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    GIVEAWAY IS OVER. PLEASE DON'T POST ANYMORE IGN. THANK YOU. Today is a very special day for me. I am giving away something to everyone who posts his/her ign in this thread today. Simply leave a pokemon up for trade and post your in game name (username) here. The offer is valid for just today only. Please note : I will make the offers tomorrow after collecting all the names. Please choose anything (only 1) from the following : 1. Random Legendary Pokemon 2. Random Level 100 Pokemon 3. Random Starter Pokemon 4. Random Unique Pokemon 5. Random Poke cash (£2500 to £100000) = for this I will offer at pokebay, so please put one pokeball on auction with base price of £250) 6. Random pokemon (here there's a chance of getting any pokemon ranging from a regular pokemon at base level to an event pokemon) *pending ===== you need to put something on trade so that I can offer your prize. *you may either accept the offer or choose any category. ===== you haven't selected any category yet. either accept the current offer or make a choice from the given categories.
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    Announcement of Winners.... @KYNO won the 1st Prize @nonie22 won the 2nd Prize @qbd won the 3rd Prize @Ash1667 won the 4th Prize (5 unowns) Congratz all winners!!!! Winners have 5 days to claim their prizes!!... if they don't claim them before 24th March..... I'm going to put your Prizes up for auction in the PokéBay at price= 25,000 pokémoney.
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    Hi guys , how are you ? okay i got a giveaway here of a , be sure to participate by posting your ign below also be sure to have fun and ! the winner will be randomly picked on 22 march , 2018 , be sure to be a part of this giveaway! Also guys i wanted to tell you that as long as i can't use discord (cause am banned ) ill be doing a giveaway of any rare poke like Every week ! so be sure to smash that follow button , so you can get notifications of my giveaways and
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    IGN: Graveyard1994 Thanks for the giveaway!
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    IGN SuperKool Thanks for the giveaway
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    okay thanks for your opinion buddy , ill edit it now and you forgot to add "e" in Auke1993
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    A giveaway is good to do, I'd like to join. I would like to remind you though that asking for Reputation in a post is not allowed. I suggest a change to that. My in-game name is Auke1993.
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    Rate the Song Above Listen to the song given in the link by the poster above and leave a rating out of 10 with some comments as honest feedback. Then, leave a link to a song that the next person should listen to. Rinse, repeat. I'll go first with a song link. chatting in the PMs with Kaylum gave me this idea
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    Band you for being darkrai not darkrown
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    @unknown_citizen thank you for helping to keep the forums correctly tagged. Might I suggest the report feature, that way your post doesn't look spammy.
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    Recently, the Discord server has enabled the highest verification level on Discord. Any other verification level would be fine. The thing is, I don't have a usable phone much less phone number to verify myself with. As such, I can't talk in the server. Is there any way I can talk in the server without buying a phone?
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    Hi Guys , its darkrai- from pokemon vortex and Darkrai from discord , i wanted to discuss that i was banned from discord all because of @PRIMEZORDON_VORTEX he was saying bad words about me even my family , and when i replied back , a mod banned me , now that's not fair guys , please mods unban me , its not my fault , and the guy who was fighting me didn't got banned , wow , i dunno i want my discord back at all cost , i am innocent , no mistake no nothing and a free surprise of a ban for me , thanks i really hate it , anyways , Why don't you understand! its not my fault ! its @PRIMEZORDON_VORTEX fault , i am the guy who did nothing but was dragged in ! I NEED IT BACK AT ALL COST!
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    Everyone getting involved when they don't need to as usual. You were banned for swearing, spamming and fighting even after you were asked to stop. What other members of the chat did at the time is irrelevant, we are dealing with you and your ban. After being banned, you continued to break rules by lying about what happened and even creating fake screenshots to prove your "innocence". Due to this, and also this post, you are not going to be unbanned at this time. Also, I'd suggest you stop spamming the forums with posts like this.
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    I can't say a lot, but I have seen occasional bad words and filter evading from you in Discord. Assuming nothing worse happened and you were warned about the bad language, then continuously doing so can cause a ban. Looking at it differently, a topic like this does not seem like the way to go if you disagree with the ban. I don't know about all details, but stating you're innocent without making any mistakes is incorrect. I know that much.
