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  1. Hey Guys ... :)

    How many of you guys remember me till now ?? 

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    2. ViralV
    3. seth1129400


      well i remember too, :D yeah be sure to be legit that time lol xD

  2. IGN-simple_user Song- Be with you by Akon..... THANKS FOR THE GIVEAWAY
  3. Ign:Simple_user Thanks for the giveaway
  4. Donal Trump won dude ... Congrats xD 

    1. eurstin


      That's Donald Trump to you!

    2. 123Aman-2


      thanks to Google keyboard for that spelling mistake ...

  5. i hope there will be no limit of master balls (as now of 255)...
  6. 123aman Not liked sun moon that much.... thanks..
  7. firstly it's respect17 not 117 ..... I don't think think that legends would be removed by the game when v4 will be launched....(even if the OT were banned) ... But maybe events would be...
  8. Whoa! (A lazy person typed that Much ... )
  9. IGN-123aman Number 100 Favourite Youtuber - BB Ki Vines ( )
  10. my normal complete + 2 unique black + dark fancy + 5 mil exp for any of your cosplay ??
  11. done and UFT in 123aman ... thanks
  12. I hv a shiny groudon primal & a shadow kyogre primal... what's ur offer....
  13. Trading a lot of unique non-legends.... PM me if you want any ... Maybe i have it... LF - legends unique / normal any.... (except genesect,zapdos...etc ) See my IGN-123aman and vivillons all my unique non-legends are for trade ....
  14. Done.... please offer the pokes on your .... ITS UFT IN 123aman
  15. offer now... in 123aman tell me how much exp u want & on which pokemon...
  16. it's not according to my rates... i can do 40 mil...
  17. Wow for the first time I won first prize in a giveaway... Thanks a lot m8 ... Even if it's only a normal legend, but it worth a lot for me.... offer on any unown in 123aman
  18. 123aman 7 and 13 (most lucky and unlucky no. together...) thanks...
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