances using Punishment with a Dark-type, so this was pretty overpowered. Explosion was even worse and did 417 base damage without same-type attack bonus, with the Dark uniques it did 520. The closest thing to these moves now are V-Create and Prismatic Laser. V-Create is a Fire move with 180 Power and 90% accuracy that is only available to Rayquazas (Mega) and Victinis that were around before their respective movesets were changed to omit it. You can still acquire either with V-Create through auctions or trades where V-Create will come standard on certain Victinis. Victini's is much more powerful than Rayquaza (Mega)'s due to same-type attack bonus meaning it will do 450 base damage and 562 on a Dark unique. Being able to miss is a bit of a drawback, but it's certainly worth it when considering you still get an average of 162 power, unlike Guillotine, Horn Drill, Fissure and Sheer Cold which all have an actual power of 300 but only 30% accuracy for an average of 90 power. Prismatic Laser is a Psychic move with 160 power available only to Necrozma on which it comes standard. Since Necrozma is Psychic, it always gets same-type attack bonus, which makes Prismatic Laser do exactly 400 base damage and 500 with Dark Necrozma. Unfortunately, Necrozma is classed as an Ultra Beast and is only available on one map, making it the hardest Pokemon in the game to catch, especially as a unique. Unlike V-Create, Prismatic Laser is 100% accurate, making it significantly better for training.
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    Why the link of wiki and the pokedex (https://pokemon-vortex.com/pokedex/) are only available in the logged out pages? OK if the wiki is not from admins but the pokedex? ó.ò
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    Now that "Clans" are implemented, we could do so many great things with it. The idea I like the most is the clan battles between 2/multiple clans in "Real" time. What I think you could do, is to Start a clan war (Which only "the higher ups" can do) and wait until you find a guild/multiple guilds to fight against. The war is X minutes long and within that time members from each guild "fights" other members to earn "Clan battle wins." The guild with the highest "Clan battle wins" when the time is over, gets X amount of "clan war points" depending on, how many clan battles the guild have won. With those points, you can get into the "clan war leaderboard as well as "individual leaderboard." Depending on the placement, the guild can win prizes. (What the prizes could be. I don't know.) Don't know if the Idea is "good," but I hope you will consider it (It might need some "elaboration" here and there, but this was just an "overall" idea)
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    New day and night cycle seems to try to balance the game, but it doesnt consider the regional time. If i have 2 hr of free day time to play game and try legendary hunting like rayquaza,absol, good luck. GGWP. I like the old one better because i could do hunting of specific pokemons at my own time, forget day and night in real life. Put the new feature as default and old feature in options. Idk.
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    So the new day and night cycle is on uk time. People like me only have like and hour to catch during certain times, and the rest on the day or on night. Which means, certain Pokemon we want will be extremely harder to get. MY suggestion is have an option to set your own timezone (hour-hour) so that you can choose what you want more of day/night. And maybe something u can get from either store, sqs, events, etc... that lets u switch the hour-hour again. What I mean by hour-hour is, 7pm-7am is the day and night cycle, Uk time of course. Instead, you let the player decide (when first joining the game/ buying items that lets you switch hour-hour again) what hour, Uk time still (so it doesn't confuse people) to what hour, but they can only have that 12 hours of day/night. So you make the game auto force the 2nd time be a 12 hour difference away from the time the player picks, this seems confusing, I don't know how to explain in full detail but this is what I've got. If you don't like the idea, it's perfectly fine (it is confusing after all) But if any game creator/s think it's a good idea, and want to ask me about it more in depth, my discord tag is- @suizaray#0528, I probably won't check this for a pretty long time, so discord will be the best option. If anyone randomly dms me I will ignore, so don't bother trying. Good Luck to all Pokemon Vortexers
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    nevar! i hate this thread
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    With the lead up to the next event, we've decided to host a simple giveaway for the forum users where there will be a total of FIVE winners, all winning something different. The winners will be announced on the closing day of the upcoming 'Super Secret Event' All you have to do to win is reply to this topic with your in-game username. Prizes: Shadow Arceus (Electric) Pikachu (Rock Star) Mystic Volcanion Shiny Zygarde (Partial) Dark Kyurem (White) Rules: You cannot enter multiple times from different forum accounts (We can see you and you will be caught) No spamming the topic with multiple posts Winners will receive a RANDOM Pokémon from the prize list, you do not get to choose.
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    controversial question? <insert country name> is better than <insert 2nd country's name> at <insert controversial topic> right? lets go
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    Ign EeveeMaster5 thnx Patrick <3
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