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    On Saturday September 22nd 00:00 to Sunday September 23rd 23:59 BST all Ultra Beast Pokémon found on the maps will have twice their usual spawn rate. Necrozma will be slightly more common than the rest on the Ghost/Psychic maps. The following Pokémon will be more common during this period: In addition to this, a previously unreleased Ultra Beast will be made available for these two days which will be named at a later date. Please Note: Ultra Beasts can only be caught with either a Beast Ball or a Vortex Ball The newly added Ultra Beast will not be exclusive to this event - It will be a permanent addition on the maps in the next update (v4.2.x)
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    @Patrick m8, make Double Experience Weekend during the event also.....
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    IGN : Edisonoyz Fav. Event Pokemon : missingno. probs Greatest Achievement : scoring top for literature (even though I'm trash)
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    ign: eurstin event:(didn't say it had to be released) Achievement: Finishing this to enter the giveaway
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    IGN : WarpRogue Fav. Event Pokemon : KYUREM BLACK Greatest Achievement : Victory ROYALE
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    vitol achievement: my crush waved me
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    Welcome to the Pokemon Vortex Training Accounts Forums Thread! Let me just make it clear, these are not ACTUAL training accounts as there were in V2, that's not possible anymore. However, these accounts might just help to level up some Pokemon, or grind some EXP on already-Level-100s. What is a Training Account? A Training Account is an account which has been created with a team of (usually) 6 Level 100 Pokemon with weak movesets. They are used to train and level up Pokemon that are super-effective against the type of Pokemon in the team of that training account. So I've listed the accounts by their Type in Alphabetical Order. This will make it easy for you to find an account according to the Pokemon you wish to train. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pokemon Type → Training Account → TrainingGenesect → TrainingDarkrai → TrainingRayquaza → TrainFire // TrainingKyurem → TrainFlying // TrainingYveltal // FlyingSoda → Ghost_Unit // → TrainingKyurem // ThunderStick → TR_DragonSlayer // TrainingXerneas → TrainingKeldeo//VitolFight → TrainingShaymin // iaraGrassDragon → TMacGround // TrainingGroudon → TrainingKyurem → Normal_Unit // Murr → PoisonSoda // Tetrodotoxin → PsychicSoda // TrainingMewtwo → TrainingKyurem → AvSteel // TrainingDialga → iaraLuvdisc // WaterMe // TrainingKyogre ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And I've also added in a type chart, just for extra convenience and information. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, that's about it. Didn't take much time to make this at all, just a quick short post since a lot of people on chat come to ask about these everyday. Still missing a couple of training accounts as you can see above, if anyone knows any please do recommend them, and I'll add them. Also, I'm open to suggestions, so if anyone has any about what I should add/remove, feel free to hit me up. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: http://teamdxgeneration.weebly.com/training.html Thank you SmartAss for helping with updates!
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    Hey guys, I m hosting a giveaway for a PS-Giveaway will end on 25th September To join the giveaway rules are simple.. 1-Ign 2-Fav Event Pokemon (Vortex) 3-Your best achievement GL and...Believe in Glaceon
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    Auctioning Pokemon with exact 53,000 exp for £53,000 pokecash. Check them out on Pokebay Auctions. Ign= 11sas1
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    Okay. Think now giratina, he doesnt have fire attack for buy (except hidden power(fire). You can spin wheel of fortune for buy best fire attack or other element attacks. There are will be 10 skills for pick. System is easy. Spin 10 skills pick one for use. 1. spin 1. element hidden power (ice) 2. element hidden power (fight) 3. element hidden power (ice) 4. element hidden power (fire) 5. element hidden power ( grass) 6. element hidden power (dark) 7. element hidden power (water) 8. element glaciate 9. element focus punch 10. element fire punch you can pick one or spin more times 2. spin 1. element blast burn ----------> select and add that skill for purcaseable attacks. 2. element slash 3. element superpower 4. element hidden power (ghost) 5. element frozen world 6. element hidden power (bug) 7. element hidden power (ice) 8. element hidden power (ice) 9. element hidden power (ghost) 10. element hidden power (psychic)
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    IGN : kawish Fav. Event Pokemon : Togepi (Halloween) Greatest Achievement : Enter Local top trainer:(96rank):10/09/2018
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    ziptye Best achievement: gettting a perfect game on Wii Bowling
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    1. Ign: minson 2. Zygarde Complete 3. Top 10 in sports carnival
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    We the people, want...a Necrozma event! *Prepares war items if we don't get it.*
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    You have three accounts in total with that email address - two of them are banned. The single not-banned account is the username ZachKingGaming100
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    Hayır. Canavar topu sadece promosyon kodu şeklinde olduğunda verebilirsiniz. Ya da kimseyle ticaret yapamazsınız .... Ya da pokebay'da satabilirsin ama diğer kullanıcılar xyu kullanıcısı teklif edebilirler.
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    It would be nice to see the addition of the sex specific sprites. I feel as though it would bring a nice touch to the game. Some to consider would be Pyroars, Frillish, and Unfeazant since they have noticeable and recognizable model differences. Hippowdons may be a good idea as well because of their apparent color differences, but as they do not have different models it may not be convenient for quizzes since they would be difficult to tell apart (although the arceus forms are an example of that not really mattering). It doesnt have to be over the top since there are plenty of pokemon with small feature variations that most users cant differentiate and therefor may be more effort than what its worth in those cases.
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    I made a tutorial video which explains how to get quick/easy EXP. Every way of gaining quick/easy EXP that I know of is in there. So no matter what Pokémon you're trying to train, there is a way.
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    Just a few ideas that you might want to consider @Patrick: Sidequests are long and tiring even though they are fun to do. However some of the prize additions aren't truly worthwhile doing 100 or more battles for. I feel that Avatar's should be removed and left as potential daily log in prizes. Items such as Dive Balls, Dusk Balls & Moon Balls that can be bought from the Pokemart shouldn't be prizes from Sidequests. In terms of Mega Stones, the only Mega Stones that should be Sidequest prizes are Aerodactylite, Diancite, Latiosite, Latiasite, Mewtwonite Y & X (The rest should be removed from Sidequest prizes and be purchasable from the Pokemart). When completing the Sidequests to 100% I know that one of the prizes is Beast Balls and the other an Ice Stone, in regards to that I'd say maybe removing the Ice Stone as a prize, but when you complete all the Sidequests to 100% it unlocks the Ice Stone in the Pokemart where you can only buy one and it is at a high price like $1,000,000. When you restart the Sidequests then that would no longer be available just like you can no longer find the Alolan forms once you restart the Sidequests. This would make doing the Sidequests a lot more exciting and worthwhile. Thank You
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    totally agree, I think many will agree too because it is very sad you seek so many battles and only win an avatar and often pokeballs * which can be bought in pokemart *. In my view the sidequests prizes should at least be exclusive (something that can not be bought like pokeballs) or relevant as avatars. Something that can really add to the progress of the game.
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    Getting a single Beast Ball in 2 Alolan sidequest. What dumb luck I have...
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    I'm fluffy
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