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    I definitely understand why this change was made, but it's a bit dumb that I can't participate in a vital part of Pokemon Vortex. Namely, the quizzes, but it's now a bit harder for me to get the word about PokeBay or Clan Recruitment. I think you can give roles to bypass this, but that's probably out of the question.
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    Not a joke, winner will be picked via name generator 24/2/18. More giveaways will follow soon prepare and from Dylan, Blue and Nash, Goodbye. We quit. Anyone can enter, yes even you Kaylum 17,968,041
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    Normal Porygon 2 = offered. you may either accept the offer or choose any category. Normal Mamoswine = offered Metallic Cresselia ==== pending Normal Toucannon = offered you may either accept the offer or choose any category. Shadow Gible = offered you may either accept the offer or choose any category. Normal Terrakion = offered Normal Heatran = Offered
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    Yay only 2 days thanks a lot for the giveaway tho bro, very generous now only a few hours wait ( posted a day later )
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    I'd appreciate it. Either that or a way to view Seasonal Points. Both would be appreciated, especially considering I'm making a video series about the Seasonal Top now. Every bit of info I can share is useful.
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    *It's Umbreon, brosis! Answer is... cuz he wants to put his Favorite pokémon
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    Friendly tip for everyone! If someone is telling you to give them Pokemon or money or else be reported, do NOT fall for this scam. Pokemon Vortex will not ban your account for no reason at all. If you are cheating, you'll be banned, no amount of Pokemon or money will fix that. Have a good day!
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    Los premios por completar la SideQuest de Alola son VARIABLES!! (No son los mismos premios siempre). Tú puedes obtener los sgtes. premios al finalizar la SideQuest de Alola: 1x Beast Ball 10x Beast Balls 25x Beast Balls un Ice Stone (Piedra Hielo) a Perman Ban Para mayor info, hecha un vistazo al siguiente link... https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Sidequests#Prizes_and_Drop_Rates
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    IGN : lakshman15 thanks for giveaway
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    IGN : SuperKool Thanks for the giveaway
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    IGN: Unknown_citizen thnx for the Giftawei (Giveaway) Clashboi!
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    IGN Chingki Thanks for the giveaway!
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    I'm still gonna try IGN Dark_Wolf
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    Hey @ClashyWoman i made a text for you
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    I did it! The Scrafty I just evolved into is my 3111th Pokémon! That's exactly 50% of all Pokémon on Vortex! Woohoo! https://imgur.com/a/3R9K6
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    The Pokemon Of Time and the song Time by Pink Floyd about Time
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    Hey this post is for the developers on the pokemon vortex. i am a 13 year old boy mad about pokemon vortex since the v2 and have recently started web development where i explored this application which grades the website on the basis of the targets set by yahoo (yes, the application is developed by yahoo). This fine day i ran the test on pokemon votex's site where it was graded 'D'. The suggestions on how to improve the website was also given. i just wanted to tell u about the WONDERFUL application devevloped by yahoo which when adheard of can improve this site A LOT! RGRDS, A fine fellow would be too happy if replied to personally at my email-id (i guess u know it)
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    Got scammed when this guy asked to trade for mystic cosmog code. Unfortunately the guy was really quick in deleting his direct messages before I could take a screenshot so I can only show that I was the one who got the code and he was the one who redeemed it. He used the discord name cooltrainer. The times shown in the pictures differ due to the different timezones Here he asks me for a trade: https://imgur.com/gk5NxTL Proof that I was the one who got the code: https://imgur.com/qlgQ8Sz Here is the Vortex bot showing who claimed the code: https://imgur.com/1VqgOoP Hopefully we can put a stop to him scamming others.
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    Ahhh Pat has updated v4 to v4.1 and in that Pat has even mentioned that now u can see message has been delivered or not , yes nice option Pat but but , wait The pokedex option comes before the message delivered option and I hence I can't see the message has been delivered or not . Thanks hope u see this pat .
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    RIP Stephen Hawking.
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    i meant about the trainer battles and gym battles and not the wild battles actually i meant only after pokemon faints we can have the option of continue till that if we have skip pokemon option it would be better i think
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    i think pokemon vortex can include the skip pokemon option in battles and it probably help many of them who are battling and people who want to train their pokemon to a lot of experience