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    Hey guys I get asked about tips for completing sidequests from time to time so thought I'd share some advice for completing them as quickly as possible. Here are a few tips, but the first is by far the most important. Use Level 100 Dark (not the type) Pokemon with STAB moves >= 128 power Calculation: Moves like this will always do over 400 damage on a neutral target, meaning you can OHKO anything that doesn't resist the attack. Click the link below for a list of all moves that fall into this. Note: OHKO moves are excluded as they have 30% accuracy. You can see that Ghost/Bug/Poison/Ground Pokémon are intrinsically worse due to not having STAB attacks that can OHKO. The following Pokémon learn two different-typed moves from above as STAB (Best moves listed). I would recommend using these to make up the bulk of your team, as the extra coverage will help smash through the opponents. Value is placed on accuracy vs power. These are also roughly sorted by their type coverage (e.g. Reshiram & Turtonator hit more Normal/Super Effective and less No Effect than Chesnaught). So... how do you choose your team using this? I use this coverage calculator for a rough guide on effectiveness. Using this, we can see that Fire/Dragon has brilliant neutral coverage, while Fighting/Flying has great super effective coverage. Therefore a fire/dragon and a fighting/flying type should be invaluable. As Shell Trap > Blue Flare, I would say that Hawlucha/Turtonator are essential. On the other side of things, Normal type attacks are less valuable as they hit nothing for SE damage, while being resisted by 2 and immune from another. Type variance is key: you don't want to be walled by anything, while maximising super effectiveness (for shinies/metallics) The following is just theorycrafting a team, may or may not be useful. Use a dark-dark type with Fling as your first Pokemon, not much resists it and so you will be able to tear through most of the sidequests without even having to think. As dark types are resisted by Fairy/Fighting/Dark; something that can deal with those after is generally useful and will enable you to keep clicking if your first faints. I personally use Greninja-Turtonator as my first two. But Shiftr-Turtonator should work just as well for a budget option. Coverage on your Pokémon is great but not essential See what each Pokémon/your team needs help with and work around that. Consider the level 120/150s within the sidequests: a lot will be Flying/Psychic/Dragon types so Ice/Dark coverage would go a long way to help beating those. However, if you have the >128BP moves, you can save money by not buying coverage moves as you won't need them particularly often. Also, here are the magnetic field quest numbers for anyone needing them: Hope this helps people doing sidequests. It's a horrible grind and the rewards aren't worth it unless you get beast balls/fossils, but it still needs doing unfortunately! Feel free to message me for any clarifications or if I've made a mistake!
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    I wanted to see how pokemon vortex looked with a different tileset (link). I edited some of the tiles which acording to a reply from the original author seems to be allowed, if not please notify me! The results can be seen below: I've since given map 5 the same treatment: And one last one before i go to bed, this time it's map 4:
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    24/7 POKEMON TRADES (Updated Daily) IGN: Yui- Please add friend/message me online. These are the Pokemons I have right now for Trade, so feel free to give offers on my trade page. DARK: SHINY: MYSTIC: SHADOW: METALLIC: NORMAL STARTERS / RARES / LEGENDARIES: I also trade; *My 20x Lv100 pokemon to your 1x Unique Leggies/Pokedollars *My Lv6 immunes to your Unique pokemons/Pokedollars Just message/add me in-game. IGN: Yui-
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    I guess pat might be sleepy. Once remove Christmas event and then u can see there is no other event since november.too sad. We were expecting something but didn't get anything
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    As the title says, what was the last Pokémon you caught? I don't really get time to catch stuffs But my last was a Zygarde (Cell)
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    Hello there, Here u go from charmander to arceus(only) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzIBhU6I76WjYjhlY2U4YzItZjM3OC00OGEzLTkzMTItNjQ4ZGVkYjc3YzQ1/view?hl=en
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    alawi4000@gmail.com: k3n_kaneki alawi40 bl4cksliver@gmail.com: No registered accounts
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    You're mistaken on how points work, there is no set amount per action, it's a math formula built of many factors based on your specific account like total experience, average experience, battle count, unique Pokemon and total Pokemon.
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    It should be instantly but if you're having it delivered to a gmail address, there are known issues. If you've ordered one and not received it, you can open a store support request
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    I'm new to this site, and have been going straight to team-building, hunting my favorite Pokemon, Absol- every single one I catch has the moves Scratch, Quick Attack, Pursuit, and Bite. According to the wiki, this is entirely an error, he's meant to have Bite, Feint Attack, Slash, and Swords Dance. Would this be a bug, or is the wiki simply outdated?
