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    Well hello there Pokémon Vortex Forums, I was bored, so I decided to take a look at my avatars. There I noticed Sylveon. Great avatar, right? Yeah of course! But, what if you owned its shiny version? (; So normal: and my shiny take: Why Sylveon? Let me look: It's a very nice shiny. Why not make Sylveon lovers and avatar owners even more happy? While other gens have shiny avatars, gen 6 does not (yet). If someone is interested in more shiny avatar sprites, let me know. I am more than happy to help! - xSnowLeopardx / Dragony
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    My idea is that we add 1 special feature that there would be only 1 pokemon. My idea is that we make a rainbow poke. It is the 1 poke that has all the powers combined. Which means shiny, mystic, metallic, shadow, and dark all in 1 pokemon. My idea is that we make a rainbow hoopa unbound on the map. So my idea is that we make a single trap door on 1 of the maps. People go searching the map and if they hit the trap door they get taken to another map. Then you have to find the right spot where the rainbow hoopa is. Then if you find it you can try to catch it. If you pass it it relocates to another spot on that map at random. I'm not saying everybody can have 1. I'm saying the most dedicated player will find the rainbow hoopa and get it. Once that happens the event is over. I suggest making the map really big since it is a powerful poke. Sorry but no moderator would be allowed in the event due to their education of the spot. Also make it in one of those event format that you need a ticket for. If you didnt people playing on computer would have a unfair advantage. You should be able to get a event ticket by paying 5000 in item inventory Upvote or thanks this comment if you like the idea. Sad it if you dont
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    Hello @Patrick @flamescape @Tyheamma I have been scammed by Nebrets. He said that he will train my shiny zygarde to 5 mil and took 7 mil and a volcanion. then he transffered all of them to other account. Now there are no pokemon in his account. Please check the transaction of where he did send the pokemon and money and try to get it back fast. You can also check the servers if he has made new account on same server. My ign - badman99 scammer's ign- Nebrets I checked my volcanion's id.(0022526113) his (scammer)new id is -- PostMalone (am not able to send screenshot here , screenshot had been sent to patrick and flamescape on discord)
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    Scheduled Maintenance & Changes to Badges On Monday July 13th at 16:00 BST, Pokémon Vortex will be going down for maintenance for approximately two hours. During this maintenance a new system will be put in to place that changes how badges and legendary Pokémon spawns work on players accounts. In preparation for gen 8 to be added to Pokémon Vortex, you will now only be required to finish a specific region's badges to find legendary Pokémon that originate from that region. For example, you will only need the 8 gym badges from Johto to be able to find Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Ho-oh, Lugia and Celebi on the maps. Elite 4s, Champions and Battle Frontiers are no longer part of the legendary unlock criteria and have been separated to their own battle category called "Leagues" as well as no longer showing their completion status in the badges section of public profiles viewed in the members side tab. The Kalos Battle Maison has been removed completely. Medals for each region will be visible on your private profile pages to signify whether or not you have unlocked that region's legendary Pokémon spawns. (They will be grayed out and blurred if you have not yet unlocked it. They also have info on hover that will tell you more)
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    Adding an indication if you have the next evolution or not maybe like it shows on the pokedex page. Colored if you have it and grey if you don't
