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    Details TBA.
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    eurstin 1. Not sure if I did that correctly...
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    I'm going to cidnarp you and all your family if u don't give me your whole account!! (JK)
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    Who will be new leader of this clan?
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    765k metallic blastoise (mega) for shadow palkia , shaymin sky and mettalic kyurem.. IGN: luisgo2. blastoise UFT already
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    Hi here you have an amazing opportunity to get 3 cells; Rules- never send msg. more than a time Instruction- type your IGN and also no. in order ALL THE BEST eg. IGN xxxx no. 1
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    Disturb not the harmony of Fire, Ice, or Lightning lest the three Titans wreck destruction upon the world in which they clash. Though the water's Great Guardian shall arise to quell the fighting alone its song will fail. Thus the Earth shall turn to ash. O, Chosen One, into thine hands bring together all three. Their treasures combined tame the beast of the sea.
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    Exactly what i wanted... By the way I am a saiyan...
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    Looks like he figured out another way...
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    ah forgot something check it now @VITOL
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    It’s not a double post letting someone know when I will be able to do things for them. Not unless the admins count the same person post twice in a row no matter what it is, a double post. Then I don’t get the point. If I would’ve posted the same thing by chance like my phone glitched etc. And the same thing posted, that’s a double post in my opinion. Not letting a customer know when his stuff will be done.
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    @Fathima1234567890 @Fathima1234567890 @AYESHA456 @SoupsMcNova @porymon @rakeshrevanth @NoobNoRuleZ666 @v3567 @fodnbilal @bablu123 @Requaza_and_me @NotMaxifubes @BLASTOISE ROCKS THE HEAT @Juanky7 @Sujeet218 @Event_Lords123 @Dhiraj Bhandari @Minson Soh @hhh123 @Pratham Shetty @syed cheeselover @Rayqmega @bhuvan35 @Luvstory @OriginalSilverDragon @Dark_Wolf @CadderIy @raifonder1 @KYNO @GodsWithin @Mrbobadyba @ani142 @godlybob @Tetsuyen222 @eurstin @EliteCrafters3009 @Kaylum
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    Have you logged in recently? Make sure you link your Ingame account and forums account!
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    EXP and happiness are two different things. This guide will help you. https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Happiness
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    You’re missing a battle frontier badge from Hoenn
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    No, everything from v3 will carry over to v4 with the exception of some deleted clans (not all) which will be explained soon. everything on your account now will still be there in v4.
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    Since you haven't had a v4 screenshot or update in a while...
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    Well, stuff has happened. V4 is being created and it will take a while, but fret not, stuff has happened
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    It has been a whole year, but nothing has happened. We will wait for you guys because I know its hard to create a game
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    Welcome to the Pokemon Vortex Training Accounts Forums Thread! Let me just make it clear, these are not ACTUAL training accounts as there were in V2, that's not possible anymore. However, these accounts might just help to level up some Pokemon, or grind some EXP on already-Level-100s. This thread is merely for your convenience, since everyone has been asking a lot. What is a Training Account? A Training Account is an account which has been created with a team of (usually) 6 Level 100 Pokemon with weak movesets. They are used to train and level up Pokemon that are super-effective against the type of Pokemon in the team of that training account. Note that you should use these accounts to train at your own risk. This thread is merely for your convenience, since everyone has been asking a lot. So I've listed the accounts by their Type in Alphabetical Order. This will make it easy for you to find an account according to the Pokemon you wish to train. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pokemon Type → Training Account → TrainingGenesect → TrainingDarkrai → TrainingRayquaza → TrainFire // TrainingKyurem → TrainFlying // TrainingYveltal // FlyingSoda → Ghost_Unit // → TrainingKyurem // ThunderStick → TR_DragonSlayer // TrainingXerneas → TrainingKeldeo//VitolFight → TrainingShaymin // iaraGrassDragon → TMacGround // TrainingGroudon → TrainingKyurem → Normal_Unit // Murr → PoisonSoda // Tetrodotoxin → PsychicSoda // TrainingMewtwo → TrainingKyurem → AvSteel // TrainingDialga → iaraLuvdisc // WaterMe // TrainingKyogre ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And I've also added in a type chart, just for extra convenience and information. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, that's about it. Didn't take much time to make this at all, just a quick short post since a lot of people on chat come to ask about these everyday. Still missing a couple of training accounts as you can see above, if anyone knows any please do recommend them, and I'll add them. Also, I'm open to suggestions, so if anyone has any about what I should add/remove, feel free to hit me up. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: http://teamdxgeneration.weebly.com/training.html Thank you SmartAss for helping with updates!
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    @Bravosam01 said that... Kappa! Actually it was @adrsh2146's "knowledge" .
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    Virtual phone numbers don't work for discord. Trust me. I've tried.
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