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    First Idea - Adding ball type to already captured icon shown while roaming the maps When you are roaming the map and you come across something you've caught you get this lil' boy right here What i propose is that based on the ball that is shown in the PokeDex sidebar panel for mons you have registered. A corresponding caught ball icon is shown to match. Say if you come across a rare unique you've caught. You can know straight away what ball you have it in already and whether you would like to maybe change that without having to scroll through and check or open the all Pokemon tab and find it. It also brings a more uniqueness to a long hunt and allow you to keep track of more Pokemon you may want to recapture other than what you're looking for. Here is some mock-ups I've made to show what it could be like in game. Also, if in future there were a release of new Pokeballs into Vortex I could create more as exampled below. Second Idea - Colour coding for Pokemon already caught in the season When you are hunting for seasonals it can be hard to keep track of what you've already caught as your tally grows bigger. For this I propose a setting in the Options sidebar panel disabled by default, in which the name of the Pokemon you come across will be highlighted if you won't earn any points from catching it. This would be helpful from having to manage inventories of multiple accounts to keep track of things and let you focus on catching and exp training. The option being toggled off would be so that A) The majority of players who don't know much/anything about seasonals get confused and start asking lots of questions, and B) Then only the select group that do grind for seasonals can enable it and disable it as they need. (eg. taking a break for a season). Let me know what you think of these ideas and how/if they would be beneficial to you. Thank you for your time.
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    Changes to Seasons Starting Sep' 2020 Starting September 2020 the following changes will be made to seasons: Promo codes redeemed will no longer contribute to users seasonal points. Season end results will be logged which will later on be accessible to browse through in an archive of previous seasons.
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    This is a random giveaway where every week you just upvote this or put a comment with your ign. Remember this is a random giveaway. You could get a magikarp or you may get a shiny necrozma. These are the odds Rare = %50 Unique rare =%3 Legendary = %40 Unique legendary = %5 Ultra beast = %1 event=%1
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    Here is the map for V5 live maps. Please tell me if there's anything that needs to be added. The cities in red are the ones where the gyms are located. Have fun everyone https://ibb.co/q7TxXVD Unown cave to the left of route 21 yet to be added...
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    Waddup gamers. I've been working on a spreadsheet to help with encounters since they've changed with V5's live map. You can access it here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ev0vfL99DmaBI9vrFZ9G37v4qBAgsTEnBkTw2oboCL0/edit#gid=1087887082 If you know that a Pokemon exists somewhere and want to help, please take a screenshot with the map, encounter, and your player sprite in view for evidence. If you can't do this, don't worry, I just won't add it immediately to the sheet. I'll keep it in mind and cross-check with myself or with others. Formatting it something like this is preferred: Fungal Cavern Mid Floor; Water; Mudkip; Day If you find any mistakes, feel free to message me/post in this thread. Special thanks to everyone that has helped thus far, it definitely wouldn't be this complete without their help.