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    Pokemon Vortex Ideas submitted by players. Add clickable link for Pokemart under Pokebay. Clan battles should have a next battle option like Sidequest. More events. Accounts should have levels, you experience determines your level. Prizes for levels/unlocked. Player vs Player option. Forums should have feed for exclusive auctions. Maps need an update. Show rejected trade offers. Clan leaders/Co-Leaders should be able to email all their clan members at once. Section to show which avatars you own and ability to give them away. Ability to change Pokemon during a battle. Evolution attacks should be checked by default. Players should be able to see when/what seasonal Pokemon was earned. (Example: Patrick won a Shiny Porygon (Hammer) on November 1, 2019). During a season, ability to see what was caught vs not caught to help know what is needed and what isn't to avoid wasting time. Quick link to Pokemart instead of going to Item Inventory - Pokeballs - Pokemart. Ability to set your own timezone or a timezone based off your region. When catching a Pokemon, should be a link to put that Pokemon up for trade and return to the map you were on. Pokemon levels higher than level 100 (Can make them unusable but there for the looks.) Allow items/avatars to be tradable. Weekly/Monthly missions that offer rewards. More variety to Sidequest prizes. Quiz should offer more prizes than just the Cosmog variants. Status of account should offer benefits. (Example: Donor offers 2% increase in shiny, dark, etc. Pokemon) Clans should have a top clan seasonal. (Example: Top 10 clans, after points are calculated based off wins, can select/be randomly given a prize. IE: Random variant of Arceus (Fighting), Pokemoney, and Potions.) Minimum offer should be less than $25,000 Ability to search your Pokemon based off type. Ability to buy a time change temp. For example, if your timezone it's Daytime, pay $1,000,000 and it switches to Night mode for an hour. A section that shows all the avatars you own. Profile displays unique avatar count. Feed that shows what you caught recently. Pokemon rarity change. Things like Shiny Pokemon should show up much less than what it currently is. Pokemon names should appear in different color. (Example: a Magikarp's name in white. Shiny Charmander in green. Groudon in purple. Mystic Necrozma in orange.) Mystic Pokemon makeover. (Example: More see through.) More search option. (Example: Searching account for all level 69 Pokemon only.) A report message feature. (Could task someone to weed through all the legit reports vs spam.) End of the month prizes (Example: 5 hours of double exp.) Pokemon should have a link to the Wiki and display how many are in the game currently. Ability to appear "Busy" instead of Online/Offline. More ways to buy Premium Pokemon instead of just Paypal. Ability to have a level range when trading/wonder trading. Players have their chat/Discord/Forums position displayed in ingame profile. More filters. (Example: Happiness, Duplicates, etc) Top Trainers deserve a badge or achievement of some kind. Pokemon like Venusite (Venusaur+Blastoise fused) or Thu-Fi-Zer added ingame. Based off tv show, anime, comics, etc. Ability to give money to others. Ability to find items on the maps randomly. Status of a user should update quicker. Wonder Trade should display "Are you sure?" text box. False Swipes should never be able to knock out a Pokemon. Item that gives 1-2 points towards happiness. Ability to remove multiple Pokemon from trades at once. More Pokeball types added ingame. Ability to use the numeric keypad and enter button instead of the mouse option. Gender different Pokemon added to the Pokedex. (Example: Pyroar. Male and Female counted as two different Pokemon in the Pokedex.) Moves like Mega Drain should recover your Pokemons HP. A PIN for certain areas on the site. (Example: Change password, trades, etc.) (User would choose their PIN.) Ingame music added. Graph to see how far your happiness in a Pokemon is to ranking up. (Example: From 1 heart to 2 hearts.) Bring back Ancient Pokemon. Ability to switch a Pokemon to a new Pokeball. When a friend comes online/offline, you get a notification. Ignore list also keeps them from offering on your trades. Safari Map. May a certain amount of money to go onto a map for x amount of time to catch Pokemon only found in this map. Different versions of the background ingame. (Example: The grey section when looking for Pokemon to change to other colors like Green, Red, etc.) Ability to delete multiple messages at once. More special trainers to fight. (Example: Red) Eggs added ingame and after a certain amount of steps made, it hatches. If a forums page hasn't received any post after a certain amount of time, it is auto locked. Ingame profile displays Discord name. Discord shows Wiki Editors role. IVs, Nature, etc added ingame. More variants added ingame. Legendary Pokemon encounter rate increased as an event like double exp. When a Pokemon is caught, add link to add to Pokebay. Custom names for people in clans.
