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  1. SW-0794-9957-7477

    Need frands for Sword/Shield. Will sing and dance for anyone getting Shield and can give a poor Patrick a Larvitar. :T_T:
    (Even if you're not getting Shield, you can add me anyway, maybe we can do a Gigantamax battle together or something)

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    2. Patrick


      I usually get both myself but the one that ends up not being my main game just doesn’t get played so I’ve decided to finally cut the habit of getting both games and just trade for the exclusives from others instead.

    3. ashgreninjaserina


      I might get a switch soon,  I may also get one of the games. Both games look good, so I don't know which one I want yet.


      A little off topic but never challenge me to a pokemon ultra moon battle or else... 

      (Hint you wont win) lol

    4. Auke1993


      I normally get one game, and then a few months later get the other to do some challenges with such as Nuzlockes.

      As that's been the case for a long time, I decided to get them at the same time now (as there's some nice pre-order bonuses here).

  2. Coming sooooooon!!
    Snorlax (Mega)Shiny Snorlax (Mega)Dark Snorlax (Mega)Mystic Snorlax (Mega)Metallic Snorlax (Mega)Shadow Snorlax (Mega)

    Arbok (Mega)Shiny Arbok (Mega)Dark Arbok (Mega)Mystic Arbok (Mega)Metallic Arbok (Mega)Shadow Arbok (Mega)

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    2. cuteweasel2617


      The designs are great. I loved it Patrick. Type changes would also be appreciated. Yet, the genuine pokemon that are missing should come as soon as possible.:;):

    3. cuteweasel2617


      thanks for the type changes:;)::<3_<3:

    4. Unknown2222


      Well I cannot wait till the new updates are in :><:

  3. Where them Keldeos at?! :T_T:

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    2. omg414


      Patrick is accused for decreasing the spawn rates of Keldeo (Resolute).... Cannot find them too.. 


    3. porymon


      Im at 100 SQ battles.  :T_T:

    4. omg414


      Caught a Dark Keldeo (Resolute)today!! gg

      But overpaid for shiny la reine code... :T_T::T_T::T_T::T_T::T_T:

      idk when i will finish resolute set....



  4. Some fun facts about the Christmas Hatchathon event:

    • 170,845 eggs were obtained
    • 130,476 eggs were hatched
    • 8,371 hatches were Christmas edition event Pokémon
    • 698 Pikachu (Christmas)'s were evolved on Christmas day
    • 1,316 Regice avatars were unlocked
    • 1,294 Regirock avatars were unlocked
    • 1,713 Registeel avatars were unlocked
    • 24 Regigigas avatars were unlocked
    • 184 Delibird avatar auctions were created


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    2. adrsh2146


      @misty_lax the event for regigigas is still going on. You'll find it in 12 hr eggs.

    3. misty_lax


      Oh fudge I dont have any eggs left

    4. faruq2002


      i got a christmas pichu but is it worth evolving to its full final stage?


  5. 025ChChristmas Hatchathon Event Update!!026C

    Evolve your Pikachu (Christmas) into the previously unreleased Raichu (Christmas) with a Thunder Stone starting December 25th 00:00 GMT.

    This evolution is time limited and will end on December 26th 00:00 GMT so don't miss out!

    This is the final update for the Christmas Hatchathon event. We hope you've enjoyed it and we'll see you in 2019

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    1. eurstin


      And ofc I missed it D:

  6. 172CChristmas Hatchathon Event Update!!172C

    Clan battle egg drops have now come to an end but, we've discovered a new way for you to earn eggs along with your daily login rewards!

    Until December 31st you will be able to pick up eggs of all 4 types from releasing Pokémon!

    Note: All egg drops (including daily login rewards) end on December 31st. You will be able to hatch eggs until January 7th.

    Happy Hunting, everyone!

  7. 172CChristmas Hatchathon Event Update!!172C

    Wild Pokémon egg drops have now come to an end but that doesn't mean there's just daily login rewards left to get eggs!

    Until December 19th all clan battle wins have the chance to drop an egg of all 4 types.

    Happy hunting, everyone!

  8. 172CChristmas Hatchathon Event Update!!172C

    The top hatchers rewards have been revealed
    Check the event center for more information.

    Happy hatching!

  9. 172CChristmas Hatchathon Event Update!!172C

    Defeating wild Pokémon in battle now have a chance to drop an egg of all 4 types.

    Are you willing to let wild Pokémon faint for an egg?

    Happy hunting, everyone!

    Wild Pokémon egg drops ends on December 12th

    1. Auke1993


      Ooh, more reason to do wild battles.

    2. waybig


      How high is that "chance" exactly? And does it increase by level or is it completely random 

  10. The event details have been updated! 805


  11. The report bugs section has been cleaned up and all (except battle bugs - more on why later) have been addressed in the upcoming update. I would like to make a point to the people who are reporting bugs, a big thank you but I came across MANY duplicate reports, so can you please search the forums to see if the bug you are reporting has already been posted? It makes the process of fixing them much quicker as well as keeping the forums nice and clean. Thank you.

