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    RAJESH'S GIVEAWAY! Hello and welcome everyone to my Giveaway. This will be my second giveaway on the forums, and it's big! Rules: Well. Here are the prizes! PRIZES The Giveaway will end whenever I feel like it. Wish you enjoy it! Good Luck!
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    Hello everyone! Welcome to the next installment of Pokémon Vortex's events - The long awaited Deoxys forms event. On this very special event, we present you with an interesting challenge like no previous event. To put it simply, it is a scavenger hunt. You must complete very specific tasks and bring your findings back to the event center to be presented with the next task. Upon completion of all tasks, there is said to be one final test of patience which will award you a Deoxys form of your choice. Deoxys (Attack), (Defense) & (Speed) Event FAQ Q - My task is to catch a female Ralts level 12. I already have one but it's saying I don't. What's the problem? A - All tasks that require the capture of a Pokémon must be completed after the event started, you cannot use a Pokémon you already had. In addition, Pokémon obtained through trade also will not work. Q - I already met a milestone it's asking me to achieve in a mission, do I have to do it again? A - Most likely. Ask it to check your status to see if it needs doing or if you have already done it. Q - I have completed all missions. Can I get more than one Deoxys form? A - You can get multiple Deoxys forms based on a process that is explained after the last mission is complete. Q - Why is this FAQ so vague? A - Explaining things is hard.
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    So guys I've created a channel on pokemon vortex regarding giveaways as well as an ongoing series i recently started (account from scratch series). I was wondering if I could have a bit of support on it! I've been trying to get this up for a few months but i lacked skill in editing and all but now that I know how to actually makes videos somewhat probably I hope to entertain! So hopefully you'll all consider subscribing- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1tkQ0o1aha8MF7yQlRolZg
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    event is ready and being tested for bugs by us kindly wait
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    So guys heres another give away that I'm dolling out, ill be away for 5 days and the winner will be picked in a week: Goodluck! -
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    here is my meme
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    Guys so theres a giveaway up on my youtube channel to apply just subscribe like the video and give in your in game name for a chance at a donation pokemon!
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    Key Items - Meteorite: Oh my.
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    Well. Hello ! I was thinking to write a story based on J.K Rowling's Harry Potter series so I did. It's massively based on Harry Potter Story. I added our Vortex community members who usually show up in chat. There will be three volumes. I'll paste the link to pastebin. If you have enough time you might check it out. Also this thought was inspired by Vortex Tales by @Tyheamma. Good comments are appreciated Bad comments? I don't give a flying bird ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Volume - 1: http://pastebin.com/vS2EJ2Tj Volume 1 Audio Book:- VWL Audiobook - Volume 1 Also am not a great writer this might seem boring to you as volume 1 is just beginning Volume - 2 http://pastebin.com/y3T0yV1Q Volume 2 Audiobook :- https://clyp.it/tng1uavf I'll add you guys (who ever requested) in volume 3. I might also extend it up to volume 4.
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    @TheHunterVip (and all other banned users), Enjoy reading this.
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    I will just change their names to "One" and "Two", no one will notice i got rid of one because I will still have two left.
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    I'm just going to remove this thread now. I'm closing this. You can PM me if you want to see my art on Deviantart.
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    I can guarantee that this event IS TORTURE. ;_;
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    Public Announcement! While you may enjoy using profanity at your house, please keep it out of here. I have plenty of soap to go around.
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    I do highly recommend to avoid borrowing accounts for doing hunting please stick to the account you are using yourself,it leads to scams and unnecessary altercations which were otherwise avoidable,thank you
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    Today is a sad and happy day for me. Sad in vortex forum and game and happy in life Today I got something that I was looking for 3 years and with that I will have to leave the Pokémon vortex after 8 long years playing the game. I will have to work and continue studying at the same time so I will not have time to play the game, I do not know when I can play it again so I can not be sure if I will come back. Soon I will give my account to someone and give up the game. Thanks from heart to @Patrick and all of the vortex for the support. I will continue in the forum and chats, I will probably read / write English better than before (I know it's horrible), because I will do a good course. Thanks for the 8 years of happiness that Pokémon Vortex gave me and I'm glad I could have played this wonderful game. I could split another account or mine with someone, but I do not think I'll have a good experience this time. I will give my account to @Mikeroller, so when you see this message, please contact me and I will deliver it to you. PS: You've been more loyal to me in the past than other people. PS: Repeat, I will not leave the chat and the forum, I will continue doing tutorials in the forum in Portuguese and participating in the discussions in the forum. I'm just leaving the game for not having the time.