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    Reputation is put in place so the community can deem a thread as a contribution to the community and so the top contributors can be recognized. Some seem to be under the impression that getting to the top contributors list is a competitive thing and that was not our intention when we placed it there, nor will we be changing our minds. While wanting to contribute to the community is great, asking for rep is not necessary. If your thread contributes to the community through being useful, entertaining, etc, you will receive your due reputation. So please, when posting, do not ask for reputation, and please members of the community, do no contribute to anyone trying to abuse the reputation system in this way. Anyone attempting to abuse reputation will get their reputation reset and experience our Warning System. Reputation was originally set to 20 points daily, however we will be reducing it to 5 daily, so use your reputation wisely.
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    Pokémon Vortex v4 Pokémon Vortex is a free online Pokémon MMORPG based on that of Pokémon Crater. It has many features Crater had and more. These include: Clans. - One of v4's biggest update was obviously the re-introduction of in-game clans. Once you have completed all gyms, elite 4's, champions, battle frontiers and battle maison, you will be able to create your own clan. Of course if you want to get stuck in right from the start, you can join other peoples clan as soon as you create your account without the need to complete all of the gyms. Clans have their own battle function where you will be assigned a random player of another clan to battle, once you have completed that battle you will be able to battle your next opponent. These wins are all added up between every member of the clan to make your clans total battle count which will help put you up on that Clans leaderboard. The clans leaderboard is similar to the top trainers one but the points for clans is based on total experience of everyone in the clan, total wins and how many members are in it. There are many updates in the works still yet to come for this new section of the game. PokéBay. - The biggest introduction to v4 was PokéBay which is an auction system where players can auction their items, Pokémon, avatars and promo codes to other players. Auctions have set minimal start prices and as the price of the auction rises, the minimal bid requirement will get higher. PokéBay comes equipped with highly detailed search, filter and order options to help users find exactly what they're looking for. When a player has found what they are looking for, they can view an auction to see bid history and various details about the Pokémon/avatar/promo code/item being auctioned. Not ready to bid on it? Don't worry, PokéBay also has a watch list where you can keep track of auctions you want to bid on later or just want to see the outcome of when it's ended. Map navigation and player integration. - You can search through 25 elemental maps (Fire, Grass, Water, Ghost/Psychic, Electric, Ice and Rock) for all your favorite Pokémon to catch and battle. Each map has its distinct elemental Pokémon to be found on it with over 700 Pokémon in six different variants. You can choose the appearance your trainer which will be seen on the maps, there are 20+ sprites to choose from, seeing other members on the map will allow you to click their chosen character sprite and have the options to battle them, message them, view their trades, or view their profile. Maps also have a time lapse based on the GMT time zone which affects Pokémon spawns. For example, something like Murkrow will only be able to be found at night whereas Latias can only be found in the day. Trainer battling. - There are numerous battling methods on Vortex, you can battle through the gyms to collect all the badges from Kanto, Johto, Orange Islands, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola and the Elite 4's/Champions from these regions. In addition, there are also the Battle Frontiers from the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions as well as the Kalos Battle Maison to complete before you can find legendary Pokémon on the maps. You can also battle your friends and other online members through their profile page or searching a username through the battle page. Sidequests are also available and now finally have prizes. You can work your way through the regions of the Pokémon games such as Kanto to gain experience, money, achievements, items and exclusive Pokémon. Finally, there are the special battles, you can battle all the teams of your favorite villain characters of Pokémon such as Team Rocket and Team Aqua. Special battle events will be added occasionally, or during specific holidays. Pokemon Types. - Pokémon Vortex includes its own six types of Pokémon to collect, over a total of 5,300+ Pokémon. These types are Normal, Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Metallic and Shadow. Each type has its significant battling purpose that gives it a slight perk when going against another Pokémon. There are also unobtainable special types of Pokémon for you to battle on your way through Sidequests and the Event battles such as Pink or Crystal: Leaderboards. - We multiple leaderboards here on Vortex, the main one being the global top trainers list which can be ordered in 4 different ways giving you 4 possibilities to enter the list. The main order is by points which is calculated from all factors of your account. (Total experience, average experience, unique Pokémon and battle count) Each of these are ways in which the top trainer list can be ordered by. To make things a bit easier, we also have a local top trainers list which is a separate leaderboard for each country which