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  1. Alright, I'm creating this Topic bcuz u guyz r not posting nothing in the 'Music sub-forum' All u need to do is post a song and a specific pokémon (the poke must be related with the song). Examples: so.... if u got it... I'll start Sunflora
  2. Unanswered Wonder Trade ???

    We all know that Wonder trade currently is down for maintenance... so my question is= When Wonder trade will come back ?? ...Do we need to wait for v5 for Wonder trade ???
  3. Giveaway Map Pokemon Giveaway

    's complete set, pls IGN: Unknown_citizen
  4. Idea Idea

    I like your idea ... There should be new maps (such as a desert map or a city map). About the point of the legends.... I disagree with ya. It's fine like currently is. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @sportsandmusic69 wrong section !!!
  5. Game Ban the person above you

    Banned for being a 'Cosmog Lover'
  6. Contest Shiny Arceus (Unknown) Giveaway

    Don't leave bro ;( just gimme the Shiny Unknown IGN: Unknown_citizen
  7. Game Ban the person above you

    Banned for create a topic asking for permission to refer Vortex in a website.
  8. Unanswered Forgot Username

    And I had mentioned u... that he forgot his username (not his password) I got it SIS !!
  9. Unanswered Forgot Username

    He forgot his username (not his password)... learn to read carefully
  10. Unknown_citizen's Exclusive Auction :)

    Mystic Arceus (Fairy)

    Started By: Unknown_citizen
    Total Bids: 0
    Start Price: pmoney.gif20,040,000
    Started: 6:41pm on 18-Feb
    Ends: 6:41pm on 20-Feb
    Auction ID: #0000272182


    The bidder/winner no only gets the Mystic Fairy... He/she also gets 4 random unique leggies!!!!

  11. Universal Rapid Speed Training Job

    You are totally right... he said unique Rotoms... he wasn't specific about Forms
  12. Game Random Vortex Fact

    &were also a claim event from dashboard... bruh, actually the LEAST VALUABLE event poke is (in MY OPINION).