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    You can go to the follower's list and click the cross button in front of the username you want to unfollow ( In game). In forums, visit the profile of the user you wish to follow and then click the unfollow button which appears in place of follow button.
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    After a Pokémon is caught, or a battle is completed, you need to click the 'continue' button (or something like it) for Vortex to save the result of the battle. Likely, on the screen that said you caught the Pokémon you immediately went to your collection. That's why the Pokémon isn't there, most likely.
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    Your account>your pokemon team>change team>view all your pokemon>select pokemon to switch on left>select pokemon you want to remove from your team on the right>switch You'll need to catch more than 6 total pokemon in order to switch a pokemon off your team fyi
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