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  1. Idea Sidequest Prizes.

    I was only talking about one part of the game which is Sidequests (so no we aren't asking for V3 again) and what I talked about provides something worthwhile doing so many battles for. If you know why Pat did that then do share it with us.
  2. Some weird thing just happened, so I was battling a pokemon and decided to open Discord in another tab. Then when I went back to PV it had this message (similar to the one you get when you refresh the page during a battle) so I clicked continue and it said I had lost the battle when that is in no way possible cause I still had five other pokemon. @Patrick one loss needs to be deducted from profile. 

  3. Ahh the joys of happiness training. Sir Patrick could you please gift us with double happiness weekend. If there ever was a time I needed it most it is right now :D

  4. Idea Sidequest Prizes.

    Just a few ideas that you might want to consider @Patrick: Sidequests are long and tiring even though they are fun to do. However some of the prize additions aren't truly worthwhile doing 100 or more battles for. I feel that Avatar's should be removed and left as potential daily log in prizes. Items such as Dive Balls, Dusk Balls & Moon Balls that can be bought from the Pokemart shouldn't be prizes from Sidequests. In terms of Mega Stones, the only Mega Stones that should be Sidequest prizes are Aerodactylite, Diancite, Latiosite, Latiasite, Mewtwonite Y & X (The rest should be removed from Sidequest prizes and be purchasable from the Pokemart). When completing the Sidequests to 100% I know that one of the prizes is Beast Balls and the other an Ice Stone, in regards to that I'd say maybe removing the Ice Stone as a prize, but when you complete all the Sidequests to 100% it unlocks the Ice Stone in the Pokemart where you can only buy one and it is at a high price like $1,000,000. When you restart the Sidequests then that would no longer be available just like you can no longer find the Alolan forms once you restart the Sidequests. This would make doing the Sidequests a lot more exciting and worthwhile. Thank You
  5. What the Shadow Buzzwole was that :):o.

    Today has been a good day in Pokemon hunting. 

    Although I did find a Dark Type-Null but ended up knocking it out :(.

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    2. v3567


      Get on discord, scrub!

    3. Daenerys50


      Lol I'll give it a think and ask my agent if it is possible for me to.

    4. v3567


      Or don't. You'd just be bullied.

  6. Where do you happen to find a Vulpix (Alolan) (I have completed all sidequest)? Seems ultra rare. Plus the starters seem to have also become ultra rare haven't come across a single one since V4 :o


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    2. Patrick


      They're not on the fire maps, only the ice maps and they're not rare at all.

      And to correct Seth, all starters were moved to rare spawns.

    3. Daenerys50


      Yeah spent some time on the ice maps and finally they are popping up. Happy days. I am glad I caught all the starters I wanted before V4 :D

    4. seth1129400


      oh thanks for correcting me @Patrick and sorry daenerys50 for my wrong info :P 

  7. Idea Rarity

    Actually they are more of a challenge to find. I don't how you are seeming to finding the different variants so easily but for me I feel that it is hard to come by a unique variant of the Pokemon that I am looking for.
  8. Happy days finally caught my first Ultra Beast (Celesteela) after not being able catch the three I had first found. 

  9. Just got an Xerneas (Neutral) :D

    All the joy and excitement. I hope the Pokedex showed how many are in-game like it used to. 

    1. Patrick


      The old v3 Pokédex that showed how many of each Pokémon is available is now outside the game for ease of linking to other people without them having to be logged in.
      And more specifically what you're looking for:
      https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/pokedex/Xerneas (Neutral)

    2. Daenerys50


      Oh thank you, wasn't aware of it :D.

  10. Discussion Saddest Trainer in V4

    I know the feeling I came across a Mystic Kartana & Pheromosa but couldn't catch them as no Beast/Vortex ball :(.
  11. V4 is here and it is all so exciting. Particularly when discovering all the new features. :D So much excitement.

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    2. Daenerys50


      Lol I found two Ultra Beasts before having a Beast/Vortex Ball :(.

    3. v3567


      May you find many more before you have a beast/vortex ball.

      Oh and get on discord!

    4. Daenerys50


      Lol it seems like that may just be the case. :(


  12. Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    IGN: Daenerys50 Favourite Colour: Emerald Green.
  13. Giveaway Soup's 6th Giveaway! *Ended*

    IGN: Daenerys50. Interesting Giveaway.
  14. Okay now that I have read the event details I am way too excited for this event. This may just become my favourite event on PV so far. I also like the fact that it seems like it'll be challenging. :D

    1. v3567


      I'd like to see the "OMG IT'S TOO HARD" comments on discord so I can swoop in with "TWSS" :P

  15. You get all excited thinking the event is going to start tomorrow only to find it that it will actually start on the 9th Feb. However the quiz on discord is pretty entertaining. 

    1. eurstin
    2. v3567


      Watching the salt and butthurt is more entertaining than the quiz :P