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  1. Merry Christmas everybody!!🎄🎅🏻
    Happy holidays!

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    2. 9876ash


      Merry Christmas  bud


    3. Babby246


      Same to u bro

      merry Christmas 🎁🎄 







    4. xVx-Oreo


      isnt that a girl tho

  2. happy b-day ups sry if im late or anything i just saw

  3. Hey ups hi after a long time . Did ur exams complete?

    1. iweimax0524


      I'm pretty sure, not sure because he never told me but I think she's going for the S.A.T. but not sure and she said nto attive till jan. so most liky teat is in december.

    2. ups


      No, not yet...Dec is full of mock exams, the final exam will be in Jan ig...the date isn't finalized bcuz of the pandemic

    3. iweimax0524
  4. Wow necrozma Thanks a lot for the giveaway IGN: ups
  5. Most of the times the average price shown by the discord bot is not accurate, as many times people use auctions to pay for private trades/exp training etc.
  6. You'll also have to block him from the chat bar I guess... To do so, just click on the user's name and when the chat pops up, you'll see a gear symbol labelled options near the top right. Click that and block the user there. See if that helps
  7. Did you block the user using the chat bar itself? If from the chat bar, click on the chat() and then the gear symbol on the top right, then manage block list, and select the user you want to unblock. See if it helps
  8. Hi iweimax0524! Thanks for hosting the giveaway Ign: ups
  9. Well...my opponent hasn't responded yet and I probably won't be coming online now
  10. Use this to know which pokemon is found where The wiki is also updated
  11. For dark types it's actually TrainDark And...even if someone does list a sweet for 62,000 on auctions, the price will be increased by other players, so it will be raised to what it's worth. You don't need money to play the sidequests. Have a good team that would 1 hit KO most 100 lvl pokes and have the patience to go through 2109 battles. You'll also get 1.2-1.4 mil pds along with other drop prizes on completing each region in the sidequests.
  12. https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Sidequests Check your sidequest battle number and compare it with the Number of Battles list given in the wiki to find out which region you're on
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