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  1. New pokémon discovered!!

    And get ready for the CURRY Dex!!!! xD


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. unknown_citizen


      Yep. You were wrong, vitol (for that reason I gave u a sad react in your first comment).

      And yeah, Sirfetch'd is meh..

      In addition, about 2 weeks ago I had access to more new ("unpublished") pokes:ph34r: And there r some awful ones (eg. The evolution of the enchanted teapot is horrible ;c )

    3. VITOL


      why the sad face? do u like the dumb pelican or teapot?

    4. unknown_citizen


      I like Cramorant  "the dumb pelican" a bit:$

  2. Arcanine (Galar form)

    Machamp (Galar form)

    Raichu (Galar form)

    Noctwl (Galar form)

    Sudowodo (Galar form)

    Amazing, incredible, cool and...


    FAKE :P


    1. Patrick
    2. unknown_citizen


      Snorlax (Galar Form) also....;)

  3. until

    Ughh!! Another GeneTRASH event.... I wanna puke!!!!
  4. There's a reason Why (your account got banned) bro https://youtu.be/nUx2WMPFIzg
  5. Parara rarara

    Parara rarara

    Parara rarara


  6. Mewtwo (Armor revamped) Mewtwo (Millenial) Mewtwo (Ultra) Mewtwo (Pat bring back the old Forum theme)
  7. Pokémon Masters... SOOO GOOD :<3_<3:


    Min 2:16 - Porygon (Pokédex)  CONFIRMED!!!

  8. until

    Hopefully..... NO #GenesectApocalypseEventpls
  9. Any new vlog?????

    1. Auke1993


      I've not made a vlog recently, except with people that decided they don't want to be on Youtube.
      I'm in exams right now, but should be done with almost everything after Thursday.
      After that, I intend to do a LOT for Youtube, Twitch and my Discord.
      I want to make some vlogs as well. I'm trying to come up with some cool things to do.
      There's probably some cool places to visit, that I can vlog while I can be there. That should be cool!

    2. unknown_citizen


      OK. I'll waiting for it :)

  10. 1) Unknown_citizen 2) shadow Zoroarkprobably... bcoz I defeated Patrick's Necroz with him! 3) I'll put an Unown uft 4) why not both???
  11. Friendly advice/reminder... If u r newbie in this Forum, please take a look to this thread:



  12. He iz not 'hyper poster' LOL He iz VITOL And 990
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