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    Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all enjoy the eve.
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    Merry Christmas Everyone! Have a good one. Here's to 2017! -TBQ
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    im giving away abecause i have x2 of it just reply your ign and youre entered ends 12/25/16
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    Vortex Tales Hello and welcome to the home of my little fictional creations: Vortex Tales. For ages I joked about the idea of writing a story based on the users of Pokemon Vortex, but finally decided to go through with it and I've enjoyed the process so far a lot. Here you can find some sneak previews, the entire story so far and have the opportunity to leave feedback or make requests. I hope you enjoy my writing. Why? I am writing this epic piece of literature not only because I enjoy wasting time, but I suffer from writers block too. Writing something less serious like this helps me with other writing ventures. Characters My stories feature characters based on members of Pokemon Vortex, particularly those who frequent/frequented the chatroom. There depictions are not meant to offend, but amuse. I often exaggerate characteristics, or change personalities completely. I may also add quotes or interesting pieces of conversation in my story. If you find yourself, or something you have said in the story and do not want to be involved (unless you are Pheen and got no choice mate) please message me and I will alter it (if I can be bothered.) Story titles and description 1. Vortex Tales: The Tower of Bot and the Quest for the Left Nut. Previews Vortex Tales: The Tower of Bot and the Quest for the Left Nut Extract from Chapter 1 Vortex Tales: The Tower of Bot and the Quest for the Left Nut Extract from Chapter 4 Completed story to date. Last updated 27/03/17 Chapters 1-3: http://pastebin.com/We1JENgT Chapter 4: http://pastebin.com/kpXFKshK Latest Chapter (6): https://www.quotev.com/story/8958425/Vortex-Tales-The-Tower-of-Bot-and-the-Quest-for-the-Left-Nut/6 NEW Full story in book format. Enjoy. Please feel free to leave your feedback. Fanart and praise is most welcomed.
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    G I V E A W A Y So as i mentioned in other topics that i've been lucky in this event I'm going to host a giveaway. PRIZES Way to enter:- There will be three winners Just choose a number between 0 to 2000 and comment your username in game who will win? The winner will be completely randomised and is picked by RANDOM.org How many times can i enter? ONLY ONCE, You can enter only once When is the deadline? 25th of december. WINNERS winners were randomly picked by randomiser according to numbers chosen. I picked the closest number of outcome First Winner: Winner: @R3LOADED1 Number: 1738 Winning Number: 1739 Proof: Second Winner: Winner: @maliha! Number: 930 Winning Number: 919 Proof: Third Winner: Winner: @baddream Number:99 Winning Number: 89 Proof: CONGRATULATIONS PM ME ON FORUMS TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZES MERRY CHRISTMAS
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    1. winner will get code for + 2. Winner will get + 3. Winner will get / /(Winner will chose.) How to join? Just put your ign in comment, I will chose the winner by random.org. Winner will be anouced on 26.12.2016. Gl to everyone, and happy Christmas to everyone who celebreting tonigt.
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    donation pokemon are given away from donating money to the site but they dont come often although u can trade for them
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    Unknown_citizen thnx Merry Christmas, Kappa!
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    It's Christmas Eve over where I live and I haven't even started wrapping... Nor Have I drawn that picture of a dolphin wearing sunglasses in a Chevy Impala I was supposed to do for my aunt and uncle
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    u have to beat all gyms, elite 4s, battle maison and the fronteirs
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    it was a event but u could find it on fire maps during the even
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    It's Festival Time ! Merry Christmas fellas , # Farewell2016
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    You call out thefame or whatever for botting, but you use his exact layout of his exp shop? Shady much?
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    Depends on randomiser. I dont pick winner myself
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    The thread rule says "No Trading With Others", so u can only use this thread to trade with the thread owner. Also if someone trades you that much exp you can just ask me on discord chat and I can give some advise so u can decide if the exp is botted or not.
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