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    Notice: has been moved recently and changed to spawn rate RARE. https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/migrations/ If you find a pokemon that is not here or a rare/legendary please put it here '*' Means that it won't appear in the daytime change DAY New Heaven *YamperSkwovet Route 2 *n: Route 3 *etn: Route 4 *n: Route 7 Water:Cave: n: Route 8 Grass: *n: Route 9 n: Route 10n: Route 11*n: Route 12n: Route 13*n: Route 14*(before migration)n: Route 15*n: Route 16***n: Route 17**n: Route 18 n: Route 21**n: Route 22**n: Route 23 Grass: Water: n: Route 24 Grass: *Water: *(rare)n: Route 25 n: Fungal Cavern floor from Nightshaden: Mudbray Ranch n: Nightshaden: Scorched Sanctum From Lava Ridge:From Granite Gate:From Route 9:n: Shore's end Grass: Water: n: Stillwater Quarry Grass:Water: n: The Quays Water: n: Upper SteelMouth Power Plant First floor: Second floor: n: Wild Overgrowth Grass: *Water: n: NIGHT New Heaven n: Route 2*n: Route 3*n: Route 4n: Route 6*n: Route 7 Grass:**Water:Cave: n: Route 8 Grass:* Water: *n: Route 9n: Route 10**n: Route 11*n: Route 12n: Route 13 *n: Route 14 *n: Route 15 *(before migration)n: Route 16 ***n: Route 17 *n: Route 18 n: Route 21 **n: Route 22 **n: Route 23 Grass: *Water: n: Route 24 Grass: *n:indeedee (F) Route 25 (rare)n:n:corsola(galarian) Fungal Cavern floor from Nightshaden:yamask(galarian)silicobra Mudbray Ranch * n:wooloonickit Nightshaden:sinistea Scorched Sanctum From Lava Ridge:From Granite Gate:From Route 9:n:cufantrolycolysizzlipede Shore's end Grass: * Water: n:chewtleskwovetrookideeslowpoke (galarian) Stillwater Quarry Grass: Water: n:farfetch'd (galarian)arrokuda The Quays Water: n:cramorant Upper SteelMouth Power Plant First floor: Second floor: n:koffingtoxeltrubbish Wild Overgrowth Grass: *Water: n:skwovetfarfetch'd (galarian)cramorant
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    I come to express myself about what is happening, it has been several weeks that Mr_Chemicals is winning more than 4 weeks in a row in the auction he has many billions which is being passed pokedollar to different accounts and SiaWebber has more than 2 billions, there are players who are starting and others are already old and do not win anything, they must close those 2 for 1 week or more so that other participants can participate and take some other prizes, they 2 are the only ones who have been winning several weeks in a row winning in the auction would be fair that they will stop participating for a few weeks and that others can win, hopefully they can take my request into account it is not fair that they have won weeks in a row in the lottery, I am outraged
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    Do you understand how the lottery works? Them participating does not affect your chance of winning.
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    i disagree with all of you me buying tickets makes all of you have less chance
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    Hi all I've gone through and noted all of the encounters on each route. I'll also produce a per Pokémon list at some point soon. Any evolved/legends I found while tracking this will also be included. Sorted by rough Pokedex order. There will be some missing, and likely some incorrect entries that I missed up. So if you spot any I miss, or if you have any rares/legendaries down, let me know and I'll update it! Also - I've not checked each cave, but I believe they have the same day and night encounters. So I'm only going to include one set of encounters for those routes. Routes Route 1 Route 2 Route 3 Route 4 Route 5 - None Route 6 Route 7 Route 8 Route 9 Route 10 Route 11 Route 12 Route 13 Route 14 Route 15 Route 16 Route 17 Route 18 Route 19 Route 20 Route 21 Route 22 Route 23 Route 24 Route 25 Towns, Caves Etc. New Haven Mudbray Ranch Scorched Sanctum Wild Overgrowth Power Plant Vortex Citadel Fungal Cavern Nightshade Saltwater Quarry Starfall Shore's End The Quays Unown Cave
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    Hi guys! Navigation of the Scorched Sanctum (writing this as there may be users who get lost there, like I was when I first entered it) The Scorched Sanctum connects 2 cities (Granite gate & Lava Ridge) and Route 9. Entering from Granite Gate: To bottom left there is a ladder taking you downstairs. That floor has a cave exit leading to Route 9 Entering from Route 9: There are two ladders both taking you upstairs. The upper ladder will take you to a floor which will have a cave exit (east) taking you to Granite gate. The lower ladder will take you to a floor which will have a cave exit (bottom right) taking you to Lava Ridge. (You will have to pass between two magma pools to find that cave exit) Entering from Lava Ridge: To the top right (passing between the magma pools) there is a ladder which will take you downstairs. That floor has the cave exit leading to route 9. https://ibb.co/k2v4z8Y I've tried my best to show the sanctum in this image (a bit tilted for the 3D effect as it has 2 floors).
