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  1. RaZoR

    Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    IGN : RaZoR Colour : Navy Blue
  2. RaZoR

    Giveaway Soup's 6th Giveaway! *Ended*

    IGN : RaZoR Thanks for giveaway
  3. RaZoR

    Giveaway Yer Uncle's giveaway

    Congrats Uncle Number : 9 Here is a cute Artwork for you
  4. RaZoR

    Giveaway Legend Farewell Giveaway

    IGN : Mewtwo_Alffa Goodluck With Your Future Endeavours Return Soon
  5. RaZoR

    i make giveaway brosis

    IGN : RaZoR
  6. RaZoR

    Universal Universal Trade thread by : naruto1129

    Its Uft on Mewtwo_Alffa. Btw i jst checked pokedex and realised there are 78 shiny and 37 shadow thats almost like double so i prefer if you add something with it.
  7. RaZoR

    Giveaway ThisNameSux's Giveaway :D

    IGN : Mewtwo_Alffa Thanks for giveaway
  8. RaZoR

    Universal My Pokemon Store (Temporarily Closed)

    Didnt get the dark one yet
  9. RaZoR

    Universal My Pokemon Store (Temporarily Closed)

    *2*2 For Offered From IGN : Mewtwo_Alffa
  10. RaZoR

    Universal My Pokemon Store (Temporarily Closed)

    ++++*2 + +++ For + (Code Prefered if u have otherwise no probs i can take the pokes aswell)