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    BREAKING NEWS: Genesect is still trash. that is all.
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    Hey all, here we’ve listed all our events, donations and things worth value which we’d like to trade. We are mostly looking for other events, but we are open to negotiations (except Legends, we don't need them) Events - Normal Dark Metallic Mystic Shadow Shiny Donations Misc If you wish to trade and want a fast response please DM me or Echo on discord - @Yousy#0209 and @Echo#615. We will respond to all messages here and on discord.
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    Don't make a new thread to trade for one pokemon. Use the universal trade thread instead. Also, use a spoiler for long lists like these.
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    All those are from another Pokemon RPG. Pretty sure they have copyrights over it(Or maybe not..I recognize some of those from the Naruto and Zelda games I play on my DS) Also Donor account roles are no longer available to current users.(They were given to all those who donated for Premium Pokes in v3)
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    As title says.... this is a request for a re-run of( 2nd Edition ). It's the perfect time for its return.... after almost 2 years!!!! it's not difficult to make a rerun of this poke!! is it??!! plssir
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    My idea is: hour’s event tickets of 6, 12, 24 and 48 hour. With this tickets can you one of old event activate for 6 or 12 or 24 or 48 hours. You can choose which event yourself or an event wheel that comes out is your event for that hour. How do you get it: 6 hours event ticket: Daily login calendar Mystery Boxes If you have defeated all gym you get tree ticket 12 hours event ticket: Mystery Boxes If you have caught 100, 200, 300 and so forth Pokémon you get one ticket If you have defeated all Battle Facilities you get two tickets 24 or 48 hours event ticket: Mystery Boxes If you have defeated all gym and Battle Facilities you get one ticket Year sing up (I mean have you sing up in 1 January 2015 until today is 3 ticket you get one each year)
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    Finally hit level 40 in Pokemon GO. #TeamInstinct
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    The servers are not based in Latin America but you will still be able to play Pokemon Vortex anywhere around the world that offers any type of internet connection.
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    Hi, This is not a game breaking issue but, I did notice that the 'Edit Your Social Profile' under Options tab only allows you to save a limited characters. For instance, when I tried to add my YouTube channel link (https://www.youtube.com/EternalSeito), it only save upto https://www.youtube.com/Eterna when you hit update. Thus breaking the link. Can this be looked at? Thanks!
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    I could even the exp out myself. Will start training it later today.
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    I can do that, offer whatever you want me to train on the Stunky I have uft Wouldn't that be only 2.5 million? Unless that Latias Mega was meant to be a unique. I'd prefer to do it on the budew, sorry. If you want, offer your budew on the Nidoran M i have uft
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    I made a tutorial video on how to get quick/east EXP. It goes over which ways there are to train, and against which accounts you should train with specific Pokémon for optimal results. I cannot answer the question about how the rank points work, so I'd like to refer you to what Vitol posted to answer that.
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    You need rates for training. If you're new, look at other people's rates for reference.
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    How much can you train my for ?
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    I agree with @unknown_citizen. He is a genius!!!!
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    I guess u haven't caught any dark........Anyway........I disagree u @VITOL......I want All ARCEUS events like fire,steel,bug,fight etc.....
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    it's Saturday night!!!!
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    I support u @unknown_citizen even i want a re-run of this event.
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    sorry but I do not understand this topic. If you mean a trade I am defianately intreseted
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    An app is most likely not going to be created due to the fact that they are easily exploitable. A mobile site is in the works at the moment.
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    France is the currently champion!!!! Anywayz, the correct answerZ are the following: 1. Who/ Which national team will win the 2018 FIFA World Cup?? France 2. Who will be the best player?? Luka Modric (according to FIFA)/Harry Kane (both answerZ are correct!!) 3. Do you like Football?? Yes, i do/ I like Football a lot/ Love it 4. Am I "good"??? No, you're not good.... You're Unknown_citizen, the BADASS hater of Vortex, bruh!! Since no-one answer me the answer 4. correctly.... There r NO winner for this contest, bcoz y'all are LOSERZZZZ...... especially @KILLERTRAINZ THE BIGGEST LOSER EVER That's right!! U didn't.... LOSERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Not really.... You didn't answer ALL the 4 QuestionZ....... then, u are a LOSERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Too!! =p _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @sportsandmusic69 kindly close this topic.... pls n thank you!!
