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  1. unknown_citizen

    Giveaway Easter Giveaway

    Hello there, It's time for a small but amazing #giveaway..... 1st prize !!! 2nd prize !! 3rd prize I will train 1 Million xp in any of ur pokes for free! Just comment below 1 dirty secret about YOU along with your IGN. This giveaway ends this Sunday at 16:00 (Vortex time). Good luck and Happy Easter, everyonez!!!
  2. unknown_citizen

    Unanswered Is there a way i can find my old account?

    By 'xy period', You're talking about Gen 6, right ? If so... ur old account still exists since V3 has introduced Gen 6 pokemon in the game. V3 exists since October 2014 to November 2017, btw.
  3. R.I.P. Alan García Perez

  4. unknown_citizen

    Answered Can we....

    For that reason exists #free-promos channel in the Discord server.
  5. unknown_citizen

    General Ancient Pokémon

    Like ancient type only for starters, Dratini, Larvitar, Eevee (and eevolutions), etc. I would also like ancient fossils! The concept of "ancient" will fit with fossils!!! Yeah! It could work.
  6. unknown_citizen

    General Ancient Pokémon

    Ancient pokemon were a feature of a cool variant of v2. At that moment Gen 6 pokemon (from Kalos) and Mega-evolutions did not exist in Vortex, as they were introduced in v3. The same situation happens for Gen7 pokemon and alolan forms, as they were introduced in v4. So.... probably Patrick has saved the sprites of pokemon between Gen 1 to Gen 5, but he will need to make new ones for the last 2 generations. In addition to this, Gen 8 pokemon are coming in November ( again, more new sprites Pat will need....) Too much work for him!! Just saying....
  7. unknown_citizen

    General Pink Pokémon

    Here a pink poke....:kappa:
  8. unknown_citizen


    Pls STOP of doing double posts ALL THE TIME.... it's against the Global Forum Rules. Also, STOP of giving positive reactions to yourself, using ur alt forum account 'agha23'.... That's not correct, bro. @sportsandmusic69 pls ^
  9. unknown_citizen

    General Pink Pokémon

    Pink pokemon are a regional variant from Orange Islands (such as Alolan forms are regional variant from Alola). So... maybe it should works in the same way... Players/Trainers must be in the Orange Islands to "unlock" them in maps. However, there should be (according to me) another requirements: Players/Trainers have to complete their Kanto dex previously. The player/user's account have at least 1 year of existence. Also, you forgot to mention the ability or effect of this sexy variant/unique form (such as Dark variant--> 25% more attack). A sugestion for a possible ability would be if you have at least 1 pink poke in your team... then you will have x3 bonus of happiness for all your team!!! (Nice, isn't it?! )
  10. unknown_citizen

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary


    Yeah.... Pat will do charmander (Halloween) , but 1 day before ur b'day LMAO
  11. unknown_citizen

    Unanswered Confusion status

    idk idk (again) But, I know those are good questions....

    I can't believe this!!!


    This status update is such a CLICKBAIT, bruh!!! :P :P :P


    1. Harris07


      Bruh... o.O

    2. unknown_citizen


      I'm savage B|

  13. unknown_citizen

    Universal Trade

    My Mysticfor ur Shadow?
  14. unknown_citizen

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary


    First Like <3 of the whole Thread! I've started playing Vortex since 2010 (between August/October) But, I don't remember which version was... Which version of Pokémon Vortex was (in 2010)?
  15. unknown_citizen

    Answered Necrozma: Legendary in Sun and Moon but Ultra Beast in Vortex?

    Necrozma is a Pseudo Ultra Beast in this game, my friend. Check the final article of this website (Wiki of Vortex): https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Ultra_Beast In other words.... Admin decided this purposely to mantain its rarity!! #rekt