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    Hi, as my title suggests I was thinking if we can add shadow pokemon avatars but instead of buying them from excusive acutions we have to do tasks to get them.
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    This is a random giveaway where every week you just upvote this or put a comment with your ign. Remember this is a random giveaway. You could get a magikarp or you may get a shiny necrozma. These are the odds Rare = %50 Unique rare =%3 Legendary = %40 Unique legendary = %5 Ultra beast = %1 event=%1
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    there should be an easier and quicker way to earn money in the game. It is just too hard to find lv6 immunity pkmn on map and then battle 6 lvl 100 pkmns.... I gives good money but it takes hell lot of a time especially in case of Normal type pkmn. my suggestion is that there should be a poke trader. It should be a bot feature on the game where players can exchange their desired item/pkmn witth money directly with the pokemon vortex team and not the players. It would be really convinient for small players. Example : Suppose I want to sell my Tapu Lele bcoz i need money to buy some other pkmn from the pokebay auctions. Now the only way to earn money is training accounts but it takes like 5-15 min to earn 100k pokedollars and until then most of the time either the auction ends or something makes a bid so now you have to earn more money but you dont have the resources. I guess getting a trader bot would be really great. I hope you like the idea.
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    Firstly it is not hard to earn poke dollars. Secondly if things are very very easy then it will not have value and no fun obtaining them. Sidequests is one of the quick ways to earn poke dollars. Recently some time ago the money drop rate after completing the sidequests region was increased. You now get around 1m+ after completing a region in sidequests. Also players obtain poke dollars by opening mystery boxes. The way how it is running currently is fine. This would also change the structure how the pokebay is working right now. Many people would not participate in auctions as this is the alternative method. Coming to your getting out bid in an auction. If you want it anyhow pay more than the other person. To conclude I am not happy with your idea.
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    is technically a kanto pokemon because alolan is in the name dosent mean thats where it originates from because ninetales came out first do the origin region is kanto same with other pokemon like its origin region is unova even if its galarian same with ninetales. mods if i am wrong please correct me
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    Scam = Your problem. Hack = Developers problem. You should elaborate what exactly happened. Also maybe you would have given wrong email while signing up for vortex. As far as I know the forgot your option works and you get a email within 5 minutes. Do check your spam folder. Also provide proof in forms of screen shots so that the staff can look into it how exactly it was scammed and they take the steps.
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    Your Pokémon haven't disappeared, they appear to be traded to the account akreba.
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    What is a training account? Training accounts are user accounts much like your own. They are set up by other players in a way that they will deal as little damage (or none at all) to your Pokémon when battling against it. Are training accounts allowed to be used? Yes. Will the training account Pokémon damage my Pokémon? Under most circumstances, yes damage will be done to your Pokémon. If your Pokémon has an immunity to the opponent Pokémon attacks, then no damage will be dealt. These are known in the community as "Immunity Pokémon". What is an "Immunity Pokémon"? An immunity Pokémon is a Pokémon that will receive no damage from a certain attack type. One example is Ghost-type Pokémon are immune to Normal-type attacks. Can I create a training account to be listed here? This is not a Pokémon Vortex staff project and will not be maintained. It is very unlikely this list will be kept up to date if certain accounts no longer work or are unavailable. Training accounts are and always will be run and maintained by the players. Note: If you need further help with type effectiveness or anything type-related, this wiki article would be a good read. Your Pokémon Type Training Account Team TypeBug TrainDark TypeDragon TypeElectric TypeFairy TypeFighting TypeFire TypeFlying TypeGhost TypeGrass TypeGround TypeIce TypeNormal TypePoison TypePsychic TypeRock TypeSteel TypeWater TypeUnknown List of "Immunity Pokémon": Your Pokémon Type Immune To &
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    How can I recover my pokemons from a user who hacked my account and traded almost all of my legendaries and all lvl 100s including rates too more than 40 pokemons The user is 'akreba'
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