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    Hi Sir Patrick my ign is = mazking just minutes back i was trying to login it is showing i got banned i did not done anything wrong why i got banned i am user from 2015 sir i was on 25 in world right now plz need help i have given years to this game plz solve my problem sir
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    FIRST OFF: I would like to thank and congratulate @Patrick on creating such a beautiful revamp on the maps we have wandered for years. This is exactly what I needed to boost my moral and to help keep spirits high for the future of the game. Feedback: The differences between the roaming of the Original Map and the New Map was a bit of a learning curve. To be consistent on the Original Map was to be patient, letting the game load and only moving when you are certain it is nothing worth catching. However the New Map was a lot harder to be consistent in not missing Pokemon you meant to catch. The only consistent way I could come up with (On PC) was to only walk while in the areas you find Pokemon. When you find a Pokemon, regardless if you wanted to catch it or not, STOP walking and rinse and repeat. I tried multiple times to walk and stop when I found a Pokemon I wanted to catch but was too inconsistent and lost out on some Rares and Legendaries. Necessary improvements for New Maps 1) Make Walking an automatic thing WHY? - Walking is the key to catching Pokemon consistently. During the event I had to resort to putting tape on my shift button, un-taping to catch (as when taped the game would resort to using "potion" instead the clicked ball) and re-taping my shift button, so as no to wear out my fingers. IDEA - Switch the moving to automatically walking and running to shift OR Let the player decide which is the automatic feature by adding a toggle switch to the options. 2) Consistency in the catching of Pokemon Idea 1 - Make the minimum time or space walked between finding Pokemon longer - It seems that in my testing that you had a chance to find a new Pokemon after a certain time of walking after you find your first pokemon (.5 of a second MINIMUM). If the game is built on a minimum distance walked between Pokemon finds the minimum is 2-3 (tiles) which is much to small. As when you stop movement your character has a de-accelorating function and would count toward that minimum distance. Idea 2 - Make the character model halt for every Pokemon found - Just like in the cannon games! This put the player in full control over what they choose to pass on and catch. "If this becomes the decision"... then I would recommend putting in a toggle switch to this as it would hamper a seamless player experience for some. Unnecessary Ideas 1) Put a "Town Map" in the game - Much too often new players would ask where a map location is. Some people get lost easily so the ability to toggle the map or even have a town map in front of the house to help guide new players to finding certain locations for themselves. 2) New Costumes or Character Models - I am positive you have thought of this already @Patrick seeing that you have a special character designed like Munchlax. But seeing my character come alive on the screen made me want a better looking character. 3) Map Specific sound tracks - Just like to cannon games that transition from knowing your on a route or in the safari zone with the help of the special music would bring more nostalgia and love for the game. 4) New improved battle layout - Again I am sure you thought of this @Patrick... But the transition between the roaming of the map to the battle simulation was like playing Sword and Shield to playing Red or Blue version. So I am excited to see you revamp of the battle simulation side of the game in future In Conclusion: I Just want to make sure @Patrick and his crew know that I am personally Joyed by this showcase. And truly believe you have really outdone yourselves in giving the graphics beauty that this game could be. Edit: Thank You @flamescape as well
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    @mazking I can understand your view bro.. Hope the admins tell the reason for ban. I hope they lift the ban on you soon...
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    Another Idea - Since there is a "!" above your head when you encounter a pokemon. @Auke1993 idea of "going back" can work. If the "!" stays on the map longer (like a despawn timer or maximum of 2 encounters) it would give the player time to go back into that instance. As well as I see how slowing down encounters would make the game annoying @flamescape. But if the spawn timer between instances is humanly impossible to react to, the "biggest problem" will always exist... With that said, I know you guys have the best intentions when looking for a solution for this problem and hope my and any other peoples ideas are well looked into
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    Thanks for the valuable feedback. I hear you - the biggest problem (and has always been the problem on Vortex) is that feeling when you accidentally skip past a pokemon that you really wanted. There's a few ideas floating around on how best to deal with this problem. We have to keep in mind that introducing some sort of mechanic to slow down the encounter rate, or halting movement on encounters, can make the game annoying in other ways. Personally, I find that forcing players into an encounter every few paces like the original games is probably one of the worst features of those games. An auto-stop toggle would mitigate this, but you might not always be in the right mode when searching, or you might get tired of the constant stopping and turn it off despite the risk - then back to square 1. I think there may be some better solutions out there. We'll try to find the best compromise.