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    Please make a Staraptor (mega) its the true bird poke (besides pidgeot) that deserves its mega evolution normal shiny this are just examples so hopefully there comes a staraptor mega vortex original
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    I've got a idea for the developer which hopefully they will like and add to the game. I would request the developers to add a Network Ping on live map so that the player could know if his internet is smooth. In general, I am mostly referring to the Indian (Asian) players because in India, the internet is worse than the spread of the virus. Personally i want it because i have missed like 3 legendary and 1 UB bcoz of it. It happens quite often that suddenly you get no pokemons on the map for like 30-60 seconds and then suddenly you will be shown all those pkmn you crossed by in the period which ofcourse you can't catch bcoz as per the game...they have already disappeared. The feature of ping so something similar would allow to know that our network or server is bad so at that time we can actually stop moving and wont lose any pokemons. Hope you like the idea!!
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    Thanks, the option to minimize the screen greatly improved the character's speed, now i can play again. (ps.: sorry if the writing is not perfect, i write in portuguese and use the translator to send it to you.) Thank you so much love this game.
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    Random idea I had when seeing someone with 20+ pages of items on Pokebay and thinking about the hassle it'd be to relist those items. Crappy mock-up: Pros: automatically relist unsold auctions until they are sold or taken down and remove the hassle of going through each item to relist could provide strong motivation to buy a premium membership if it were added alongside the other auction-related benefits Cons: people listing a tonne of random items on Pokebay not having to worry about relisting, consequently clogging the market a relisting cap kinda removes the entire purpose of the feature - maybe stop auto-relisting items that haven't sold x amount of times? issues with promo code expiration? stop auto-relisting 1 day before expiration date uh yeet
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    I am proposing this idea for an easier way to money transfer and item transfer The current way is to either : Bid on the item you are buying itself (where people might outbid you) Bid on a Pokéball and then trade the pokémon/item (which you have to give to the other person for it to work and even then, stuff such as Meltan Candies can't be transfered.) As for Items, the only option is Pokebay/Giving for the other person to evolve. So, in the trading add a "Money Transfer" tab and an "Item trading" tab to solve all those problems With the current money transfer system the problems are : 1. You have to wait 1 day 2. 10% tax (Though if you want to keep it, add it in the trading tabs I mentioned) 3. If bidding on the avatar/item, people can outbid (For example, somebody kept an avatar for for their friend, I outbidded without knowing, the friend didn't get it.) 4) A few items such as Mystery Boxes, Exp boosts etc. can't be traded to evolve or such Now, with that said heres the solution : Make an item transfer thing where you can transfer items and avatars for where you can instantly transfer for free or Pds or trade for pokemon and other items and avatars. Same for the money transfer, make it so it's compatible with Items and Avatars. This is my idea, I hope you like it.
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    i will participate from another acc
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    Well, a few days ago I was watching fakemons to practice a bit doing pixelart, and I stumbled upon that hypothetical evolution of Raichu. and I liked your design too much and that's why I propose this to you. This false evolution of Raichu is called Gorochu, and by its design I would say that it is very attractive, it would be Electric and Fire type. and it could learn attacks like Metal Claw, Dragon Claw, Fire Spin, and maybe Iron Tail. I leave the other attacks to your imagination. ¿Would you like to have this incredible Gorochu on your team? to me if XD ¿How would Raichu evolve to Gorochu? I guess with the Fire Stone.
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    It would be nice if we got in-game notifications about the auctions that we marked as watched, otherwise people might forget and be annoyed that they missed it. Thank you for your time.
