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  1. Giveaway

    IGN: carrliam761 Thanks m8. and any prize is good
  2. I totally agree I love that glare that it is giving.
  3. Uniques

  4. Uniques

    ya of course
  5. Uniques

    oh thank you so much I almost forgot go to carrliam761 and choose 6 unique legis
  6. Hardcore

    thanks dude!
  7. Hardcore

    I don't really have time for it but I do play the guitar and the harmonica.
  8. Hardcore

    I have a question. What would make somebody an elitist?
  9. Contest

    carrliam763 thanks
  10. Contest

    Shoot I forgot to look at your Pokémon. *face palm*
  11. Contest

  12. I will enter. IGN:carrliam761
  13. Universal

    Ya what are you asking for it?
  14. Universal

    My for your with 3,217,104 exp?