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  1. for your information i have done more than 100 000 000 exp but as i don't really need your business please offer on your pokemon it is up for trade on carrliam761
  2. @unknown_citizen THANK YOU!!! please offer on a normal poke up for trade on carrliam761
  3. your rates are way too low you need to bump them up to be competitive. If you want to get real customers look at my thread and use those rates or higher.
  4. IGN: carrliam761 Movie: Stand by me Thanks for the cool GiVeAwAy m8!!!
  5. offer on a magikarp on carrliam761 Thank you so much for the giveaway you are the best!!!
  6. Of course I will!!! I will add you to the waiting list!
  7. I am interested! do you want that exp added to your order?
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