is identical to the global top trainers except you can only be on the list for your current location. There is also a ranking board for the Pokémon that have the highest experience in the game. Stick to one Pokémon and go all out - You'll eventually end up with one on there. The most exciting of the leaderboards is the seasonal top trainers. This leaderboard is reset monthly and will only count a players progress for that 'season'. When the list is reset, everyone who places in the top 100 will be given an exclusive prize available no other way. Finally the richest users list is where you will end up if you decide to save all those hard earned Pokédollars rather than spending them. This list is ordered by who has the highest amount of money in the game currently. Unique Pokémon. - Vortex has its own unique Pokémon made by staff and members, so far these include Darkrown, Mewtwo (Armor), Rotom (Halloween), Caterpie (Christmas), Dratinire, Dratinice, Dratinilic, Diglett (Christmas), Togepi (Halloween), Pikachu (Jedi) and Cubone (Vader). Each come in all of the six Vortex types, Normal, Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Metallic and Shadow and can be obtained in different ways. These Pokémon are as follows: We add more Vortex unique Pokémon as we come across a nicely designed sprites we're willing to use. Trading. - We have a very detailed trade system where you can search for, offer and put up your own Pokémon in a trade. Trading can also be made easier to find a specific Pokémon or requirement by using the trade forums here. Pokédex. - You can keep track of all the Pokémon in your account through the Pokédex side tab. This lists every Pokémon, here on Vortex in all five types that you own and need. Pokémon you own are depicted with the Pokéball it was caught in and Pokémon you need are depicted with a faded Pokéball. Evolution. - As you would expect, evolution is available on Vortex with realistic methods. Many Pokemon evolve through leveling up in battles while others require an elemental stone which can be purchased at the PokéMart. v3 brought in new methods of evolution such as gender-based evolution, happiness evolution and many new item-based evolution's. v4 expanded on this and brought in location-based evolution and time-based evolution. You can read about how to evolve specific Pokémon on Vortex by visiting the evolution wiki guide here. Messaging & Notifications. - Vortex has its own in-game messaging system where you can communicate with other members instantly, you can save sent messages and store received messages in your inbox. You can message a member by clicking 'New Message' on the message page or by clicking 'Send Message' on a users public profile. You can also block people from messaging you who you would rather not having contact you by clicking the block button on their profile. If you have it enabled, you will get message notifications whenever you receive a new message. As well as leaving people offline messages to read when they get online, we have a new in-game live chat system that sits in a bar on the bottom of every game page. This bar also serves as your notification hub where you will be notified of messages, trades, friend requests, badge unlocks, auction outbids and more. Profiles. - You have 2 profiles, a main profile that only you can view and a public profile for other members to see. Your private profile can stores your email address, Forum username and Skype username privately if you do not wish for this information to be publicly available. You can also track your progress through this page, it displays your username, sprite, wins/losses, points, unique Pokémon, total experience, average experience, money, register date, public comments and all your badges. You can edit your profile comments, trainer overworld and avatar here. Your public profile is slightly the same except this will show other players a bit more information on your account such as tell them your current Pokémon team, global and local rank, country along with badges and certain options such as; message, view trades, view all Pokémon, battle, add to friends, follow, invite to clan and ignore. Finally, this page displays your last login to Pokémon Vortex and registration date. Fossil Lab. - Here you can regenerate your fossil items you won from Sidequests back into their living Pokémon state. For example, you may win a Dome Fossil from Sidequests - You can then go to the Fossil Lab to regenerate it to a Kabuto. The type of Pokémon it turns to is random. It has a 5 in 10 chance of being Normal or it has a 1 in 10 chance of becoming either of the special variants; Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Metallic or Shadow. Restoring a fossil also has a 1 in 10 chance of dropping the avatar for the corresponding Pokémon you're restoring. Event Center. - The Event Center is where you'll go to take part in special events held here on Pokémon Vortex. To enter, you will need an 'Event Ticket' to unlock the page. These are one-time use items that will unlock the page to take part in any current event we're holding. You may be given an Event Ticket by Pokémon Vortex or you may have to win one, this depends on the event and how we choose to run that specific event. Community. - We have a very warm and welcoming community here on Vortex and many ways of meeting other members. Our favourite, of course, being Discord where you can text, audio and video chat with other Pokémon Vortex players as well as join in an hourly quiz we run for in-game goodies. And then there's the forums where you can join and post to make friends, trade, share art, join/create contests and more. We also have a Pokémon Vortex Facebook and Twitter where you can like/follow us to receive the latest news and updates straight to your social networking profile.
