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  1. hi patrick

    one guy whoys ign is = reydavid

    spoiling me and my clan name 

    telling everyone in game and discord that i am scammer many people are getting against me

    i am loyal player i lay vortex from 2015 sir i am one of the elitest of anti work which is number 1 clan 

    few days back i made trade with reydavid i gave him shadow zygarde complete and shadow partial

    and i got shiny darkrown , dark water , shiny giratina from him

    after few days yesterday he is telling that there was some trade issues and he did not have the shadow zygarde complete which i gave him , he is telling that by some error that shadow complete have came back to my account

    how its possible patrick after receiving pokemon i will got it back

    he is telling the auction id of shadow complete which i gave him have same id number of my shadow complete which i have

    i want to know that was there really trade error ?

    many people are calling me scammer when i am not 

    thanks in advance

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    2. mazking


      cause he only have sent me his trade ss 

    3. porymon


      He sent you an SS confirming he got the pokes but then says that you scammed him?

      I dont follow o.O

    4. mazking
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