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    Hi I had an idea about a price guide. People on poke Bay makeover price or underpriced their stuff leading to a lot of confliction. If you make a chart and people look at it it will provide a certified price for a certain Pokemon. Example Zapdos is 150k. Stuff like that. People may overpriced there Groudon Primal in it is impossible for any new players to reach the price to buy one. Also legendaries have become so popular that people sell them for a price of $30,000 when you can sell a rare for a $100,000. Just an idea. Also my event idea with all the Pokemon that you have to pay money for. Can you take a quick look at that. I will create another one if you need to. Just let me know
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    Oh my Arceus. I cannot believe that just happened. My first two legendary encounters and they're in a row and one of them's shiny. First ever Vortex legendary encounter: Celebi. Great. Caught. First encounter after that: Shiny Shaymin, Sky form.
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    I was thinking about watching PokemonXYZ and I saw in an episode about Audino so I thought I would suggest an idea about Audino(Doctor) It can be used to honour the doctors who are fighting the virus who risked their lives even if it meant to trying to save the world Chansey (Doctor) can also do
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    Hi Slogokop41 scammed me. He said he would trade a shiny rayquaza mega and a shiny greninja for a volcannon and a kyurem white. He told me to put the volcannon for the greninja and the kyurem white for the rayquaza mega and he only accepted the volcannon getting a high valued pokemon from me
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