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    Necrozma is available for limited time on Pokemon Vortex's Discord!! Many people who are not there on discord would not know that Necrozma is the current prize for the quizzes.. General FAQ's 1) For how long is Necrozma the quiz prize? Ans) Until 30th November the quiz prize is gonna be Necrozma . 2) What is the level of Necrozma when redeemed as a code? Ans) Necrozma is at level 100 when redeemed as code. 3) How many variants of Necrozma is obtainable through winning the quiz? Ans) There are all 6 variants which is given out till 30th November.. 4) How long is the Necrozma code valid? Ans) The code is valid only for an hour of time. Join Pokemon Vortex's Discord now if you are not on their server!! https://discordapp.com/invite/pokemonvortex
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    I do not know if these ideas have already posted by some one before. Here are some of my ideas.. 1) In the current pokedex they should add to sort pokes by male and female. I mean under this Bulbasaur they can add male and female option. This would help us know how many males and females of the poke we have. 2) When there is login detected in new place of vortex account, They should send a one time password to the email so none can get scammed. I know the people using the VPN will have problem. But, with this we can wash away 50% of scamming businesses. 3) Currently there is only a option of buying 1 lottery ticket or buying 10 lottery tickets at a time. They can add a bar to type out the amount of lottery ticket we want to buy. What I am trying to tell here is there should be a option to type of the number of tickets we want and buy them together. This will save some time of clicking the same thing again and again. 4) Currently we can release only 1 pokemon at a time. There should be a option to release more at the same time. 5) Like how it's displayed in the player's account the highest ranking in the seasonals below that they should add the amount of times the sidequests is reset after fully completing it. 6) For the premium members they can add another graph. That is the pokeball broken dex. That is the amount of pokes caught in Vortex ball or beast ball etc.
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    Details TBA Date and time are placeholders and not confirmed.
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    Bro opting discord is your wish. But, as @rotoms5 said there will be many giveaways and hourly quiz which you will be missing if you are not on discord. If you want to talk to others you can convey your messages on forums or you can send in game messages.
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    Never give your password to anyone under any conditions.. How can he just scam you? You must have told him your password / shared with someone else or your password would be weak and he could have guessed it. Always remember not to share your password and keep a strong password.
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    As far as we all know, arceus is God of the Pokemon, so I advise u to put atleast one of the form of arceus to be rarest. More rarest than any Pokemon in this game. Hope admins do it. As there are many other forms not been released one can have the rarity . People can discuss their opinion on this topic and post it below. Thank you
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    Guys i've been looking for ages for shiny Popplio, but his shiny for never appears. Message samim4579 if you want to trade or sell.
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    R.I.P. event
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    Iam waiting what will happen be in this event??
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