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    I've been wanting this pokemon added for a while and since Patrick only recently decided to add Ash Greninja due to popular demand, I think it's the perfect time to add Mewtwo (Shadow) along with it in the upcoming content update. It could be the released new quiz reward for a whole month, similarly to Mewtwo (Evolution) or it could be released as any other type of event. The options are unlimited. Let's try to get this added so we can all eventually have our very own Shadow Mewtwo (Shadow) , please leave any questions you may have in the comments. :^)
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    Covid Koffing is a bad idea and would be a terrible thing to do. What you are suggesting is naming a pokemon after a virus which has killed over 260k people worldwide and increasing. That's bad. I like the Pineco idea tho, for whatever it's worth. A good idea... Anything is better than Scrafty (Ackbar)
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    New Contest and Giveaway Forum Rule Effective November 22nd 2016 Experience is no longer allowed to be the focus on a prize for any form of giveaway or contest (Unless it is run by a Moderator or someone of higher power - In which case the The Pokemon will be checked for legitimacy before it is posted) This rule is being set in place to stop the spread of botted experience to unknowing players or people that want plausible deniability of owning botted experience. If anyone posts experience as a prize for a contest or giveaway, they will receive a no questions asked ban from the forums. You have been warned and we don't need it here. Hopefully this will make a much cleaner and safer giveaway section for the Vortex community.
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    ok so ive been searching for weeks now and still haven't a single legendary . to the devolopers , there are way to many legendary pokemon for it to be this hard to even spot when . then I get to feel singled out watchin hundreds of other players collect legendaries left and right . I beat every battle and my profile says im able yet I still see the same pokemon everytime . im getting bored guys . any tips on how to get the to show up more often ??? I used to play crater and it way honestly better . ive played this since 2016 . also some explain how ive been playing this long yet no legendary pokemon …… no legendary's no fun … btw if I don't find a legendary by the end off the day ill be giving this account away and no longer playing pokemon vortex …. I gave it the time
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    Imagine if the maps had some chill music that made map hunting more fun! That would be amazing!!! @Patrick Do you think its a good idea?
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    No one likes Koffing anyway so it would be an unpopular event Pokémon. (I mean, come on! Look at it!) But that's just my opinion.
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