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    all event related memes go here as and when they occur you should specify which event while posting em I'll start Deoxys event(warning-do not read if you wanna discover task details yourself):
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    I'd like to remind everyone to please keep mission spoilers off the forums and chat at least for a couple of days. Most people would rather find out what they have to do for themselves. Thank you.
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    Guys I'm doing a mewtwo giveaway on my youtube channel, if people want to enter all they have to do is subscribe, like the video and comment your in game name! Good luck! -
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    There is no sense to trade desperately for Cosmos knowing than over time they will be cheaper and cheaper. Patience.
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    God's Giveaway Series : Giveaway 4 Giveaways always seem to cheer me up especially if I win, so here's your turn. Rules How to Enter Prizes Winners in 1-2 weeks probably 2
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    I'm in Primary School ( Elementary school), married and a proud father.
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    Confirmed is a Pikachu cosplay Deoxys
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    Wait Bro. I forgot to write Unique. 33 r the rates for unique. And Its kills me from inside when u says they r not rare. Deerlings, Dratinies , Duskulls , shiny electrike , Chinchoues , clamperls , Carnanhas , and Shiny bulba r rarer pokes.
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    Done, Offer on something UFT on IGN LancingUniques Actually @CaptainX please be clearer about your order and link me background examples
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    I'll giveaway as many normal cosmogs i got until the end of this giveaway. This will finish once i get the Mission #5 of the event so be quick in case i didn't reach it will finish at the end of the event just put ur ign and the number of cosmogs u got until now. Cosmogs for giveaway until now: -- CONTEST IS OVER -- WINARS: @seth1129400 @Haxor69 @unknown_citizen @sreesree @Pratham Shetty @marllonflaxDxD
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    i came to the conclusion that this event is not an actual event for us to capture the deoxys forms.... its obviously an event because it clearly says event but wasnt the whole point of this (event) to get deoxys forms? i think its a fair event because evryone needs to do the same things but unfair at the same time.... ive spent atleast 5 staright days on mission 5, spent atleast 5-7 hours threw out the whole day because we dont all have the same amount of free time but ive actually tried my hardest to actually complete this event and to still not be able to complete a mission because of luck is what makes it unfair... so much time consumed and still cant capture a female lvl 5 mystic dratini... ive captured just about everything even lvl 8 mystic dratini female but just because of a word (Luck) i cant continue to mission 6 even though others got lucky i had really wished this event was like the other events where we all had the opportunitty to atleast get one ONLY IF U ACTUALLY gave up a bunch of time trying to get one or actually put effort but having luck decide ur outcome isnt really what i expected of this event!. still no regrets and still very much appreciatte the fact that patrick took his time to put up an event for us but very dissapointed that not even efforts would make a difference... Anyways Thank you patrick!. maybe u should re-run this event in the future but give us more time lol i just think 2 weeks or 3 isnt enough lol.... will still continue to search for this dratini for this upcoming 3 days lol GG everyone!. I hope im not the only one that feels this way hahahahahha
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    There are no Meloettas in Pokemon Vortex as of yet. Being a guy who plays about five instruments in real life (piano, guitar/bass, clarinet, harmonica, ukelele), a musical legendary would be nice to have on my team. Remember the Cosplay Pikachu event? Collect all the Unowns that are normal? I do. Well, this event would have to do with Unowns as well. Basically, the Event Center would show us a picture of a music note on sheet music. We have to to find the Unown that corresponds with that note and bring it to the Event Center. For instance, if the Event Center shows us a G on the bass clef, then we bring an Unown (G) to the Event Center. But wait- there's more! The color of the note could determine the kind of Unown we bring. A blue note would mean a Shiny Unown (G), and a red one would be a Shadow Unown (G). The kind of note could also determine the type of Unown- a half note would be mystic, a quarter would be normal, a whole note could be metallic, and an eighth note could be dark. Just an idea. However, it won't outright tell us what Unown it's looking for. We have to GUESS the letter, and the type of Unown.
