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    Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all enjoy the eve.
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    Merry Christmas Everyone! Have a good one. Here's to 2017! -TBQ
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    im giving away abecause i have x2 of it just reply your ign and youre entered ends 12/25/16
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    G I V E A W A Y So as i mentioned in other topics that i've been lucky in this event I'm going to host a giveaway. PRIZES Way to enter:- There will be three winners Just choose a number between 0 to 2000 and comment your username in game who will win? The winner will be completely randomised and is picked by RANDOM.org How many times can i enter? ONLY ONCE, You can enter only once When is the deadline? 25th of december. WINNERS winners were randomly picked by randomiser according to numbers chosen. I picked the closest number of outcome First Winner: Winner: @R3LOADED1 Number: 1738 Winning Number: 1739 Proof: Second Winner: Winner: @maliha! Number: 930 Winning Number: 919 Proof: Third Winner: Winner: @baddream Number:99 Winning Number: 89 Proof: CONGRATULATIONS PM ME ON FORUMS TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZES MERRY CHRISTMAS
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    1. winner will get code for + 2. Winner will get + 3. Winner will get / /(Winner will chose.) How to join? Just put your ign in comment, I will chose the winner by random.org. Winner will be anouced on 26.12.2016. Gl to everyone, and happy Christmas to everyone who celebreting tonigt.
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    donation pokemon are given away from donating money to the site but they dont come often although u can trade for them
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    Unknown_citizen thnx Merry Christmas, Kappa!
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    It's Christmas Eve over where I live and I haven't even started wrapping... Nor Have I drawn that picture of a dolphin wearing sunglasses in a Chevy Impala I was supposed to do for my aunt and uncle
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    u have to beat all gyms, elite 4s, battle maison and the fronteirs
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    it was a event but u could find it on fire maps during the even
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    It's Festival Time ! Merry Christmas fellas , # Farewell2016
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    You call out thefame or whatever for botting, but you use his exact layout of his exp shop? Shady much?
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    Depends on randomiser. I dont pick winner myself
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    The thread rule says "No Trading With Others", so u can only use this thread to trade with the thread owner. Also if someone trades you that much exp you can just ask me on discord chat and I can give some advise so u can decide if the exp is botted or not.