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    Global Forum Rules Before you post, be sure to read through our rules and follow them or you may be issued with a warning or ban which is explained later in the post. If you see anyone violating these rules, please report them with the report button at the bottom of every post This will help us to keep the community clean and collected for both the staff and it's users, thank you. These rules apply to all forums English Only (Except the Multi-Language Forums): - I know it's not nice if your native language is not English but this helps us to keep an eye on all posts without having to use a translator or guess what some things say. Most of our users speak English so this will have to remain our main language of use. Search Bar: - If you have a question and you're not sure if it's already been answered, please use the search function on the forums before posting so we don't have to repeatedly answer the same things. If your question has been answered then your forum post may go ignored. Spamming: - When posting, please make sure to stay on topic and don't just post one word or a smiley. This is considered spam and will get yourself a warning on your account. Spamming is also posting over and over in different topics just to raise your post count. No one is interested in your post count so just reply to things that interest you. (This includes reviving dead topics from weeks/months/years ago just to raise your post count) Flaming: - If you engage in argumentative states with other users or staff, you will receive a higher warning level than the rest of the rules - This includes sexism, racism and any way that may offend/insult someone else. It is not tolerated under any circumstance. Swearing: - Swearing is not allowed on these forums, if you're unsure if a word is considered a swear then it probably is so don't use it anyway. Double Posting: - There is no reason to double post, if no one has replied to a topic since you posted in it but you have something to add, then use the edit post button to add in whatever additions you may have. Sometimes a double post can happen by mistake from a slow connection to the server and other issues - If this happens, just report your own post explaining you double posted by mistake and a moderator or administrator will delete the second post. Quoting (Post Bloat): - You cannot quote your own post, just for post count, even if it doesn't violate our double posting rule. Pornographic and Graphic Content (Gore): - This is not allowed in any shape or form so don't post it. End of. Signatures: - Anything you put into your signature here on the forums must fit a size limit of 800x400. If you insist on having more, then please use a spoiler box in your signature - Nobody wants to have to scroll for 15 minutes just to get past your signature. Multiple Accounts: - You are only allowed one forum account, it is pointless to have more than one which we will assume you did so to avoid a ban or to "troll" Doing so will earn you an instant ban on all accounts you have active. Illegal Content: - Do not post anything of an illegal content. This includes things such as drug use or pirating games / software These rules apply to the art forums Plagiarism / Art Theft: - Do not post art work from other people claiming for it to be yours, it's pointless and you will more than likely get found out for doing so by other users of the art forums. Offensive Art Work: - Do not post art work that could be considered offensive to other users. This includes anything of a sexual nature or something aimed at a specific culture / religion. These rules apply to the general chit-chat forum Constructive Conversation: - All new threads and replies in the General Chit-Chat forum must have at least one sentence of relative, constructive, conversation about the thread topic. These rules apply to the in-game contest forums Admission You may not ask for admission to enter your contest. This includes Pokemon, actual money, etc. Training You may not offer training someones Pokemon as a prize. This is to avoid scamming. Experience Prizes You may not offer experience as a currency for the prize of a contest or giveaway. The Pokémon can have as much experience as you want to give away but it can not be the sole focus of the prize. Your prize must be the Pokémon's name and not specify how much experience it has. (You may specify level) Warning System Warnings generally work in a three-time strike system. Verbal warnings will sometimes be handed out before a strike and a ban may be instantaneous - It depends on the severity of what it is you did. You can be permanently banned from the forums. Strike One: Posting privileges will be taken away for 24 hours. Strike Two: You will be suspended from the forums for 72 hours or more. Strike Three: This is where the punishment will vary, it can be anything from a suspension for one week to being permanently banned. Amnesty: Your strike on your account will be automatically removed after four weeks of not receiving another warning. If you receive another warning before your previous one was removed, it will amass on top of it until you get to 'strike three'.