    1. sportsandmusic69


      Sexy Patrick to the rescue.

    2. Patrick


      I do what I can :x

  12. What device do you play on? I noticed in your screenshots everything seems kind of squashed and out of proportion.

    1. Polaris


      Oh I play on a laptop :) 

      Sometimes I zoom out so I can press the buttons more easily so that might explain some of the squashing.

  13. The sidequest prize drops on the wiki is finally complete for the many times it's been asked for - https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Sidequests#Prizes_and_Drop_Rates

    1. seth1129400


      well this getting fixed will give a better impression :P


  14. Hola everyone. Hope you all had a good Christmas and new year. Sorry for my recent absence, I was feeling unwell and needed a recharge after all the work I put into v4 the past months.
    Anyway, I'm back now and have worked through all the Q&A topics, answering the unanswered questions and cleaning up the sub-forum.
    What's next?
    I'm currently working on fixing all the bugs posted in the bug/error sub-forum ready for the next Vortex update... It's a big one 04-02-0201-mobile_btn_icon.png.

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    2. porymon


      Hope 'achievements' gonna be up....

    3. GodsWithin


      Hope you're feeling better my guy. Take care. 

    4. ClashyWoman


      Hope you'll add the 'Save Teams' option soon. :^)

  15. You can now search for auctions by unique auction IDs which can be found in the auction details. Be sure to mention these when telling people about your auction so they are able to find it.
    You can also search for auctions by a person's username now as well.

    And thank you everyone for the feedback on PokéBay so far, I was really excited to see this feature in action and I'm glad you're all enjoying it and helping me find ways to make the experience even better. Keep the suggestions coming.

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    2. hhh123


      Sorry, there is a problem

      The Pokémon Vortex Store is Currently Offline


      patrick sir , how can i fix this problem?^^^^^ is it really offline?

    3. Resurrectionf1


      patrick sir how we get avatar for pokebay ?

    4. Yetinemo


      You click on pokébay, then click browse auctions and after that in the the filter section click on avatars. Also auctions take one day or more to complete and will tell you when they will be done. You need to click on the left side where it says the avatar's name (this includes pokeballs and everything in pokébay.) then type in how much you want to bid, hit return, and you have bid on something! Then to apply it click on your avatar in the top left corner and click on default and select the Pokémon for your avatar. Hope this was helpful.

  16. Update on the update:

    Everything is running smoothly, it turned out there were a LOT more banned Pokemon in the trade system than I thought which took a while to remove (But at least we have a clean trade system now, right?)
    So all banned Pokemon have been removed from trade and trade offers.

    All glitched Primal Pokemon have been removed.

    All Pokemon have had their count adjusted to not include banned ones.

    The database has been migrated to version 4 and so far seems to run fine. (I caught a Shiny Gligar ~yay)

    Still a bit more to do but it's getting nearer, thank you for being patient during the wait, I know it's been long.


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    2. DannyV


      so i logged in and i lost 2 donation pokemon why is that?? 


      nvmd i just checked all my pokemon sorry bout that... lol getting used to the new things 

    3. Nutella Navigator
    4. narayan393


      v 4 is awesome pat but the only prob i have is the removal of the day & night options, i know u want people to visit the site as often as they can but what about people with jobs, this could be their stress buster for the day. The choice to catch day & night pokemon, now its gone. crap :(

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    2. v3567


      inb4 "PAT is the countdown according to Indian time?????????????????"

    3. Starkban


      Should i return to play now in V4? e.e

    4. v3567
  17. Since you haven't had a v4 screenshot or update in a while... :^_^:


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    2. v3567


      That's fixed in v4? The rarity of water pokemon will go down now. :(

    3. Nutella Navigator
    4. Sujeet218
  18. For those who had issues replying to anything on the forums over the past few days due to no text editor box appearing, it is now fixed. Welcome back to the land of speech. :^_^:

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    2. unknown_citizen


      Ohh, anyways thanks for fix it and also for make the Forums more cool. ^_^

    3. eurstin


      Didn't see it earlier, but thanks for adding the Discord contact info thing :) 

    4. ViralV


      Was having problem with status update. Thought it was my net problem :@_@:

  19. @porymon is a scammer

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    2. porymon


      I muzt return dem bidoofs i steel

    3. porymon


      Sharing v4 pics with da public? ff

      Or is it bcuz I haven't complained about v4 for bout a week?:ph34r: dd


      Or cuz I miz da salt from sports on discord like every time? disgust




    4. Lunchbox


      It's because only a scammer would talk in the derpspeak you've just wrought upon us.

  20. With the kind mathematical help of @Lunchbox we now have a wiki article that has definitive map encounter rates. Long gone are the days of "legendaries are 1 in 1000" speculations.
    You can find all the rates here:

    It even has a nice little preview of the encounter rates for Ultra Beasts in v4.

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    2. Uncle_Psychic
    3. sportsandmusic69
    4. Auke1993


      I like myself some statistics.
      I'll probably check back here a few times knowing now that these stats exist.

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