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  1. unknown_citizen

    Answered my golbat wont evolve

    As Auke said your Golbat needs 2 hearts more in order to evolve into Crobat. It doesn't matter in what level your Golbat is... Just battle against trainers with 1 pokemon in their team or vs. wild pokes and the happiness of your Golbat will raise.
  2. unknown_citizen

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    I badly want a lvl 100 and aor Megas Offering: 1.5 mil Exp.+ 1x shiny legendary for any!!!
  3. unknown_citizen

    Battle of Eternity


    Nice Event Pat! However, the second battle is hard as f*ck
  4. unknown_citizen

    Experience Training/trading

    I prefer the Exp. on my. It's a steel-type poke...
  5. unknown_citizen

    Experience Training/trading

    6 mil.
  6. unknown_citizen

    Experience Training/trading

    OK, then. How much Exp. u train for? (it's a Primal btw)
  7. unknown_citizen

    Experience Training/trading

    Are u looking for Primals? Are u looking for UB's? Which legendaries are u looking for? Please when creating a training topic, try to be specific and clear in what u want! List which legendaries/events u are wanting.
  8. unknown_citizen

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking for: Offering:OROR OR Experience.
  9. Lavender Town syndrome in Pokémon: Let's Go! :o_o:


  10. unknown_citizen

    General Pokemon Halloween2018: nicknames

    I will put 'Michael Myers' to my (if I get one) as nickname!
  11. unknown_citizen

    Answered Level 5 Pokemon..

    He will get 60k exp. only if he defeats a training account in one try using a lvl 5 immune poke.
  12. Me skipped a shadow Necrozma during the Halloween event :/

    1. unknown_citizen


      Shadow Necrozma:T_T:


      @VITOL give me a SAD react, pls...

    2. VITOL


      I also missed a Scyween which is more expensive but dunno which type :/ I want to think was normal

  13. Time to meet Melmetal!!  Meltan's new form (Evolution??!!)!!!!


  14. unknown_citizen

    Giveaway Giveaway

    IGN: Unknown_citizen You were my first follower on Forums, you gave me my first rep. here also... really appreciate mate! Welcome back!!!