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    I'll giveaway normal cosmogs just put ur ign and the number of cosmogs u got until now. You can enter more than once. I'll give them whenever I have and I want so no pushes plx If you take some days to answer after u been declared as winner u will lose your cosmog. Cosmogs given away until now: Winners until now: - seth1129400 - bilal.anwar - himanshu24092002 - sreesree - eurstin - Best_Is_Back - CaptainX - SquirrelKing CabanaBoy - maliha! - baddream - ferradorandre - Jorge Rey - Haxor69 - Anna9. - sas x2 - carrliam761 - waybig x2 - BLASTOISE ROCKS THE HEAT - nirav_987 - KYNO - Sujeet218 - fodnbilal - okten - adrsh2146 - siktir - Ash1667 - xMasterKevz - idle - EchoCHALLENGE - Eeveelutions8 - KILLERTRAINZ-KING - PawsInvincible - -LuxirousFighter- - MrVirus - dishpart - Minson Soh - WarpRogue - ShinyChamp123 - VEER1234 x2 - Harris07 - rotoms5 - majo10695 x2 - ani142 - late - Samual - priyamtron x2 - Night Fury#1768 - Memeverick - mazking - sanjimon - holmes4869 - Xred09 - badman99 - cuteweasel2617 - Gantavya - Prayag_Raj_Rai
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    To my knowledge, absolutely nothing. It disappears. Stats are kept as to how much money is 'sent to Vortex' for things like auctions and lotteries, but no-one actually gains from it.
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    You were banned for using a Tampermonkey script to automate gameplay. Your alt account is also banned as you were using this as storage for your illegitimately caught pokemon. I'm honestly still surprised how people can deny using bot scripts that are widely-published and freely available on the internet... like we don't have access to the internet or something? Or do you think you're the first person to discover this bot? We regularly scour the internet looking for bots/scripts. When we find them, we write our own scripts which can very reliably detect them being used. This is not rocket science. Stop cheating and you will stop being banned.
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    Thanks for the proof now moderators can help you out
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    Contragulations u won a ! Please offer the worst pokemon evar to my in my trade list
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    Oh, and not only should you join my clan, but you should also check this out because it sure is a good idea! https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/topic/17979-the-hoopa-rainbow-run-event/?tab=comments#comment-93770
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    You will get a notification when someone requests to join your clan. The number in the notifications bar at the top of every in-game page will also increase where it says "Requests".
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    i think he's indicating when people are applying to his clan, not the ones he wants to invite, but tbh i have no idea. I assume you get a message or something
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    Hey to all! I just made my own clan called the military! If you have at least 1 million exp on Pokemon vortex, please do join! Do 100 clan battles to become an elitist, and 350 to become a co-leader! However, you can stay in the group and do no clan battles at all! But yeah! As long as you have at least 1 million exp, I'll be happy to accept your request to join!
