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    Biscuitman's Sprite Thread Hey guys, welcome to my spriting thread. I used to be very active on Pokemon forums between 2007 and 2010 when spriting was very popular, but it doesn't seem to be such a big thing anymore. Nonetheless I thought I'd share some of my sprites, and I am taking requests! Scratch Sprites These are created entirely from scratch. Pixel-Overs These are made by tracing over a TCG image or other art, then colouring and shading like a sprite. This means they take on the pose of the Pokemon in the original image. Further examples of my work can be found on my DeviantArt page. Requesting I am currently only taking requests for pixel-overs as I get back into spriting, but will be offering scratch sprites in due course. If people are interested I may also offer recolours and fusions too. Let me know if you would be keen for these, and I can mock up some examples. When requesting, please let me know the Pokemon you would like a pixel-over of. Furthermore, if you have a specific image of a Pokemon, for example TCG art, an anime still or even your own drawing, I would be happy to create a pixel-over of that. If you are providing a TCG or anime image for me to use, please ensure that the whole of the Pokemon is visible within the image. If you don't specify an image I will simply choose one that I think looks good. As of August 14th I will only be accepting one request per person. Once I have completed your sprite, you may request another right away. Waiting List Shinx Pixel-Over for Mark Thompson Deoxys (Defense) Pixel-Over for Event_Lords123 Mega Charizard X Pixel-Over for Dhananjay Shitkar Shiny Mega Rayquaza Pixel-Over for hhh123 Arceus (Fire) Pixel-Over for TheLonelySavage Umbreon Pixel-Over for GodsWithin Wartortle Pixel-Over for Uncle_Psychic Completed Requests Munchlax Pixel-Over for GodsWithin Blastoise Pixel-Over for Uncle_Psychic Thank you for your time, and feel free to leave a request! Please note: If you would like to share any of my art or use it elsewhere on the internet, I have no problem with that, but please be sure to give credit. Art theft is against the forum rules, and if I find you using my art without credit I will also no longer take requests from you.
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    Okay, I'm definitely back.
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    Hi @GodsWithin, here is your Munchlax pixel-over. Will do some requests for the others before I do the Umbreon. Hope you like it!
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    kk bro , ill finish it for sure ! So the currently training queue is full anyone else will be putted in the waiting list!
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    @Uncle_Psychic here is your Blastoise, hope you like it. Will do your Wartortle after I've done a request for the others who have asked.
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    Number 61 because Volcasaurus. Let's see who gets that reference. I'm Auke1993.
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    Accepted and thanks for visiting ! be sure to come back again and also @VITOL i will start training your poke tomorrow!
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    you are doing great work but this is TERRIBLE
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    pm @KYNO Your poke is done and is up for trade on ign Panzer-25 Remember everyone my receiving ign is : Commander-Rayquaza7 - training ign is Dodge-viper and returning ign panzer-25
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    ohh i didnt see this .. i selected randomly from discord .. @sportsandmusic69 kindly give warning ro @kackrot for spamming .. @eurstin i will select again bro.. everything will be fair . dont worry
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    thats okay but waiting list @eurstin thats okay if he accepts evening offer you can do it , im not gonna be all in this evening mess.
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    That's 87th already in the Unique Pokémon rankings. I'm getting there.
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    Oh man that's quite good Np even exp doesn't matter much you can do in the way you wish I don't have any problem
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    is not necessary man i am ur customer bcos we both win in the agreement just be thing that clicks the mouse button when training it and i´ll be happy
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    And the winner of this giveaway is.............. @unknown_citizen my ign is shayan2, both leggies r on trades just make an offer
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    read rule no : 7 : I Will not train for those pokes which i have not listed on my rates. And xmas pokes i havent listed them bro , @VITOL after im done with KYNO its your pokemon next to be trained and it will be finished in max 2-3 days ! After careful consideration , you r the customer that always appears in my exp shop for training (even in the last one ) As a reward im gonna do you 500,000 exp free on chatot ! thanks
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    Train my to 5 million and to 5 million .... for 30 normal leggies and 10 unique leggies ...
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    can you give mew an estimation of how much time will you take ?
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    3,5M into ma Shiny Chatot for 10 normal legs + normal vader + normal togeween?
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    My for your ? I offered them on SneezeUniques.
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    Hey I would be proud to be your first customer 2,500,000 exp on my for 10 normal legends ? Since it already has 1.1 m exp so 3.6 exp on it ? @hhh123
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    According to me unique ralts , unique starters and unique eevees are rare some people consider sableyes and gastlies rare too
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    HELLO Guys Its me hhh123 and im Back for vortex , I just wanna say i was gone for 6 to 13 months (dunno exactly) And i was getting bored so i wanted to make a whole new Topic Lets start Trading ! And thats all , i know my events have lowered so much i cant believe myself , but reason was i did giveaway my fancies unique and pokeballs on pm discord long time ago , so thanks for visiting and do come again , as for me ill be trying my best to keep up with vortex!
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    Here's is an "EV" you can train... Nah, Vortex doesn't have EVs implemented and I don't think we plan to!
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    There are not. Attack power and HP are both dependent on the Pokémon's level. The attacking and defending Pokémons type are the only other things that affect power.