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    Hey guys. This forum is for those players who started the game late. Don't worry when badman is here. I am gonna give you many shiny legends for the works. But there is a condition-: You should be a very active member Hope you will enjoy this. If you enjoy this msg me in the forum or in the game. Ign:- badman99
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    Added New "Needed Pokemon" Before submitting a trade be sure Your offer = Trade Rate (Below) Needed Pokemon Approved lvl 6 Immunes My Trades Trade Rate (Your Pokemon = My Pokemon) "1 Needed Pokemon = 1 Unique Legendary/Rare" *This ^^ is preferred BUT willing to Barter (Discord Please)* *Some Pokemon can be the evolutionary forms* --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Approved lvl 6 Immunes = 1 Normal Legendary/Rare ^Never Trading Immunes for Uniques^ 2 Approved lvl 6 Immunes = 1 Shiny Common (Lvl 6 Immune Pokemon MUST BE lvl 6 or lower) ^You would THINK this is obvious^ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Shinies start at Pg 17 of my trades) Discord: IshYahBoi Potato#5075 IGN: TheBedPotato
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    ign:luc4sgaming Guess:45?
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    That's only possible when a new Pokémon comes out and you *can* actually be the first to own something. When something new is released (Such as Mr. Rime was on April 1st) You can follow this link to see how many of a Pokémon exists: https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/pokedex/ If you catch one and it still says there's only 1 in existence, then you know you were the first to obtain it.
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    Idk u much.... but i hope ur account will get unbanned IK it is hard to get to #25 in the world
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    @mazking dont worry m8 u did not do anything wrong,hope the admins will tell the reason why this happened.and I hope they lift the ban on you soon :)
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    Yes Sir Patrick Stewart, please unban mazking if possible. mazking is such a cute squirtle on Vortex and a cute skitty on Discord. Please.
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    Don't worry you haven't done anything Patrick please unban him
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    bro i dont think that masking has violated any rule i guess that patrick banned him by mistake hope i am right
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    yu xuch a nice person IDK how yu got banned hopefully they lift it soon
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    Fifi you will get unbanned You are such a nice person Just ask Patrick
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    I agree with kbc. I know u @mazking from long time. Your battle count is also good. Hope they give reason for it.
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    How about a system was set up where you add your favourite Pokemon, and once you encounter one of your favourite Pokemon it will stay for around 5 seconds on your screen. Time varies depending upon the rarity of the Pokemon.
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    Yep same thing I missed a Shiny Kyurem, Shadow Girantina, Reshiram but it also gave me 16 legendaries in one day and 2 Ultra beasts
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    Benefits: Pokemon Vortex needs accurate sounds to enhance battle experience! Resource: I've captured over 4500 SFX, covering every attack from Gen 1 to Gen 7, including Z-Moves. Download on Dropbox: https://goo.gl/uhAxsg Get on ItchIO or Google Drive: Bellblitzking.itch.io/pokemon-sound-collection/#download Listen to each Gen on YouTube Playlist Implementation: Adding the sounds as a download onto the client-side could reduce/avoid high server calls, to initiate sounds locally. Risk: Vortex's battle animation may not be as long as their cart/game version, so some sounds might not fit perfectly to the animation timing. Risk Mitigation: Accounted for by including parts of the sound as individual sfx alongside the full move. For example, Absorb attack has three parts (Starting the move, then the Draining sound, then health boost shiny sparkling sound). That means 4 effects total to adjust as needed: Full Move, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Modify to fit Vortex needs or constraints. Each Gen's sfx have a different length. Team can picks whichever works within Vortex's animations. 7 Gens so multiple to pick from to fit the experience.
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    OBJECTION To make an "event" that would supply a Pokemon that has been obtainable for awhile would be a waste of an "event", @Patricks time, and a lot of the veteran players in this game. Store Pokemon are supposed to be valuable. Much like a "Bond" from "Runescape" or a lot of "Gold" from "Albion". And to filtrate one of the games "Currency" would ruin a lot of end game content and value to a lot of the player base. Store Pokemon are obtainable for "Free to Play" players by means of EXP Training, PDs, and in rare cases Pokemon Searching/Trading. If you want certain Store Pokemon you can definitely get them. P.S. - I speak of no bias (For I have and bought 0 Store Pokemon).
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    Para capturar Alolan Pokemon, debes estar en la región de Alola en la misión secundaria, luego regresar a los mapas y buscarlos. O puede utilizar la función de comercio para comerciar por ellos.
