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    Experience on Pokemon doesn't matter when they need to evolve through happiness. Your best route is doing wild Pokemon battles as each battle with count towards happiness.
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    A Pokémon needs 73 points to gain a heart. The exception is the last heart, which only takes 35 points. All Pokémon that need happiness hearts to evolve need 3 hearts (220 points). The exception is Sylveon, which needs 4 hearts (255 points). Sylveon is the final evolved form of Eevee. Since happiness points per battle is randomized (1 or 2), players would need somewhere between 37 to 73 battles in order to gain 1 heart for their Pokémon. Happiness is not reset when a Pokémon is traded.
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    Try out this team :- it is quite a balanced team with fire , water ground grass fairy dragon ghost poison electric and other main elements that r enough to counter all the elements I guess U don't need to take only shadow pokemon take anything of your choice , as u want to finish gyms u better use dark pokemon as they do more damage so easier it becomes to defeat gyms .
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    we know you want to hear "yes"
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    isnt a legendary. Well best is and worst is .
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