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  1. unknown_citizen

    Giveaway giveaway

    1) IGN: Unknown_citizen 2) No, I'm not bad... @eurstin is super BAD 3) DEEZNUTs thnx
  2. unknown_citizen

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking for: Uniques Offering: Leggies
  3. unknown_citizen

    Events Demon Trade thread

    @Fire Blaze if no onez trade with u....better you'll make a Giveaway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. unknown_citizen

    Universal Tapus, UBs, DPs Exchanges by Vitol

    Wrong emoji, dude!!! There should be -->
  5. unknown_citizen

    Universal Tapus, UBs, DPs Exchanges by Vitol

    I know, you want other tapus, BUT... What about Exp. for ur mystic??? I can offer 600,000 for each Koko!
  6. unknown_citizen

    Idea New type of Mimikyu!!!!

    Hi, in the anime (Sun and Moon series), Alola trial captain & Elite 4 Acerola has a special Mimikyu.... it's not a shiny Mimikyu.... nor a metallic one.... neither a shadow one. See it by yourself: It says that it's a Ghost Mimikyu, and.... by "ghost", I'm not talking about fairy, rock, water, electric, etc.... I mean (literally) a phantom/specter. Idea: Add this new kind/type/"form" ofto the game, please!! Pheraps as event poke, if not as an Unobtainable, in the same way as...
  7. I would say thatand its evolutions are hybrid ( 50% legendaries, 50% events) as they're a permanent feature of Vortex. Anywayz, train 9,400,000 Exp on my mystic Azumarill... I'll give/pay u:+.
  8. unknown_citizen

    Discusión Pokémon Beta

    Leef ? Baaspark ? Ecksing ? Devull ? Gracias por el video.... Super interesante!! no solo los diseños, también, me llamó la atención/curiosidad.... el hecho. de que, incluso los nombres eran (originalmente) distintos en algunos casos. Por ejemplo, hace poco, me enteré que inicialmente el nombre deiba a ser Kakuna, ya que....(así como su línea evolutiva) no estaba planeado(s) en un principio!! También, me sorprende el hecho de queno fuera incluido en la Dex, ni como Beta. Saludos!!!
  9. unknown_citizen

    Discusión Pokémon Beta

    Bienvenido a los foros, amigo!! Acabo de ver el siguiente video en Youtube acerca de los Beta de la saga de Pokémon Oro y Plata (2da gen): Me pareció bastante interesante saber sobre una posible pre-evolución de Lapras (min. 4:12), el "Pika-Red", el beta de Torchic, entre otros que desconocía. Lo que sí me disgustó fue el beta de Suicune y la 'fusión' de Latias & Blaziken. Pero, en general, me resultó muy interesante!!
  10. unknown_citizen

    General TRAINING POKEMON (training guy)

    This topic belongs to 'Experience' section. Also, there are 2x double posting by the owner of this incorrect tagged thread! @sportsandmusic69 pls...
  11. unknown_citizen

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    'Lf' means Looking for...
  12. unknown_citizen

    Universal Community Trading Thread

  13. Hey, Welcome back!! LordShiny Bidoof

    1. soulweeper616


      Hey man,i had a feeling you have forgotten the ways of our Lord and savior so i came back to remind all of you. 

       The only way to salvation rises through Metallic Bidoof

  14. unknown_citizen

    Feedback Request for a Re-Run of Rotom (Pokedex) Event!!

    I agree with @unknown_citizen. He is a genius!!!!
  15. unknown_citizen

    General What did you lose?

    Hi, noob! Go to Your Profile - Item Inventory - Promo Codes Your mystery boxez should all be right there waiting for ya!! isn't it?? @sportsandmusic69 my forum Id is #10969 shiny Zygarde (Complete) uhhhh.... 1 more reason to cry, eh??!!