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    Hi! Do you still do the 4 Approved lvl 6 Immunes = 1 Normal Legendary/Rare 2 Approved lvl 6 Immunes = 1 Shiny Common If so, i'm interested on trading my Lvl6 immunes, message me in-game with regards to this. Thanks!
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    The approved lvl 6 immunes cannot be above lvl 6?
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    I think you are right. Let's hope that it come soon
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    Trading: Blaziken(mega) Lunala Steelix(mega) swampert(mega) Camerupt Shiny tropius(lvl 92) Shiny flygon Lf:any lvl 100 unique pokemon
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    Do you need Shiny Burmy (Steel)?
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    Shiny barbaracle for your mega latios and shiny phanthump
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    The answer to your question is you cant because you did not abide by the Terms of Service (TOS), so just make a fresh start without using third party apps.
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    U won a ! Please offer ur most hated pokemon to my in my trade list
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    I'm pretty sure full heals only take away the status condition What you want to use is a full restore.
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    Message me in game or on discord. I have a couple of legendaries. ING:BlackIronman5
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    which legendry pokemon you want for mega charizard and mega gallade
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    Hi y'all, Was wondering about the following: You know what could be cool? A Pokémon Vortex Pro game mode, where you can only obtain normals and shinies, but shinies are 1 in 450 like in Pogo, and you have events like raid events. Ofcourse the 1/x does not matter too much, but it's too easy getting "a unique" in this game. Would love to see a hard/pro mode. One where all you can find are normals, and you really get excited when you encounter a shiny Pokémon. The raid thingy, and ofcourse the 1/450, is straight outta PoGo, but I think it adds a layer to events in the sense that you need to enter on a specific moment, with specific criteria, like we already have in events, but only with a group that you create beforehand; specifically for raids. The whole group needs to be at the same time logged in. If one person fails to enter or logs out for a reason while in a raid, the whole raid will be cancelled for that group (with maybe a penalty?). Idk. Something to think about. Pro mode / Hard mode Smaller chance at shiny No other uniques Raid environment ~lots more?~ - Dragony
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    This is the email address associated with that account: e****e.w*3@i*****.com If this email address is not accessible any more then the only other way to prove ownership of the account is if you had previously linked it to a Discord account in which case I can help you if you come and speak with me there about it. If the email is not accessible and the account is not linked to a Discord user then unfortunately the account is gone forever as there's no real way to prove ownership.
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    The latest winner was announced on November Fourth. Wow. Just wow. Anyway: Ign: Alainscharzard13 No cosmog.
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    Since the double exp event has now ended, it will take longer from now to do orders, thanks for all your patience.
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    All information was made available about Unown (0) and (1) in its event calendar post, you obviously just missed it. Nobody struggled to find them and their rates have not changed. I don't know what May has to do with anything, the Unowns have been available with the same spawn rate since February.
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    It's on ice maps 22 and 23 maps
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    “Immunes” are Pokemon that have a resistance to another type so no damage will be dealt. For example, Ghosts are immune to Normals. These Pokemon are easier to train and are typically used during experience boost events making them valuable to some players.
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    Hello guys i'm doing exp jobs for event and fossils poke's https://paste.ee/p/i2cV5 This is the list of my missing event poke's i need but mostly those event's i'm LookingFor are Fossils: cranidos , omanyte ,omastar and rampardos Events: Rotom (halloween , frost , spin , wash) , pikachu xmas , raichu xmas , diglett xmas , caterpie xmas , pikachu (rock star) , deoxys (attack , defense , speed) These event's i'm LF most but also other you can see from my missing list LF only normal events or fossils Jobs done: done job for rotom (wash)
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    1mil for the meta deoxys promo
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    Recently a friend has brought to me the attention that I've been earning half points from claiming codes and training lvl 6 and 7 immunes? Claiming a cosmog code = 100 pts lvl 6-7 immune battles = 35-50 pts Battling using a lvl 100 poke gives only 3pts/battle while the value should be around 10pts/battle This morning we tested the code claiming further by claiming 2 codes with pokes not present in my box -Claiming a pikachu (belle) gave about 1.5K pts increase -claiming a keldeo (resolute) gave 200K pts -claiming a litleo gave near 1K pts May I know the amount of points earn't regularly for claiming codes and doing immune battles for lvl 6 and 7 pokes? Is this an error or bug to my account and when would it be fixed? Thanks. @Patrick
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    Because people have convinced themselves that by not being able to find legendaries, that the rare spawn pool (starters etc) become more common. To answer the original question, no this isn’t likely to ever be a thing added.
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