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  1. The Snorunt needs to be a female in order for it to evolve into a Froslass.
  2. With things like what you did always should be done between people that you truly trust. However once you found out he wasn't going to train it anymore and was asking you to send over the 2 cosmog's you should brought that to someones attention, rather than later on agreeing to give him the two comsog's along with the other two which weren't promised in the initial trade. He played you once and he played you again. As you willingly gave away the groudon and solgaleo you won't be able to get those back and even the exp job unless he willingly gives you them back. On top of that what is the play
  3. You can find Gible in the cave maps, it isn't that hard and then evolve it into Garchomp.
  4. If you have been banned then there is no getting that account back. If you want to keep playing you will just have to make a new account and start over. Also to ensure that your new account doesn't get banned make sure not to cheat next time.
  5. Dearest Sir @Patrick can we please have a double exp event soon that isn't happening along side another event.

  6. So there is about to be a new event on PV and I am flying out tomorrow. I cri. Anyway it could happen after the 21st Feb. 

  7. So now I have done SQs endlessly just to get another Ice Stone. Not bad but it would be nice to get a few Beast Balls. A single Beast Ball prize should be removed from the pool of prizes for the final SQ region. 

    1. xMasterKevz_07


      .. aand here I thought 10 b.balls was a guaranteed reward from the last SQ. :/

  8. Okay so needed Beast Balls decided to do SQs. I complete them and end up with an Ice Stone, which was cool nonetheless. Then I do them again and what do I end up with? Just one Beast Ball. Heartbreaking to say at the very least.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Polaris


      Often I don't get any Beast Balls, between that and the Ice Stone which you can auction for a good chunk I'd say that was a fine couple of runs. 

    3. Yousy-RT


      Ice stones are practically the best prize you could hope for. Beast Balls sell for 1.5m max while a unique Ninetales (Alolan) is worth much more. 8m at least. So yeah, you got lucky!

    4. Daenerys50


      Honestly speaking in that situation if I was to only get a Beast Ball, I would have rather taken the Ice Stone. 

  9. Hey just wanted to ask whether you know any topic on here that talked about how to EXP train Pokemon to say 50,000/1,000,000 exp exactly? Or whether you know how to achieve that?

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    2. Phoenix




      Use this and basic math and you should be fine 

    3. Auke1993


      I forgot that part.
      Phoenix's list is indeed very helpful to get an exact amount. That's not covered in my video.
      How to quickly get near it is in there.

    4. Daenerys50


      Thank you for being so helpful guys :D.

  10. This event has been a lot of fun, even though I skipped 7x Normal, 1x Shiny, 2x Shadow, 2x Metallic & 1x Dark Arceus (Ice) (Gutted about skipping the Metallic because that is the only one I didn't end up being able to catch). Thank you @Patrick for a fun filled week on V4.

    1. Fire Blaze

      Fire Blaze

      U skip so much... I encounter only 6 ices in whole event.. caught 5

    2. VITOL


      jeez dude change ur way of searching slow down or smth, did u release the finger from the arrow key?

    3. Daenerys50


      I know I skip a lot. Not on purpose though, I try going as slow as possible and then end up getting frustrated so I go faster. Oh wells.

  11. Lol I just skipped a Shiny Arceus (Ice). I truly define what it means to be a master skipper.

    1. VITOL


      sorry for that

    2. Daenerys50


      Thank you, well at least I was able to find another one. Otherwise I would have been really mad at myself.

  12. People are selling things on Pokebay for much less than what they are worth, whilst overpricing things that should be much cheaper. I saw someone put up one Pokeball for pmoney.gif15,000,000.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Daenerys50


      That is true there is no fixed price, however you assume its price taking in factors such as rarity, difficulty in finding the pokemon/obtaining the item and then according to that you price it.  Some are just selling things at such a low rate that it devalues it. I don't think those people are truly thinking about worth but just throwing things on Pokebay for the sake of selling. However it was just something I thought I'd share here.

    3. Hex A. Decimal

      Hex A. Decimal

      ((Just like the actual Ebay.))

      I think that some people are using Pokebay to transfer money between accounts.

    4. Daenerys50


      I had a feeling somewhere putting up stuff and then offering on them from their other accounts to transfer money to their main account. Interesting though.

  13. I am gonna end up crying with all these Pokemon I keep skipping. Skipped a Dark Celesteela & Dark Guzzlord. Sad times.

  14. Hmm I get what you are saying in terms of rarity however I don't think you read through the initial post properly and fully comprehend it. Because at no point in my post did I say make everything available in the pokemart. I mean I am not sure if you are even aware of how sidequests were prior to V4, because even then attaining a rare object like Latiosite/Latiasite or Red/Blue Orbs was difficult and you'd end up with Master Balls more often than the other. On top of that SQs aren't exactly easily done or done so quickly. So some of the prizes like Moon/Dusk/Dive Balls are lackluster to win af
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