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    Red's Farewell Giveaway To enter the giveaway join the chatroom during the start time listed below and join channel #FarewellRed. Giveaway Details The giveaway will be simple Pokemon related trivia (anime, official games, and Vortex) so have Google ready if you don't know the answer! The person who gives the correct answer FIRST is the winner. The prizes will be selected randomly and I will announce each prize before each question. There's lots of events and exp to be won so stick around for your chance to win one of the top prizes listed below. Good luck everyone! Start Time: Sunday, February 21st - 10:00 AM EST. Top Prizes: Caterpie (Christmas) - 186mil exp Shadow Arceus (Electric) Shiny Arceus (Fairy) Metallic Volcanion Shadow Metagross (Mega) - 30mil exp
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    Serapheon's Exp Swap Shop Rules: -All forums rules applied -I only want exp swap -I don't want exp on any normal pokemons -If you want to swap a cute shiny pokemon you are most welcomed -Guys please don't hurt feelings of other players and no harsh conversation are allowed in my Shop -Please enjoy your time visiting my shop Pokemons for trade: - 26.46M exp - 4.20M exp - 3.66M exp - 3.68M exp - 3.18M exp - 3.09M exp - 2.5M exp - 2M exp - 1.68M exp - 1.25M exp - 1.13M exp - 1.10M exp - 1.06M exp - 1.04M Exp - 1.01M Exp - 1M exp - 598K exp -273K exp -238K exp All these pokemons are trained by me. Guys I rate bug type pokemons high they were really hard to train. Welcomes every one...
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    Hello! All you must do is post your IGN. You may post it once a day. (Unless you include Grumpy Cat memes. Still no double posting, as all forums rules apply.) Once 100 comments have been made, I will announce the winner. The prize will be a (possibly) random (possibly unique) legendary. I will put that pokemon up for trade and announce who won what. Offer any pokemon (except unowns) if you are the winner. Reputation is not required, but it is greatly appreciated in return for this wonderful giveaway.
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    I have read it, but have to prepare for it, because these are my final exams
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    The three pokemons are UFT on ShadowConspiracy just offer Take your time, hope your phone doesn't crash
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