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    Hello Dev team, Kudos to Ur job on the maps. I am short of words for the effort u have put in. Quite a good addition and commendable work i found out one issue tho- unavailablity to navigate the maps easily. I mean find where u are and navigate. i would suggest a live map (like a map icon on the top right of the screen or something) and we can see where we are standing and the whole area as a whole so we can decide our route and navigate. Also a luxury addition can be setting a area as "destination" and it acts like a navigator , very similar to Google maps etc. A red line Which shows the shortest possible direction towards your destination can solve a lot of problems also if we could probably change the Pokédex location entries and make it understable to all it would help the new ppl joining in thanks for the update once again I have been with vortex from v4- v5 ,hope it continues more
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    Hey! Thank you so much for making this. It will really help a lot of people. I'll list here what I found and where Route 13: (day) Route 21: (day)(night)(night) (both) Route 23: (night, water) (night)(both)(night) Route 22:(night) (night) Shore's End: (night)(night) (night) Route 24: (night) (day)(day) The Quays: (night) (night) (both, water) Wild Overgrowth: (day) Route 9: (day) (day) Scorched sanctum (entering from granite gate): (day) Scorched sanctum (entering from route 9): (day) Scorched sanctum (entering from lava ridge): (day) (day) Route 2: (day) Route 3: (night) New Haven: (day) (day) Nightshade: (both)
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    What is a training account? Training accounts are user accounts much like your own. They are set up by other players in a way that they will deal as little damage (or none at all) to your Pokémon when battling against it. Are training accounts allowed to be used? Yes. Will the training account Pokémon damage my Pokémon? Under most circumstances, yes damage will be done to your Pokémon. If your Pokémon has an immunity to the opponent Pokémon attacks, then no damage will be dealt. These are known in the community as "Immunity Pokémon". What is an "Immunity Pokémon"? An immunity Pokémon is a Pokémon that will receive no damage from a certain attack type. One example is Ghost-type Pokémon are immune to Normal-type attacks. Can I create a training account to be listed here? This is not a Pokémon Vortex staff project and will not be maintained. It is very unlikely this list will be kept up to date if certain accounts no longer work or are unavailable. Training accounts are and always will be run and maintained by the players. Note: If you need further help with type effectiveness or anything type-related, this wiki article would be a good read. Your Pokémon Type Training Account Team TypeBug TrainDark TypeDragon TypeElectric TypeFairy TypeFighting TypeFire TypeFlying TypeGhost TypeGrass TypeGround TypeIce TypeNormal TypePoison TypePsychic TypeRock TypeSteel TypeWater TypeUnknown List of "Immunity Pokémon": Your Pokémon Type Immune To &
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    What makes you believe the Dusk Ball isn't affected by time? Did you get access to the code of it, or is there research that went into it?
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    Hi, as my title suggests I was thinking if we can add shadow pokemon avatars but instead of buying them from excusive acutions we have to do tasks to get them.
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    Scam = Your problem. Hack = Developers problem. You should elaborate what exactly happened. Also maybe you would have given wrong email while signing up for vortex. As far as I know the forgot your option works and you get a email within 5 minutes. Do check your spam folder. Also provide proof in forms of screen shots so that the staff can look into it how exactly it was scammed and they take the steps.
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    If you are looking for older training accounts (fixed)Pokemon Type /Training AccountBug / TrainingGenesect Dark /TrainingDarkraiDragon /TrainingRayquazaFire / TrainFire // TrainingKyuremFlying /TrainFlying // TrainingYveltal // FlyingSodaGhost / Ghost_Unit Electric /TrainingKyurem // ThunderStickFairy / TR_DragonSlayer // TrainingXerneasFighting /TrainingKeldeo//VitolFightGrass / TrainingShayminGround /TMacGround // TrainingGroudonIce / TrainingKyuremNormal / Normal_Unit // MurrPoison /PoisonSoda // TetrodotoxinPsychic / PsychicSoda // TrainingMewtwoRock / TrainingKyurem Steel / AvSteel // TrainingDialgaWater / iaraLuvdisc // WaterMe // TraininTraininTrainingKyogre
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    Choosing Vileplume as Gloom's evolution evolves it into Bellossom while choosing Bellossom evolves it into Vileplume. pls fix gois, I lost 2 shiny glooms to bellossom while trying to get a shiny vileplume thinking I misclicked lmao mfw that happened
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    To find alolan Pokemon, for example Geodude (alolan) or rattata (alolan) you have to be in the alolan sidequests same is with galarian forms such as ponyta (galarian) or yamask (galarian), you have to be in the galar sidequests to find them.
