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  1. Hello magikarp.....It's me HotfudgeSundae....I just found your profile and just recently joined the forums...

    1. desi987


      i know who you are xD 

  2. Discussion Post Your Desktop
  3. Giveaway Caterpie (Christmas) Giveaway

    desi987 good luck everyone and merry christmas to all(i dont use this as much anymore so just in case i cant make this kind of post at christmas)
  4. Halloween 2016


    i bet it will be mimikyu
  5. A good idea to make vortex a bit less dull(after a while) is to take away mega stones from the pokemart and make some games that give mega stones as a prize. Another good idea is a message bar under the pokemon you have on trades that way you can specify what kind of offers you are looking for but maybe a max of 150 characters so that people cant just spam also make an anti spam mechanism.
  6. Giveaway Loki's Giveaway

    desi987 fun fact: cat urine glows in the dark fave legendary:
  7. Giveaway Arceus (Water) Giveaway

    ign- desi987 thanks for the giveaway, and good luck to everyone.
  8. Giveaway SmartAss Giveaway

    desi987 congrats again goodluck everyone
  9. Giveaway Srki Giveaway

    ign desi987 fave pokemon
  10. Kyurem Klash


    i joined just before the event started so i never got a proper chance to complete this event
  11. General Best/Worst Legendary Pokemon

    best worst
  12. General Vortex Memes

    2 of those reference rngcharizard
  13. May The 4th Be With 'chu

    make it a magikarp event have the magikarp know the move epic splash the power will be full power but horrible accuracy
  14. Fixed sidequest errors by v3567