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    I'm not sure if that's what they're called but its the accounts that have one type of pokemon and are all level 100 tha tyou can use to get your own pokemon to level 100. They seem pretty useful but I want to make sure I don't get banned if I use them.
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    Has it really been that long? I remember when Pokemon Crater went down and I was devastated, not long after Pokemon Vortex came into existence and help fill that void. I've have been playing since v1. So what I have to say is thank you Patrick and the rest of the PV team!
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    As Pokémon Vortex gets older, it's visibly clear by Pokémon IDs and the infuriating "That username is not available" notice that the database grows and grows at a rapid rate. What does this mean? Nothing special really but some of you, like myself, love seeing random little statistics that are calculated and achieved over time so that's what we're here for - Here's some number crunching and milestones reached by Pokémon Vortex in the last 10 years and here's to 10 more beautiful years of Pokémon Vortex! 2009 - 2014 (v1 - v2) 2,817,404 accounts were registered 83,901,600 Pokémon were caught 12,408,733 trades were completed 16,001 players joined the last event 120,000+ Facebook likes accumulated 6,000 Twitter followers accumulated 2014 - 2019 (v3 - v4) 1,113,782 accounts were registered 24,637,964 Pokémon were caught/claimed 198,786 Pokémon were released 526,582,392,322 experience was trained on Pokémon 5,137,089 happiness hearts were obtained on Pokémon 208,101,934 battles were won 6,397,405 battles were lost 4,130,926,739.6 points were accumulated $109,944,664,607 is currently unspent 1,684,032 Wonder Trades were completed 8,069,399 regular trades were completed Pokémon Vortex's Discord server got partnered 2,037,288 daily login rewards were claimed 171,389 eggs were hatched in the Christmas Hatchathon event The Spin2Win event slot machine was spun 8,326,240 times 2,768 players managed to score 1 or more point in the Magikarp Splash April Fool's event $28,367,705,734 was taken in PokéBay tax $283,534,381,082 was spent on PokéBay auctions 1,517,803 PokéBay auctions were created 1,893,699 bids were placed 63,359 auctions were added to players watch lists 974,833 PokéBay auctions went unsold (Lower your prices, people!) 653,579 avatars were unlocked 1,194,837 promo codes were distributed 739,193 promo codes were claimed 216,226 friends were made 498,660 followers were accumulated 29,581 friend requests went unanswered : ( 19,957 players were blocked 2,307 Players linked their Pokémon Vortex account to their Discord account 8,379 Clans were founded 34,252 players joined forces as a clan 7,477 players were kicked from clans 974,899 clan battles were victorious 15,982 clan battles were lost 1,347,641 messages were sent 17,499 Pokémon were nicknamed A fun little hypothetical one I worked out: If every Pokémon's experience was combined to one Pokémon and there was no maximum level cap, That Pokémon would be a whopping Level 1,053,164,784 Sorry there aren't more statistics pre-v3
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    Before you go about posting a new trade topic, be aware of the following rules: All Global Rules Apply. The creator or acquaintances (say if the topic is a joint trade thread) may bump the trade thread every two days. You cannot create a new trade thread until your previous one is at least 2 weeks old. You must have at least 6 Pokémon listed/posted for trade. (No just posting "check my IGN") No Begging someone for a trade. No selling accounts at all. If someone disagrees with your trade, simply move on. Do not try to start a fight or begin to flame/harass. Good Example: This is what I have for Trade: Normal Pokemon x3 Unique Pokemon x2 x2 Normal Legendaries x3 Unique Legendaries x2 Bad Example: Trading Tips Try to keep your thread organized and make your rules and rates clear to all users. Don't go crazy with fonts - it's messy and painful to read If you have a lot of spare Pokémon you would like to trade, DO NOT post all 80 pk tags (Lags up the forum). Instead of embedding images of each Pokémon, try just using text of the Pokémon you're trading. If you have a text list of Pokémon, but it is extremely long, try including in the list somewhere "Use Control + F to find what you're looking for". You can link your IGN in your thread, but you still have to have at least 6 Pokémon posted. Reply coherently. Coherently meaning no emoticons every single reply and no crazy font or colored text. Experience Trading is determined by the user. Make sure you set rates on what kind of Pokémon is worth what to you. ("Normal Pokémon are equal to x exp. Unique Pokemon are equal to x exp." etc) Rates can be trivial and are determined by the user, but keep in mind that all Normal Pokémon have the same encounter rate, Normal Legendaries have the same encounter rate, and all Unique Pokémon have the same encounter rate, and all Unique Legendaries have the same encounter rate. If you feel as if you are being cheated or the rates are unfair, do not propose the trade. Example of Same Encounter Rates: and Encounter Rates are the same. and Encounter Rates are different. and Encounter Rates are the same. and Encounter Rates are the same. and Encounter Rates are the same. and Encounter Rates are different. and Encounter Rates are the same. Trading Lingo There are a lot of terms that get thrown around in trading threads. Here are a few: IGN - In game name, meaning the one posting's account. UFT - Up for trade, meaning whatever the poster is offering. Unique(s) - Unique is any Pokémon that isn't a normal, so in this case Metallic, Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Shadow. Leggy/Leggies - Crude abbreviation of "Legendary Pokémon". EXP - You know, Experience. Have fun!