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    IGN - SuperKool 1. Brazil 2. Harry Kane 3. Yeah , I do 4. No , I'm good (JK you're awesome bro) Thanks for da giveaway
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    So, since I have a ton of ideas I might as well plop them down here because I find quite a few things on this site frustrating. I'll put them in little categories for easier access to what each thing is. I also have no idea how to code so some of this might not even be possible or would require a lot of reworking. -Easy Usage- These are minor little nitpicks I have that could make the experience on Pokemon Vortex a little smoother. 1. "Open Link in New Tab" on Everything Often I find myself right clicking to open another tab in Pokemon Vortex, and am greeting with no "Open link in a new tab" so I have to manually go in and open another tag to go to the website. Granted this is a minor inconvenience at best, but it'd just be nice. 2. "Go Back" Similar to the 'open in new tab' I'd love a 'go back' feature on PokEbay. I often search specific items on there and find a few I want to bid on simultaneously. Since I can't open them in a new tab I have to just click on them, then go search it again in order to find the second item and reinsert all of my search fields. Similarly, I'd love to see something like this on the Trade Center and the Gym Battle/Frontier Battle/etc area and when evolving a Pokemon. (Or just a 'Return to Party' button for that) 3. "Go Back" 2 - Because I didn't have a better name for it. This would be a sort of rewind feature. I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally skipped past a shiny or a legendary that I wanted to catch on accident In order for this to not be abused, it'd have to take into account if you've been in a battle or not since using it. So you can't just infinitely spawn legendaries and probably only work within a 1 tile radius. I.E. You accidentally step past a Pokemon, press button, it shoots you into a battle with the last Pokemon you encountered and since it should detect if you've battled or not, if you've already battled the Pokemon it wont work. -Better Trading- Since I had quite a few ideas revolving around trading, I figured I should give it its own category. 1. Trade Multiples Similarly to how you can offer multiple of your own Pokemon in a trade, I feel like you should be able to ask for multiple Pokemon in a trade. This would make bulk trading easier and allow people to trade back and forth more smoothly. Trades that happen this way would obviously only be able to be done with two people, of course. 2. Send Gifts This is less 'trading' and more giving people stuff. I'd love to be able to send over items and Pokemon to people in a way differently to PokeBay. This option could be added to sending a message and attaching the Pokemon/Item(s) to it, or work similarly to promo codes, which is a tie in with a later idea of mine.* *See 'Other' 1. 3. Multi-select This could also apply to PokeBay and the boxes as well, but I decided to put it here. Multi-select would work pretty similarly. Let's say you're looking for the same Pokemon in two different types.. I.E. Metallic and Shiny Dragonite. Instead of having to search both separately, you could multi-select Metallic and Shiny and see them both at the same time. 4. 'Mark' Trades This is kinda simple, but I think you should be able to mark trade Pokemon you're interested in/want to get back to. Obviously it'd go away if that Pokemon went off the trade center, but it'd be nice to have a little list. -Other- These don't necessarily fall under anything 1. Items to Promo Codes This could work with my 'Sending Gifts' idea in the Better Trading category. I'd love to be able to convert an item into a promo code, maybe for a fee, so we can send over that item (or item(s)) to other players. I.E. Lets say I have 10 Mystery Boxes, and I want to give away one. There could be a button that says "Promo Code" which will ask you how many you want to put into the code, and who you want to send it to (if anyone). If not, it could then go into your inventory where you can give the code away, sell it, etc. 2. Better Box Sorting I feel like there's a lot that can be done with Pokemon Storage. I'd really like a 'Sort by' option when switching Pokemon into my party so I don't have to scroll through a crap-ton of my Pokemon that I don't want to use just to find the few I do. Again this would work with Multiselect if implemented, and could definitely see a sort by level option being extremely useful when looking to train Pokemon (even if its just highest to lowest level and vice versa) Another thing that would definitely help but is kind of a different idea entirely is having different boxes. One that shows up when sorting Pokemon into your party, and one that doesn't. I'd love to have a little checklist of Pokemon that don't show up when I open my party because I'm either already done with them or don't know what to do with them since they're cluttering up everything, but I want to keep them. Separate/sort-able boxes in general would be wonderful. 3. 'Keep me logged in' I'd love a simple 'keep me logged in' button when logging on. Whenever I open a new tab (due to not having the 'open link in a new tab' option, might I add) it makes me re-login. 4. Remove Pokemon from your Party I don't know if this is a thing (if it is then someone please tell me, haha) but I'd love to be able to just remove a Pokemon from my party and have less than 6 on my team at a time. Even if its just a 'send to box' option. -- That's all I got! Hopefully some of these will be implemented~ Here are some images of what it could look like https://imgur.com/a/xqOuMtF