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    Idea 1: An item in shop that guarantee's the next wild pokemon you find is a legend but make it expensive like missingo was. Prerequisit: all gyms champions and frontiers beaten Idea 2: Give False Swipe it's effect it has in the games Idea 3: A map where the pokemon you run into is completely random Idea 4: An Clan Event: Clan Tournament: each clan leader picks 3 players to join in but they must meet certain requirements Idea 5: Event Mega Flygon: people were pretty bummed when they found out there was no mega for him in ORAS, you can even make a art contest to get good pics. Idea 6: Underwater Map Idea 7: Ashes Greninja I'm sorry if any of these have already been said.
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    Dear sir Patrick, I wanna take this opportunity to thank you and say how warming it is to be here on vortex forums and in the game I'm eager to play v4 and can't wait to see the function you have put in place for all of the vortex family to play you have truly made an empire of pokemon and a world for every poke-fanatic to enjoy it's amazing to see how far this game has come sence I started playing in v1.8. I agree the game has become a better world and solution as the pokemon game progresses and you continue to add more pokemon as they do in the video games you must have a lot on your plate, Thought i do miss hearing the pokemon music when i play vortex this game has always been a challenge because you can never catch all the pokemon like in the video games where you get board of playing because you have beat the game so many times but with pokemon vortex you never get board of it i hope to be some-one with a title in fourms and hope to be the very best i can be in this game. I hope we can work together on some stuff and I hope that i can come to you for guidance in the game. thank you for a great 9 years of vortex and many more to come
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    So what mission is everyone on and how do you like the event so far? (It's okay to say you don't like it)
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    I answered YES too every question, which starter is for me pls help.
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    Trading Shadow Lunala for Volcanion set
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    Join us on Discord to win yourself a Cosmog promo code!
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    nice to meet you welcome to vortex.
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    LooooooL, you're saying that's a good offer, more like a rip off:D
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    I sincerely regret posting this.
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    It was my birthday yesterday 21.01.17 Didnt even get to go on the computer lol What a gr8 present <3
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    Hi,Remade-Crater world! I'm new here. I used to play Pokemon Crater, well then sometime later, I had to quit with it. I couldn't manage time for it. Now, a few days back, while I was watching my favourite old animes, I realised how much I was into the game. When I came back, (After asking alot of people and my friends from Crater) they told me "It was dead, It wasn't available to play now", I was like "STOP TALKIN'! STOP TALKING!" and then they told me "It's been remade into better shape, VORTEX, and I was like "KEEP TALKING,PLEASE". So after much discussions and questions, I started the game and came here as my friends recommended me to. Well, I am from Minneapolis,United States. This forum account, and my in-game account have been made by my friend G.Juknas for me. And oh boy, what a nice community. Thank You @marllonflaxDxD (for helping me out) and everyone who sees this!
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    On Mission 1 and I already feel like dying
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    Patrick's timezone is Earth +1 day so if it says 9th of feb it means the 10th
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    I believe Patrick said on discord that he hasnt done an event like this one yet.
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    None of us have credibility on here. I claim to be from the U.S but I could be sitting in my mom's basement in Bangalore eating Biryani out of a newspaper. The new account proves nothing other than he's a new player and I hope he feels welcome here
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    I fail to see your point...there's nothing odd about that at all...it's his team and account stats? Please elaborate if you are tryna throw some shade! You can learn from people like @v3567who tend to do it with discretions. On a completely unrelated note! Hi Mr. Magnificent @FantasyPie nice to see you're back ig No, it's #bot-commands in discord...
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    He was banned about 6 months ago and Last login yesterday much wow! Click here