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    Hey guys. This forum is for those players who started the game late. Don't worry when badman is here. I am gonna give you many shiny legends for the works. But there is a condition-: You should be a very active member Hope you will enjoy this. If you enjoy this msg me in the forum or in the game. Ign:- badman99
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    ign:luc4sgaming Guess:45?
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    FIRST OFF: I would like to thank and congratulate @Patrick on creating such a beautiful revamp on the maps we have wandered for years. This is exactly what I needed to boost my moral and to help keep spirits high for the future of the game. Feedback: The differences between the roaming of the Original Map and the New Map was a bit of a learning curve. To be consistent on the Original Map was to be patient, letting the game load and only moving when you are certain it is nothing worth catching. However the New Map was a lot harder to be consistent in not missing Pokemon you meant to catch. The only consistent way I could come up with (On PC) was to only walk while in the areas you find Pokemon. When you find a Pokemon, regardless if you wanted to catch it or not, STOP walking and rinse and repeat. I tried multiple times to walk and stop when I found a Pokemon I wanted to catch but was too inconsistent and lost out on some Rares and Legendaries. Necessary improvements for New Maps 1) Make Walking an automatic thing WHY? - Walking is the key to catching Pokemon consistently. During the event I had to resort to putting tape on my shift button, un-taping to catch (as when taped the game would resort to using "potion" instead the clicked ball) and re-taping my shift button, so as no to wear out my fingers. IDEA - Switch the moving to automatically walking and running to shift OR Let the player decide which is the automatic feature by adding a toggle switch to the options. 2) Consistency in the catching of Pokemon Idea 1 - Make the minimum time or space walked between finding Pokemon longer - It seems that in my testing that you had a chance to find a new Pokemon after a certain time of walking after you find your first pokemon (.5 of a second MINIMUM). If the game is built on a minimum distance walked between Pokemon finds the minimum is 2-3 (tiles) which is much to small. As when you stop movement your character has a de-accelorating function and would count toward that minimum distance. Idea 2 - Make the character model halt for every Pokemon found - Just like in the cannon games! This put the player in full control over what they choose to pass on and catch. "If this becomes the decision"... then I would recommend putting in a toggle switch to this as it would hamper a seamless player experience for some. Unnecessary Ideas 1) Put a "Town Map" in the game - Much too often new players would ask where a map location is. Some people get lost easily so the ability to toggle the map or even have a town map in front of the house to help guide new players to finding certain locations for themselves. 2) New Costumes or Character Models - I am positive you have thought of this already @Patrick seeing that you have a special character designed like Munchlax. But seeing my character come alive on the screen made me want a better looking character. 3) Map Specific sound tracks - Just like to cannon games that transition from knowing your on a route or in the safari zone with the help of the special music would bring more nostalgia and love for the game. 4) New improved battle layout - Again I am sure you thought of this @Patrick... But the transition between the roaming of the map to the battle simulation was like playing Sword and Shield to playing Red or Blue version. So I am excited to see you revamp of the battle simulation side of the game in future In Conclusion: I Just want to make sure @Patrick and his crew know that I am personally Joyed by this showcase. And truly believe you have really outdone yourselves in giving the graphics beauty that this game could be. Edit: Thank You @flamescape as well
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    Para capturar Alolan Pokemon, debes estar en la región de Alola en la misión secundaria, luego regresar a los mapas y buscarlos. O puede utilizar la función de comercio para comerciar por ellos.
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    I'm not sure if that's what they're called but its the accounts that have one type of pokemon and are all level 100 tha tyou can use to get your own pokemon to level 100. They seem pretty useful but I want to make sure I don't get banned if I use them.
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    Please don't make useless forum threads These things are pointless
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