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    Answered Forums

    Hi! and welcome to Forum Paws... 1) To become an Advanced member...( If I recall correctly) You have to post 30+ posts. 2) You can earn Reputations posting interesting, useful and funny stuff. 3) Popular Contributors r the members who get more Reputations during a week. Also make sure to read the Global Forum Rules.... In case, you didn't.
  2. OMG! a new poke has been revealed... it's Zeraora!!! D:


    "The Thunderclap mythical pokémon"

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    2. Auke1993


      I really like the looks of it, especially the fut around its lower arms.
      I like that the fur extens out a bit after the elbows.

    3. eurstin


      meh it isn't green

    4. unknown_citizen


      @eurstin shiny Zeraora iz white & green! sis ^_^

  3. unknown_citizen

    Game The next person below me........ (True / False)

    False. The next person below me... loves Budews (@eurstin)
  4. I guess u don't speak Russian..

    Anywayz, this Song is for ya.. :)



  5. unknown_citizen

    Answered Arceus ( Ghost )

    Hi noob! If there exists only 1 pokémon on Vortex (whichever pokémon will be) u can check ALL the info about it (such who's having/OT, Exp, etc).. using the !top command on Discord. Also side note.. You have created this Topic in the incorrect section... It belongs to 'Ask Questions'... welp since your question was answered... it belongs to 'Answered' (apparently). @sportsandmusic69 u know xoxo...
  6. unknown_citizen

    Idea A Bidoof Event (Idea)

    *Halloween The main point of mah idea is to create an event related with Bidoof.. that's why I put "A Bidoof Event (Idea)" as a title of this Topic... Arceus (Ghost) is just an EXAMPLE of a reward Also @Patrick 'shas existed since September 2017, so... Pat is like a (if u think that the Arceus (Ghost) event is comin SOON)
  7. unknown_citizen

    Feedback Server Time

    I have the same "problem"... I don't have a lot of time to play in daytime of Pokemon Vortex. Therefore, it's very difficult to catch Tapu's for me . But, I think Daytime cycles currently is accessible to people outside of the UK (India,Turkey, Europe, etc...).
  8. unknown_citizen

    Sports Football Forever

    Yayy... Juventus vs. Real Madrid Today!!! (in a few hours)