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    I thought i have collected too much arceus so i planned to do a giveaway of one set .. prize is : set .. all variants . you have to do is select any 2 digit number .. results will be announced in 2-3 days .. thanks all ..
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    Effective immediately on July 27th, 2017, the clan forums will be no longer. Instead they have been replaced with a forum clan system where each clan can have their own small section of the forums with multiple topics and calendars. These clans will tie in with your in-game v4 clans when available but you're free to go ahead and try out the forum clans first and get yours up and running ready for v4. Each forum clan will have a leader that is the original creator of the clan and they will be able to appoint separate moderators to help keep their clan section clean. This, however, is not essential, you can run it all by yourself if you like. Unlike in-game clans, a forum clan will have unlimited user slots where you will be able to invite existing forum users to your created clan or you will be able to request to join someone else's clan. Again, unlike the in-game clans, you will be able to join multiple forum clans for the ease of being able to communicate with everyone on the forums. While this can be seen as your own section of the forums, it does not mean you can overrule the original global forum rules. These still apply to all clans created and will be enforced by the global moderators/administrators. You can find the new clans section in the top menu of every forum page: From here, you will be presented with the options of creating a clan or joining an existing clan. If you decide to create a clan, the privacy of this clan is decided by you with the following options: Public Everyone can see the clan and its posts, and can participate without joining. Open Everyone can see the clan and its posts, but only members can participate. Everyone can join. Closed Everyone can see the clan and who's in it, but only members can see posts and participate. Users need to ask a leader to join. Private Only members can find the clan and see its posts. Users need to be invited by a leader to join. This current clan sub-forum will be removed with all of it's content on August 15th, 2017 which gives everyone who currently has a topic here the chance to gather any information they need and migrate it to the new clan section. Soon to follow this topic is the clan section rules outlined and a detailed guide on how to set up and run an effective forum clan.
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    Biscuitman's Sprite Thread Hey guys, welcome to my spriting thread. I used to be very active on Pokemon forums between 2007 and 2010 when spriting was very popular, but it doesn't seem to be such a big thing anymore. Nonetheless I thought I'd share some of my sprites, and I am taking requests! Scratch Sprites These are created entirely from scratch. Pixel-Overs These are made by tracing over a TCG image or other art, then colouring and shading like a sprite. This means they take on the pose of the Pokemon in the original image. Further examples of my work can be found on my DeviantArt page. Requesting I am currently only taking requests for pixel-overs as I get back into spriting, but will be offering scratch sprites in due course. If people are interested I may also offer recolours and fusions too. Let me know if you would be keen for these, and I can mock up some examples. When requesting, please let me know the Pokemon you would like a pixel-over of. Furthermore, if you have a specific image of a Pokemon, for example TCG art, an anime still or even your own drawing, I would be happy to create a pixel-over of that. If you are providing a TCG or anime image for me to use, please ensure that the whole of the Pokemon is visible within the image. If you don't specify an image I will simply choose one that I think looks good. As of August 14th I will only be accepting one request per person. Once I have completed your sprite, you may request another right away. Waiting List Shinx Pixel-Over for Mark Thompson Deoxys (Defense) Pixel-Over for Event_Lords123 Mega Charizard X Pixel-Over for Dhananjay Shitkar Shiny Mega Rayquaza Pixel-Over for hhh123 Arceus (Fire) Pixel-Over for TheLonelySavage Umbreon Pixel-Over for GodsWithin Wartortle Pixel-Over for Uncle_Psychic Completed Requests Munchlax Pixel-Over for GodsWithin Blastoise Pixel-Over for Uncle_Psychic Thank you for your time, and feel free to leave a request! Please note: If you would like to share any of my art or use it elsewhere on the internet, I have no problem with that, but please be sure to give credit. Art theft is against the forum rules, and if I find you using my art without credit I will also no longer take requests from you.
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    Okay, I'm definitely back.
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    i will starthis name is keith please react with cry if he cute thank you
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    666 reps is my ultimate goal
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    Hi @GodsWithin, here is your Munchlax pixel-over. Will do some requests for the others before I do the Umbreon. Hope you like it!
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    Alola guys, It was my result this Wednesday i.e. 07/08 and I didn't got much but just 87% wish I get above 90% in my boards exam for EVENT GIVEAWAY I was very happy so I decided to do a giveaway Only 1 person will win It's not much but just a Enter your Ign and select a number between 1 to 100 winners will be selected after 2 days or more GOOD BYE!!!!
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    For those who had issues replying to anything on the forums over the past few days due to no text editor box appearing, it is now fixed. Welcome back to the land of speech.
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    I made all these on 2007 with my Paint <3 Hope you enjoy them
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    All these new updates being sexy.
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    To my knowledge, and Patrick has stated this himself, V4 is progressing slowly but steadily. V4 will be released when it's ready. We just have to be patient.
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    To advertise my clan a little bit, have a Giveaway! About Everwinter A clan that centers around the game as well as writing and artwork, hoping to bring together a diverse community. For now it is a "closed" clan, so you'll have to request/ask to be invited (which I will gladly oblige) but once you're in the clan you can participate in more giveaways like this and other fun stuff! You do not need to request to join the clan to partake in the giveaway, but I'd really appreciate it if you even just check it out for a while What is the Prize? An entire team of Level 100 Fire-type Starters, as depicted below, including two unique. How do I enter? Well that's easy, just post your ign and pick a number! It's okay to pick the same number as someone, and I will be using a random generator so there is no bias. You have until August 23rd to enter.
