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  1. unknown_citizen

    Giveaway Suicune and Shiny Liepard giveaway

    I know ... I was joking
  2. unknown_citizen

    Giveaway Suicune and Shiny Liepard giveaway

    1) Unknown_citizen 2) shadow Zoroarkprobably... bcoz I defeated Patrick's Necroz with him! 3) I'll put an Unown uft 4) why not both???
  3. Friendly advice/reminder... If u r newbie in this Forum, please take a look to this thread:



  4. unknown_citizen

    Giveaway Guess the numbers

    He iz not 'hyper poster' LOL He iz VITOL And 990
  5. unknown_citizen

    Giveaway Guess the numbers

    Please Yutony avoid double posts. That's against the Global Forum Rules!!!!!! And 869

    Disclaimer #1: There is no new eeveelution (yet) :|

    Disclaimer #2: Originally there was a Budew in the vid, but I deleted the video scene bcoz Budew is so HOT -_-

    1. Unknown2222


      Must say that this new game coming up has some very good potential in the upcoming months. Really like the new legendary's they came up with in the end of the video, I'd say the one with the sword in its mouth is awesome, not to mention my favorite and the shield one is really detailed in design, very sleek. 

  7. Hype!!!!! :o

    A new eeveelution is coming!134135136.....


    Believe inBidoof


    1. Unknown2222


      Lol, I wonder what type it is

    2. unknown_citizen


      Everyone is wonder the same... ;)

  8. unknown_citizen

    Legendaries Selling legendarys plz check

    You can't delete posts, even if they r yours. Only Mods/Admins can delete posts, topics and forum accounts if they wish to... Also avoid multiple posts aka double post. That's against the rules!
  9. I'm thirsty, therefore I need someArceus (Water)^_^

    1. Unknown2222


      Lol, good idea of a drink 

    2. unknown_citizen
  10. PorygonDex ?!?!?!?!? o.O PorygonWTF?!

    1. Unknown2222


      Oh how I used to remember Porygon giving me a seizure as a kid, good times, good times. 

  11. unknown_citizen

    Answered Premium Membership

    Monthly subscription.
  12. unknown_citizen

    Idea Achievements Ideas

    Undefeated: Achievement for having 0 Losses.
  13. unknown_citizen

    General V3 lovers

    Yes, I miss v3..... And I miss Wonder Trade bcoz I used to 'win' fossils and a few Mega-evolutions
  14. unknown_citizen

    The Fighting God


    That would be nice to re-battle the same trainer in Clan Battles
  15. unknown_citizen

    The Fighting God


    That's not possible doing Clan Battles!