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    I created this thread so I wouldn't have to look for pokemon on peoples acts...... Sure ill offer, ur ign?
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    Accepted all offers, you accidentally offered twice with two sets of non legends on Shiny Tornadus so I had to decline one offer on it. Choose another legend from LancingLegends for the remaining non legends
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    Thanks mate - found a few more uniques on my account so have offered all 255 of them, I must have miscounted the individual offers because I only had 9 left for the final offer, but they should still total 255 (or definitely more than 246 at least).
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    These are butt ugly but nice try
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    All of these are up for trade on LancingLegends please offer the 246 pokemon as I counted. that would be 16 each on 9 legends and 17 each on the remaining 6. I will count to double check Thanks!
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    @Iceflake99109 (Trading Only) i dont think this deal is gonna do u any good
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    I hope you realize, unique legends go for around 400-500K EXP. A SHINY MANAPHY would go for a bit more as it is a mid level rarer one... you can ask people such as @eurstin or @Mark Thompson. I can add a normal legend (of my choice) into the mix but that is the max I will do as it is already a bit unfair to me...
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    hahahahhaahhaha back on track? vitol i clearly dont understand a single word u say
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    Our trade thread is back up! Please visit. Not competing with any other trade threads. Enjoy! On a side note, @Event_Lords123 and @GodsWithin Ty for bringing the forums back to life.
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    American Gods, The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural (i highly recommend this one), these are some of the top in my list.
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    IGN: SmartAss Number: 55 Thanks for the giveaway!
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    i will starthis name is keith please react with cry if he cute thank you
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    Hello Adamented, you're getting to experience the serious side of God today (heh, see what I did there :P). Below, you'll find a detailed explanation about "EXP" and it's role in Pokémon Vortex. What is "EXP" ? Well, "EXP," the short form for "Experience," is an amount that increases as you train your Pokémon in Pokémon Vortex. The "Level Cap," or, the max amount of level reached by a single Pokémon is Level 100 as you may know. After that, the level stops increasing and instead, "EXP" increases. Fighting 1, Level 100 Pokemon, against a team of 6 Level 100 Pokémon and beating that team should net you 3,000 Experience for your 1 Level 100 Pokemon. If you use 2 Level 100 Pokemon to beat said team, you'd receive half of 3,000 for each Pokémon, so 1,500 experience on each Pokémon you used. How does it work? That above scenario about you using a Level 100 Pokémon to fight someone else's team should give you a rough idea about how much EXP is increased on a Pokémon. The maximum EXP obtainable (on 1 single Pokémon) is about 2.147 billion exp (no one has reached it yet). That should give you an idea about how tough it is to train EXP in general. Why is EXP even important? Like who cares? Well, EXP is something you can trade in this game and has a value associated with it. First of all, all of your accounts EXP, called "Total Experience" tells you how much experience your Pokémon Vortex account has on it in TOTAL. The more EXP you have, the more points you have. The more points you have, the higher you are on the "Top Trainer" list. EXP serves as something trainers can collect so that they may get more points. What is Total Experience? What is Average Experience? How to check your highest Experience Pokémon? Total Experience, as I mentioned, is all the experience of ALL your Pokémon added up. Having a high total experience gives your account more points hence making it desirable. Average Experience is the average experience of all your Pokémon in your account. A bit of math is involved but basically if you divide your total EXP by the total amount of Pokémon you have you get an "average" number that serves as your average exp. Below in the spoiler is a screenshot of my account's total and average experience. Obviously, the more Pokémon you have the more total experience you will have. To check your Highest Experience Pokémon, just go to "View All Pokémon" and click the word, "EXP" and your Pokémon will be arranged from highest EXP to lowest EXP. Here's a screenshot in the spoiler below: Legit EXP? What's that? To get EXP, you must fight your Pokémon against someone else's Pokémon/Pokémon Team. This is a time consuming task and sadly, people "bot" EXP instead of training it themselves. "Botting" is using a third party or self-made, script or computer program, to automate the training of EXP on your Pokémon. This is the quickest way to obtain EXP BUT is illegal and results in a ban. Legit EXP is the name given to EXP that people "believe" to be non-botted, a.k.a "hand trained." Sadly, there are no guarantees that someone claiming they are giving "legit exp" is telling the truth. There is no way to check this claim. This leads to your next question... What steps are being taken against botters and "non-legit EXP"? The most obvious one is Patrick and Flamescape banning people who use bots to train EXP. Their account is not recoverable and all their progress is lost. Sadly, that doesn't get rid of the botted EXP. It gets around cause people trade for it without knowing that is was obtained unfairly in the first place. Since there is no way to find out the authenticity of EXP that is being traded for, it is advisable not to trade for EXP till V4 comes out. Why wait for V4? Simply put, Patrick plans to rid the game of all botted EXP and botters (hopefully) to preserve the integrity of the game and make it a more enjoyable experience (hehe, pun to start this and pun to end it). Anyways, that should answer any questions you may have had. Let me know if you have any more or don't understand something. @Patrick @sportsandmusic69 can also help you and/or correct/add to the information provided. Note to the moderator who closes the thread: I plan to make this into a guide since I think it may be useful. I also wrote this at 2 am in the morning, excuse any mistakes please. EDIT: wow this is 15 mins I will never get back in my life
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