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    Hi, I hope you can help me with this or atleast inform me but I can't access the Pokemon Vortex site...I can access it this morning (GMT +8) and this afternoon the page just showed an Error 521 message, I mean if only you can explain me what the problem is and if it can be fixed...Have a good day
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    I've played on the maps quite a bit, and have not had this problem. The only Pokémon that I wanted but missed was missed because I was distracted for a moment and wasn't looking at the screen properly when the Pokémon spawned. So far I've always been able to stop walking in time and press the spacebar or the Battle button in screen.
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    Could the timing when the pokemon spawn be longer? I have already missed a metallic wimpod and a mystic munchlax due to another pokemon spawning. I have tried using the "space" to catch them, but another pokemon always spawns before I pressed it. Those two lost rare pokemons only spawned for 1 second! I can't catch them like that! i really hope that the timing could increase. Thanks! Here's the IGN if you need it: Eternity0867
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    in Mudbray Ranch night in route 14 night 22 night
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    Bro v5 already dang
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    I do think it would be good to eventually add in a map in-game that people can access to know their way. It can be difficult for some players to find their way, I agree. The fact it wasn't included at the start likely goes with the idea that the developers want us to go exploring for ourselves first. They want us to figure things out, and only start giving help after some time of letting us do our own thing. Whether initially planned or not, I do believe an eventual map will be a good addition.
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    Sorry, that was Route 23...I corrected that. Really sorry
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    #0017551630 I like it. +1 from me.
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    Every account can only evolve into a single pattern of Vivillon. To obtain other forms, you need to trade or use other accounts that you own.
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    They can be obtained upon completing Galarian sidequests. For the Alcremie forms you need their sweets to evolve. Dusty bowl is a location in sidequests.
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    im training a charizard rn and im not stealing
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    What the This guy is some kind of genius Even Patrick liked his post Say no more I UPVOTE !!!!!
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    You'll need to reach the Alola/Galar region in your sidequests for their regional forms to appear.
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    What exactly about the new map doesn't work? Could you explain that, please? I've had no issues with the new map.
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    I believe the grass is there for decoration, and we're meant to not be able to reach it. Pallet Town in the original games has grass to its east as well, and we cannot reach that either.
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    The idea: People who have premium have the option of using a different ball from their inventory to change the ball of another pokemon they own. The ball that was used prior to the change will vanish and the new one that has been chosen will replace it as well as reducing that balls quantity by 1 in the item inventory. For example: An Arceus (Dark) was caught in an , so the premium user would then click on the pokeball option (this option will only be viewable by premium users) on that Arceus (Dark) on the view your pokemon page (a rough image idea here: https://imgur.com/a/08dZsz6 ), they would then be led to their item inventory where they would be able to choose any other pokeball that they own. If they choose a , then 1 Master Ball would be removed from their inventory and the ultra ball that the Arceus (Dark) was caught in before would disappear (this is mostly because if the ball was put back into the inventory it would cause problems due to cherish balls). I feel like this would be a nice addition to what premium users can do and it would allow me to get rid of all ultra-balled pokemon on vortex Please give me any feedback you may have in the replies. Edit: Some ideas provided by the vortex community: It could cost a certain amount of pokedollars. It could cost a certain amount of experience off that pokemon's total count. (50k - 100k) Max happiness and OT of the pokemon should be necessary to change it's caught ball. (Those with premium will not need to have OT but will still need max happiness)
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    Of course. In the follower list you can see a broken heart, with that you can unfollow someone.
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