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  1. Patrick

    Answered Alolan pokemon

    You need to be in the Alola region of Sidequests.
  2. Patrick

    Resolved Clan icon

    Follow this guide step by step: https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Getting_Your_Forum_Clan_ID
  3. Yo pat, any idea when Magearnagets inroduced to the family?

  4. Bro do you love snorlax the most. Plz tell asking just to know you

    1. Auke1993


      Snorlax and Munchlax are Patrick's two favourite Pokémon.

  5. Patrick

    Fixed Core enforcer bug

  6. Patrick

    Resolved Too quick auction bid

    It was intentionally made this way.
  7. Some fun facts about the Christmas Hatchathon event:

    • 170,845 eggs were obtained
    • 130,476 eggs were hatched
    • 8,371 hatches were Christmas edition event Pokémon
    • 698 Pikachu (Christmas)'s were evolved on Christmas day
    • 1,316 Regice avatars were unlocked
    • 1,294 Regirock avatars were unlocked
    • 1,713 Registeel avatars were unlocked
    • 24 Regigigas avatars were unlocked
    • 184 Delibird avatar auctions were created


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    2. adrsh2146


      @misty_lax the event for regigigas is still going on. You'll find it in 12 hr eggs.

    3. misty_lax


      Oh fudge I dont have any eggs left

    4. faruq2002


      i got a christmas pichu but is it worth evolving to its full final stage?


  8. Patrick

    Answered Remove exp

    That’s not something we do, sorry.
  9. Patrick

    Answered I'm planning to buy bluetooth keyboard

    That would work fine and is allowed.
  10. 025ChChristmas Hatchathon Event Update!!026C

    Evolve your Pikachu (Christmas) into the previously unreleased Raichu (Christmas) with a Thunder Stone starting December 25th 00:00 GMT.

    This evolution is time limited and will end on December 26th 00:00 GMT so don't miss out!

    This is the final update for the Christmas Hatchathon event. We hope you've enjoyed it and we'll see you in 2019

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    1. eurstin


      And ofc I missed it D:

  11. Patrick

    Answered Clan

    At the top of every page, there is a "Requests" number: Click that to see your friend and clan requests.
  12. 172CChristmas Hatchathon Event Update!!172C

    Clan battle egg drops have now come to an end but, we've discovered a new way for you to earn eggs along with your daily login rewards!

    Until December 31st you will be able to pick up eggs of all 4 types from releasing Pokémon!

    Note: All egg drops (including daily login rewards) end on December 31st. You will be able to hatch eggs until January 7th.

    Happy Hunting, everyone!

  13. Patrick

    Bug Interesting Auction Mechanics

    No... upload it to imgur and just paste the link here instead.
  14. Can you tell me why my bootycena76-p account was banned. i seriously didnt do any thing wrong. never exploited a glitch or use a bot. My session expired when i was battling in side quests and it said u were banned.. Dont want my acc back or anything already started a new acc.. Just want to know thanks  

    1. adrsh2146


      Well, Your acc won't be banned for no reason. You must've scammed someone, use bot to train/catch Pokemons or something.

  15. Patrick

    Bug Interesting Auction Mechanics

    Can you fix the picture attachment please? It isn't visible. @ethernity81