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    Pokemon Vortex Ideas submitted by players. Add clickable link for Pokemart under Pokebay. Clan battles should have a next battle option like Sidequest. More events. Accounts should have levels, you experience determines your level. Prizes for levels/unlocked. Player vs Player option. Forums should have feed for exclusive auctions. Maps need an update. Show rejected trade offers. Clan leaders/Co-Leaders should be able to email all their clan members at once. Section to show which avatars you own and ability to give them away. Ability to change Pokemon during a battle. Evolution attacks should be checked by default. Players should be able to see when/what seasonal Pokemon was earned. (Example: Patrick won a Shiny Porygon (Hammer) on November 1, 2019). During a season, ability to see what was caught vs not caught to help know what is needed and what isn't to avoid wasting time. Quick link to Pokemart instead of going to Item Inventory - Pokeballs - Pokemart. Ability to set your own timezone or a timezone based off your region. When catching a Pokemon, should be a link to put that Pokemon up for trade and return to the map you were on. Pokemon levels higher than level 100 (Can make them unusable but there for the looks.) Allow items/avatars to be tradable. Weekly/Monthly missions that offer rewards. More variety to Sidequest prizes. Quiz should offer more prizes than just the Cosmog variants. Status of account should offer benefits. (Example: Donor offers 2% increase in shiny, dark, etc. Pokemon) Clans should have a top clan seasonal. (Example: Top 10 clans, after points are calculated based off wins, can select/be randomly given a prize. IE: Random variant of Arceus (Fighting), Pokemoney, and Potions.) Minimum offer should be less than $25,000 Ability to search your Pokemon based off type. Ability to buy a time change temp. For example, if your timezone it's Daytime, pay $1,000,000 and it switches to Night mode for an hour. A section that shows all the avatars you own. Profile displays unique avatar count. Feed that shows what you caught recently. Pokemon rarity change. Things like Shiny Pokemon should show up much less than what it currently is. Pokemon names should appear in different color. (Example: a Magikarp's name in white. Shiny Charmander in green. Groudon in purple. Mystic Necrozma in orange.) Mystic Pokemon makeover. (Example: More see through.) More search option. (Example: Searching account for all level 69 Pokemon only.) A report message feature. (Could task someone to weed through all the legit reports vs spam.) End of the month prizes (Example: 5 hours of double exp.) Pokemon should have a link to the Wiki and display how many are in the game currently. Ability to appear "Busy" instead of Online/Offline. More ways to buy Premium Pokemon instead of just Paypal. Ability to have a level range when trading/wonder trading. Players have their chat/Discord/Forums position displayed in ingame profile. More filters. (Example: Happiness, Duplicates, etc) Top Trainers deserve a badge or achievement of some kind. Pokemon like Venusite (Venusaur+Blastoise fused) or Thu-Fi-Zer added ingame. Based off tv show, anime, comics, etc. Ability to give money to others. Ability to find items on the maps randomly. Status of a user should update quicker. Wonder Trade should display "Are you sure?" text box. False Swipes should never be able to knock out a Pokemon. Item that gives 1-2 points towards happiness. Ability to remove multiple Pokemon from trades at once. More Pokeball types added ingame. Ability to use the numeric keypad and enter button instead of the mouse option. Gender different Pokemon added to the Pokedex. (Example: Pyroar. Male and Female counted as two different Pokemon in the Pokedex.) Moves like Mega Drain should recover your Pokemons HP. A PIN for certain areas on the site. (Example: Change password, trades, etc.) (User would choose their PIN.) Ingame music added. Graph to see how far your happiness in a Pokemon is to ranking up. (Example: From 1 heart to 2 hearts.) Bring back Ancient Pokemon. Ability to switch a Pokemon to a new Pokeball. When a friend comes online/offline, you get a notification. Ignore list also keeps them from offering on your trades. Safari Map. May a certain amount of money to go onto a map for x amount of time to catch Pokemon only found in this map. Different versions of the background ingame. (Example: The grey section when looking for Pokemon to change to other colors like Green, Red, etc.) Ability to delete multiple messages at once. More special trainers to fight. (Example: Red) Eggs added ingame and after a certain amount of steps made, it hatches. If a forums page hasn't received any post after a certain amount of time, it is auto locked. Ingame profile displays Discord name. Discord shows Wiki Editors role. IVs, Nature, etc added ingame. More variants added ingame. Legendary Pokemon encounter rate increased as an event like double exp. When a Pokemon is caught, add link to add to Pokebay. Custom names for people in clans.
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