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  1. Delcattylooks like an eeveelution :chat:

  2. First of all, this is a suggestion more than a brilliant idea Ok, about 5 weeks (more or less) the new/not very new Dragon Map (Map 269) was introduced into the game. Besides the hunt for the Dratini forms and the sexy, Can we have something more??? I think it's time forevent! Yea boiz Details: It would be a simple map event (Arceus (Dragøn) with legendary spawn rate). Available only on Dragón Map for 4-5 days. For "extremly bad luck cases", I'll add a "Extra Bonus" coz. Extra Bonus: -- For only 1 time only... we can "ritual summon" one unique Arceus (Dragõn). I'll explain this bonus... since dragòns r mythical creatures and being Arceus the Supreme God poke by definition... we can obtain an Arceus (Dragön) by "ritual summon". That means by making sacrifices: 1 regular Arceus + 1 (any) rare dragœn-type pokemon + 1 (whatever) non-legendary non-rare dragőn-type pokemon = 1 x Arceus (Dragon)* * All the sacrifices must be same unique variant (i.e : shadow + shadow + shadow = shadow) ** Probably we need anfor the "ritual summon" (to avoid abuse of this bonus) *** All the sacrifice pokes will dissapear once we'll get 1 Arceus (Dragøn) Hope this (or smt similar) happens very soon!!! That's All
  3. Only the Top 5 of seasonal trainers get a random unique variant of any pory form. So, it's really hard (but not impossible) to get it.
  4. Hey, avoid to do double (or multiple) post..... that's against Global Forum Rules!
  5. Actually they r 'pseudo-legendary' pokémon... but ok.
  6. This is intended. Pokémon Vortex is based on (Pokémon) main games, but many things and mechanics work different. One of these differences is what you reported: mega drain (giga drain, dream eater, etc.) doesn't have the side effect of healing the user. Attacks such Self-destruction or Explosion didn't take user's HP, also! Moves like Rain dance, Sunny day, Sandstorm, Hail, etc... don't exist (at the moment of this post) in Vortex Z-Moves don't exist in this game, also! But, we have pokéBay, Vortex Store, 6 variants of each poke, cool events too!!!
  7. Looking for: Unique Offering: Unique; Rate: 1:1 dark-dark, shadow-shadow, etc...
  8. Nope. However, those 'Necrozma forms' r events which r not released yet. There's supposed to be an event for them, someday in the future....
  9. Me estas contando un mal chiste. ._. Mejor vende otras cosas mejores en pokéBay y después trata de obtener tus bolas bestia ahí, también.
  10. Is yourMALE ?? If so... myfor ur shiny Mudkip! btw, nice Trade Shop
  11. Quarantine - day 67

    This is a Never-Ending Story :/

  12. This is NOT a bug. Poipole is an Ultra Beast. Ultra Beast can only be caught on Beast Balls/Vortex Balls (/), other pokeballs won't work on them.
  13. until

    Yeah, we want Unown (2) right now!!!!
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