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  1. IGN: ups I want them cause I have zero luck in the quizzes. I really want to have solgaleo and lunala... Also thanks a lot for the giveaway
  2. ups

    Universal Mew

    I have a normal and metallic mew up for trade.
  3. Congratulations!! 1,200,000 cbs??
  4. I have Uniques: You can choose which ones you want. All these are on my trades. You can check my main profile too to see if there's anything you want from there. Interested in your IGN: ups
  5. Completing a sidequest region can give you around 1 to 1.5 million pds.
  6. How about a guzzlord for it?
  7. ups

    Universal Immunity

    I have vullaby (x2), purrloin, poochyena, flabebe (blue and red), combee, taillow, rufflet, skarmory. Total 10. All lvl 6. Let me know if you want them. IGN: ups
  8. Well, its not that hard to press the spacebar in time to battle the wild pokemon, but if you need the spawn time to be even longer, try pressing the shift key along with the arrow keys used to walk. It will make you walk slower.
  9. Enter the scorched sanctum from route 9. That's the lowest floor.
  10. Just comment here with your IGN (your username in the game). Also the main language here is English, so please try to comment in English. You can use online translators for the purpose. Anyways, even I'll participate IGN: ups
  11. ups

    Universal Trade

    I have two.(I can give it in exchange of any event pokemon I don't have, like the therian forms).
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