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    Hello Pokemon Vortex! An idea struck me. If pokemon vortex had a committee that could extend loans to users for rate of interests, it would really help some people, especially the new ones. You could choose a rate of high interest for which you would deposit money, others would loan your money and give the principle back along with the interest. This would boost up the currency too (though it's a game's currency). If the user fails to repay the loan in the fixed time period, he can be punished by giving a relative 'Experienced Pokemon' which would fit in the loan. The concept is almost similar to the Pokebay Auctions. Please let me know your opinions over this and drawbacks, if serious. Like if you support me.
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    Tagging @Tritre to state a point to them. I would in my opinion love to have breeding but the "drawback" of breeding rare mons and legends can just be limited like the mainline games. Because you could "breed-lock" the rare events and legendaries and make them unable to breed at all but you can make the things that normally breed in the games able to breed. Im pretty sure limitations have been set on things before and this isnt any different. Anyone who disagrees may state their disagreement, of course positive feedback is welcome as well.
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    Hello, If the breeding option was made available, you could breed the legendary and rare pokemon too. This would lead to decrease of rarity in pokemons here. So I am against the flow of this. This is one of the drawbacks and reasons why we don't have pokemon breeding in here.
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    You were banned for using a Tampermonkey script to automate gameplay. Your alt account is also banned as you were using this as storage for your illegitimately caught pokemon. I'm honestly still surprised how people can deny using bot scripts that are widely-published and freely available on the internet... like we don't have access to the internet or something? Or do you think you're the first person to discover this bot? We regularly scour the internet looking for bots/scripts. When we find them, we write our own scripts which can very reliably detect them being used. This is not rocket science. Stop cheating and you will stop being banned.
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    Hello Pokemon Vortex! Recently, I have observed that Pokemon Vortex servers are currently running slow in my area. It was fast earlier, I have checked my ping, internet and all and I seem to be clear of all connectivity issues. I don't know why this problem occurred out of nowhere, because earlier, it was damn fast. Please consider and look into my issues.
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    Starting November 1st 2018, the Pokémon contents of Mystery Boxes will be changed monthly to resolve two issues within Pokémon Vortex's trade and auction economy. The first issue being that some old event Pokémon are impossible to obtain due to very low numbers of them existing. The second issue is that the current Mystery Box Pokémon drop of Rotom forms are too high and rapidly lose value as more boxes are obtained and opened. SO, the change, effective immediately will be that old event Pokémon (but not seasonal event Pokémon such as Halloween or Christmas) will be rotated through Mystery Boxes monthly starting off with November's Mystery Box Pokémon - Volcanion This Pokémon will be rotated out of Mystery Boxes on December 1st 2018 and so on, on monthly intervals. Here is a list of the following changes through to the end of September 2019: November 1st 2018 - November 30th 2018 December 1st 2018 - December 31st 2018 January 1st 2019 - January 31st 2019 February 1st 2019 - February 28th 2019 March 1st 2019 - March 31st 2019 April 1st 2019 - April 30th 2019 May 1st 2019 - May 31st 2019 June 1st 2019 - June 30th 2019 As of June 1st 2019, the avatar pool of Mystery Boxes will no longer be exclusively "Premium Avatars". Instead, it will have the chance to drop every single avatar except those reserved for special occasions such as Exclusive Auctions. July 1st 2019 - July 31st 2019 August 1st 2019 - August 31st 2019 September 1st 2019 - September 30th 2019 October 1st 2019 - October 31st 2019 As of November 1st 2019, the Pokémon pool of Mystery Boxes will no longer be exclusively one Pokémon. Instead, every past event Pokémon will be included and as events are rolled out and end, that Pokémon will join the Mystery Box Pokémon pool. Hopefully these continued changes monthly will make these Pokémon more widely available over time.
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    Guide for Perfect Exp. Before you guys say that there are already posts like this, please read this: I am aware that there is already a similar topic in the Vortex Wiki, but it did not explain how to even out pokemon with exp not ending with 0 or 5. The following charts only apply for level 100 Pokemon. Hope this helps! Training Accounts (full teams of 6) Number of Your Pokemon in Battle Exp Gained 1 3,000 2 1,500 3 1,000 4 750 5 600 6 500 Gym Leaders Kanto Gym Leader Number of Your Pokemon in Battle Exp Gained Brock 1 140 2 70 Misty 1 325 2 163 3 108 Lt. Surge 1 600 2 300 3 200 4 150 Odd Exp. If your pokemon has an odd last digit of its exp (with an exception of 5), here is one way to make it 0 or 5: -Use 5 of your own pokemon to battle a gym with 5 pokemon. The easiest gyms with 5 pokemon are the Saffron City Gym or Fuchsia City Gym. They will give you 259 exp. -Battle Misty with 2 or 3 pokemon. This is the easiest way to even out odd exp. (see the chart for the exact exp gained) Please PM me if you notice an inaccurate datum
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