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    Comment your username for a chance at winning Attack form. You will need to be a member of a clan.
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    would be so relevant if Pat brought the signature section back on the forums is it time for Uncle_Psychic,18,to start a revolution?I think yes
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    Render (Link one or name of the character) : A picture of Ditto? Text: Becky Subtext: Queen of Ditto Like I don't know if I've filled this in correctly. sorry.
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    kk bro , ill finish it for sure ! So the currently training queue is full anyone else will be putted in the waiting list!
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    @Uncle_Psychic here is your Blastoise, hope you like it. Will do your Wartortle after I've done a request for the others who have asked.
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    From the first trade change the dialga and second the keldeo @Biscuitman look at VITOL'S offer his is 4 unique leggies for the 750k
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    Im artistic Style (Digital/Traditional/Both): Digital How long have you been doing this? A few years (on and off) How did you learn? I taught myself. The Bakugan drawing was pretty challenging for me. How frequently do you create art? When I feel like it. In other words, once every few months. When was the last time you made a piece? A few mins ago.
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    Good enough to be art? I don't consider myself an artist, I just like to draw. I made this 4 years ago for a girl, nothing much to say about it. Style? I like to try out things so I don't have a style, unless it's named after me How long? I think everyone draws on the walls when you are a kid, so at least 2 decades... Learn? I never got classes, like I said before, I like to try things, so, I "learned" by myself, by trying out Frequency? When I'm in the right mood to do it. It's not programmed, it's quite random. Last piece? I usually take months to do drawings, not that they take a long time to do them, but like I said, moods... Somethings I'm in the right mood, somethings I'm not, so I have no clue when it was.
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    Is logged into v4 now. I can see why he got distracted. Lol.
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    Moltres has just been captured in Pokemon GO. Soon my sweet birds, soon. o4rel
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    Caught Articuno and Lugia in Pokemon GO today. Can't wait for them to switch out Articuno so I can catch Moltres, then Zapdos.
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    The new clan system is pretty cool! This'll surely bring the forums back to life. Btw, @surana57, @ani142, @SoupsMcNova, @godlybob, @KYNO , @CaptainX , @dropthat, @Dx-Generation and @eventlords ( @Event_Lords123) Join there and the first contest is about to start! Kappa!
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    Nifty update to the forum. Excited for the forum clan system getting that revamp! Good days ahead!
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    There's no cure for impatience. Creating a whole new version of a game takes time. Think of it this way: the longer it takes to make, the better quality the game will be.
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    Giveaway over. https://i.gyazo.com/d08b40bbcab3c739c304a5fbeaff19f0.mp4
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    I'll giveaway normal cosmogs just put ur ign and the number of cosmogs u got until now. You can enter more than once. I'll gave them whenever I have and I want so no pushes plx If you take some days to answer after u been declared as winner u will lose your cosmog. Cosmogs given away until now: Winners until now: - seth1129400 - bilal.anwar - himanshu24092002 - sreesree - eurstin - Best_Is_Back - CaptainX - SquirrelKing CabanaBoy - maliha! - baddream - ferradorandre - Jorge Rey - Haxor69 - Anna9. - sas - carrliam761 - waybig - BLASTOISE ROCKS THE HEAT - nirav_987 - KYNO
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    Hi Guys And welcome to my new Exp shop i just noticed some peoples interested finding a new exp legit trainer like me I know ive broken some peoples trusts but not by being botting but by not completing their jobs on time i feel sorry for myself Some peeps like my good friend : @GodsWithin to 15 mil im sorry godswithin i wasnt able to complete it then but i will now!!!!!!!!! Sometimes saying sorry is the most difficult thing on earth but its the cheapest thing to save relationship! Lets get on with it.
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    you are doing great work but this is TERRIBLE
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    Train my to 5 million and to 5 million .... for 30 normal leggies and 10 unique leggies ...
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    hey can you train my to 15 million . i will offer 60 normal leggys .
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    @Iceflake99109 (Trading Only) i dont think this deal is gonna do u any good
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    IGN: Mrbobadyba I want the
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    WOOOOOOO ok no put nau the mystic electric uft and we´ll offer like bastards
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    @GodsWithin Nah, it's totally fine You keep it. It's all good lol
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    what is it means??? I dont understand
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    How Do You Art? So, while there aren't copious amounts of artistic members on the Vortex forums, I would like to recognize those that are. If you are an artist, whether digital, traditional or both, reply below with some information so we can get to know you. Try to follow the template, please. Some terms to be familiar with - Digital Art- This refers to art done on the computer using an art program such as GIMP, Photoshop or PixlEditor. Examples of these are signatures, avatars, userbars, sprites and any other digital drawing. Traditional Art - This refers to art that is drawn on paper using pencils or other materials. Style (Digital/Traditional/Both): Both, digital and traditional, although I prefer digital more. How long have you been doing this? About a year now for digital and around 10 years for traditional. How did you learn? Our very own Uncle taught me proper digital art while I taught myself traditional drawings. How frequently do you create art? Once a week roughly, I normally upload stuff to my DeviantArt. When was the last time you made a piece? I made two signatures this past week which I will share sometime.
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    LF someone trading free leggies
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    Spoiler: Everyone dies I've had this on my backlog to watch for a while and just keeps getting pushed further back by other things like Ozark. As a point to the original post, you should link to the IMDB page for people to see if it's something they'd be interested in because I for one don't even know what it's about I just know it's highly rated/recommended.
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    wow bro.. thats where my mothers girlfriend on facebook lives... here is picture she made
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