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    thank you for the answer and i hope they return soon
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    It would be so nice if we were able to get Pink pokemon just like in sidequests, not all but at least those ones we have there. And Crystal Onix that we also have in sidequest, I love it. It could be some event or being like a legendary to find. It could be rock/ice or ground/ice and maybe we could have a Crystal Steelix/Mega being steel/ice or ground/ice. Crystal Onix and Pink pokemon we also have in anime, so it would be really cool we able to get it
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    I also thought about a rainbow pokemon but I would like all of them possible or some of them at least. I can think how badass would be some of them full of colors. And I like your idea of a rainbow pokemon would have all powers (dark/shiny...) or something like having half ability like having 450 hp and more resistence to get (burn/frozen...); but to be fair you would be able to have only one rainbow pokemon in your team and not six rainbow at the same time if with all powers or something to equilibrate because it would look badass a team of just rainbow pokemon. I would like them at least with rarity (common/rare) and not getting them just by events, events could be just for specific ones. I also wanted we were able to get Pink pokemon just like in sidequests, not all but at least those ones we have there. And Crystal Onix that we also have in sidequest, I love it. It could be some event or being like a legendary to find. It could be rock/ice or ground/ice. Crystal Onix and Pink pokemon we also have in anime, so it would be really cool we able to get it
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    Well i just got this idea that we should have a logging section in clans which only the leader/people the leader wants to see can see. What will be its function? It should send information about whatever is happening in the clan, for example: Who invited which player/ who joined the clan Who kicked which player/Who left the clan Who lost a battle/won a battle Who changed who's roles How will this help us? It'll be easier for leaders to moderate and control their clan. If you have any questions regarding this or if you want to add something in this idea then feel free to post below.
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    Also... (metallic, level 15) for either ,,, , or
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    Its My 9th Birthday!
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    Breeding could be an interesting mechanic, although I'd not be sure how it'd work. Would Shadow Pokémon always breed new Shadow Pokémon? It's something to think about. It's currently not in the works, or at least it's not public knowledge that it's being worked on.
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    i hope there will be breeding that would be really cool but it could be broken
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    Pokémon Vortex v4.2.x is on the way!! Along with some long-awaited features such as localised time (Yay! No more time converting) This version comes with some much needed bug fixes, new Pokémon and feature improvements. This update is expected on May 13th 2019 What's New? You can now reset a Pokémon's nickname (for free) if you are the OT PokéBay bids now have a cooldown to tackle spam bidding (The cooldown is 10 seconds) The following Pokémon have been added to the Pokédex: Poipole Naganadel Blacephalon Zeraora Lycanroc (Dusk) Necrozma (Dawn Wings) Necrozma (Dusk Mane) Necrozma (Ultra) Snorlax (Mega) Arbok (Mega) Melmetal Rockruff can now be evolved into Lycanroc (Dusk) between 17:00 and 17:59 Blacephalon can now be found on the Fire cave maps with an Ultra Beast spawn rarity Poipole can now be found on the Psychic maps with an Ultra Beast spawn rarity Stakataka can now be found on the Cave maps with an Ultra Beast spawn rarity You can now localise times displayed in the game by choosing a timezone when creating an account or by setting a timezone in the options tab for your current account. (Note: You cannot change your timezone once you have picked one so please be sure to pick the correct one. If you are unsure of your timezone, you can ask for help on our Discord) The following new items have been added and made available through varied methods: Snorlaxite Arbokite Exp Boost You can now view a full list of every registered account with filters and orders when not logged into the game Premium account types are now available to purchase through our store. This account type is a monthly subscription service that comes with multiple perks which can be read about in detail on the Premium Subscription