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  1. You can now search for auctions by unique auction IDs which can be found in the auction details. Be sure to mention these when telling people about your auction so they are able to find it.
    You can also search for auctions by a person's username now as well.

    And thank you everyone for the feedback on PokéBay so far, I was really excited to see this feature in action and I'm glad you're all enjoying it and helping me find ways to make the experience even better. Keep the suggestions coming.

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    2. hhh123


      Sorry, there is a problem

      The Pokémon Vortex Store is Currently Offline


      patrick sir , how can i fix this problem?^^^^^ is it really offline?

    3. Resurrectionf1


      patrick sir how we get avatar for pokebay ?

    4. Yetinemo


      You click on pokébay, then click browse auctions and after that in the the filter section click on avatars. Also auctions take one day or more to complete and will tell you when they will be done. You need to click on the left side where it says the avatar's name (this includes pokeballs and everything in pokébay.) then type in how much you want to bid, hit return, and you have bid on something! Then to apply it click on your avatar in the top left corner and click on default and select the Pokémon for your avatar. Hope this was helpful.

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