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    Welcome to the Pokemon Vortex Training Accounts Forums Thread! Let me just make it clear, these are not ACTUAL training accounts as there were in V2, that's not possible anymore. However, these accounts might just help to level up some Pokemon, or grind some EXP on already-Level-100s. What is a Training Account? A Training Account is an account which has been created with a team of (usually) 6 Level 100 Pokemon with weak movesets. They are used to train and level up Pokemon that are super-effective against the type of Pokemon in the team of that training account. So I've listed the accounts by their Type in Alphabetical Order. This will make it easy for you to find an account according to the Pokemon you wish to train. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pokemon Type → Training Account → TrainingGenesect → TrainingDarkrai → TrainingRayquaza → TrainFire // TrainingKyurem → TrainFlying // TrainingYveltal // FlyingSoda → Ghost_Unit // → TrainingKyurem // ThunderStick → TR_DragonSlayer // TrainingXerneas → TrainingKeldeo//VitolFight → TrainingShaymin → TMacGround // TrainingGroudon → TrainingKyurem → Normal_Unit // Murr → PoisonSoda // Tetrodotoxin → PsychicSoda // TrainingMewtwo → TrainingKyurem → AvSteel // TrainingDialga → iaraLuvdisc // WaterMe // TrainingKyogre ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And I've also added in a type chart, just for extra convenience and information. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, that's about it. Didn't take much time to make this at all, just a quick short post since a lot of people on chat come to ask about these everyday. Still missing a couple of training accounts as you can see above, if anyone knows any please do recommend them, and I'll add them. Also, I'm open to suggestions, so if anyone has any about what I should add/remove, feel free to hit me up. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: http://teamdxgeneration.weebly.com/training.html Thank you SmartAss for helping with updates!
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    Please don't make useless forum threads These things are pointless
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    I was training my shiny zygarde and it got infected and now it's gone from my account how can I get it back please help
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    Starting November 1st 2018, the Pokémon contents of Mystery Boxes will be changed monthly to resolve two issues within Pokémon Vortex's trade and auction economy. The first issue being that some old event Pokémon are impossible to obtain due to very low numbers of them existing. The second issue is that the current Mystery Box Pokémon drop of Rotom forms are too high and rapidly lose value as more boxes are obtained and opened. SO, the change, effective immediately will be that old event Pokémon (but not seasonal event Pokémon such as Halloween or Christmas) will be rotated through Mystery Boxes monthly starting off with November's Mystery Box Pokémon - Volcanion This Pokémon will be rotated out of Mystery Boxes on December 1st 2018 and so on, on monthly intervals. Here is a list of the following changes through to the end of September 2019: November 1st 2018 - November 30th 2018 December 1st 2018 - December 31st 2018 January 1st 2019 - January 31st 2019 February 1st 2019 - February 28th 2019 March 1st 2019 - March 31st 2019 April 1st 2019 - April 30th 2019 May 1st 2019 - May 31st 2019 June 1st 2019 - June 30th 2019 As of June 1st 2019, the avatar pool of Mystery Boxes will no longer be exclusively "Premium Avatars". Instead, it will have the chance to drop every single avatar except those reserved for special occasions such as Exclusive Auctions. July 1st 2019 - July 31st 2019 August 1st 2019 - August 31st 2019 September 1st 2019 - September 30th 2019 October 1st 2019 - October 31st 2019 As of November 1st 2019, the Pokémon pool of Mystery Boxes will no longer be exclusively one Pokémon. Instead, every past event Pokémon will be included and as events are rolled out and end, that Pokémon will join the Mystery Box Pokémon pool. Hopefully these continued changes monthly will make these Pokémon more widely available over time.
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