store purchase page You can now have personal temorary experience boosts on your account with the item "Exp Boost". This item will double your own account's experience earned from battles. (This item stacks with global experience boosts events) Map time of day and evolutions affected by time is now based on your timezone when you specify one in the options tab The following Pokémon have had their sprites redesigned and replaced: Meltan Porygon (Hammer) Porygon (Shield) Porygon (Sword) Bug Fixes Metagross (Mega) now has the attacks it was missing Attacks that were nerfed in a previous update now display the correct power and price when purchasing them Zygarde (Complete) now has the attacks it was missing The attack Leech Life has had it's base power corrected from 20 to 80 Pending clan requests from a user already in a clan will no longer appear Genderless Wishiwashi have been assigned a random gender based on their gender ratio and all further caught Wishiwashi will not be genderless All Pokémon that had "broken data" from v3 have been corrected Pyukumuku's spawn in the cave water has been extended to night as well instead of just day The 31st date on the daily login calendar will no longer always be blank if you logged in on that day Game Balances Alakazite has been added to the Kanto Sidequest prize pool Removals The now redundant global clock on the in-game notification bar has been removed The ability to "like/dislike" news on the home page has been removed Global chatrooms on the in-game chat bar has been removed (Please consider using our Discord to communicate with other players. You can still use the chat bar to talk one-on-one with friends and receive notifications)
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    Starting November 1st 2018, the Pokémon contents of Mystery Boxes will be changed monthly to resolve two issues within Pokémon Vortex's trade and auction economy. The first issue being that some old event Pokémon are impossible to obtain due to very low numbers of them existing. The second issue is that the current Mystery Box Pokémon drop of Rotom forms are too high and rapidly lose value as more boxes are obtained and opened. SO, the change, effective immediately will be that old event Pokémon (but not seasonal event Pokémon such as Halloween or Christmas) will be rotated through Mystery Boxes monthly starting off with November's Mystery Box Pokémon - Volcanion This Pokémon will be rotated out of Mystery Boxes on December 1st 2018 and so on, on monthly intervals. Here is a list of the following changes through to the end of September 2019: November 1st 2018 - November 30th 2018 December 1st 2018 - December 31st 2018 January 1st 2019 - January 31st 2019 February 1st 2019 - February 28th 2019 March 1st 2019 - March 31st 2019 April 1st 2019 - April 30th 2019 May 1st 2019 - May 31st 2019 June 1st 2019 - June 30th 2019 As of June 1st 2019, the avatar pool of Mystery Boxes will no longer be exclusively "Premium Avatars". Instead, it will have the chance to drop every single avatar except those reserved for special occasions such as Exclusive Auctions. July 1st 2019 - July 31st 2019 August 1st 2019 - August 31st 2019 September 1st 2019 - September 30th 2019 October 1st 2019 - October 31st 2019 As of November 1st 2019, the Pokémon pool of Mystery Boxes will no longer be exclusively one Pokémon. Instead, every past event Pokémon will be included and as events are rolled out and end, that Pokémon will join the Mystery Box Pokémon pool. Hopefully these continued changes monthly will make these Pokémon more widely available over time.
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    I agree. This is a major idea and it sounds awesome! I think the Idea should have moderators tripping over themselves to get this thing done. I think you guys should give out event tickets to all the users and start the event. Just because people on the computer can cover more space more quickly than mobile. Patrick please react to this I think many of us want to know what you think of this idea
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    I've listed four Pokemon up for trade! I'm planning to trade those Pokemon as follows: Level-12, female Azurill for a level-48-or-higher Dialga Level-12, male Delcatty for a level-80-or-higher Jigglypuff Level-18 Flabebe (Yellow) for a female Alolan Raichu that's level 60 or higher Level-14, female Togedemaru for a level-50-or-higher Eevee
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    Hi I'm firegolem47 and I have never gotten a cosmog. Hoping I'll get a first.
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    I am looking for these pokemons and offering PD$ for them: ALL OF THEM MUST BE NORMAL :1.5-2M $ :1.5-2M $
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