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    Stat multiplier events such as double happiness or double experience don't have set times because they're not on automatic timers to start/stop in most cases, they need manually activating by myself. If only a date is provided then it will start at any given time on that day. That said, triple happiness is currently active.
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    o/ all, I read that there is a happiness event that started approx 2hrs ago (00:00 GMT/PV Time) and runs through the weekend so trained my Shiny Swadloon. However from observations, despite there saying there's a happy bonus... My happiness increase seems in-line with the numbers on wiki, which indicates there's no bonus being applied. 289k xp / 3000 per battle = 96 battles approx @1 Happy Star Would a dev/mod be able to confirm whether there is (or is not) an event going? It doesn't seem consistent with event numbers. I apologise for the question, I do not use Discord and I'm getting no help from the IG Chat... Kind regards, TS
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    i think we should have a button to delete unwanted avatars please cause im sick of accidenlty putting my riolu avatar up for auction cause i want to get rid of the other avatars
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    Well i was kinda thinking if there is any possibility of adding a mining mini-game in the game, where we can mine for certain stones (common/uncommon/rare) and sometimes some rare items, also with the increase in level of mining the higher the rate will be for getting the rare stuffs from mining. Also an implementation of a mining shop where we can trade those stones for cetarin pokes, avatar or pds. (sorry for bad english)
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    offer on my Aegislash (Blade) (53k exp)
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    Has the triple happiness not started yet? Just done 40-50 battles and didn't gain a heart.
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    i have UFT Volcanion, Mystic Volcanion and Dark Volcanion from Edition 1 I accept unique volcanion + event
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