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  1. Become a Master Trainer in Pokémon: Let's Go025/133!!


    Legendaries in #PokémonLetsGo


    1. Auke1993


      I like the idea of the Master Trainers. It feels like something great for completionists, and in general is a great thing to work towards for any (casual) player.
      I also love how Game Freak ended the trailer. I wa very happy when I realized that trainer is in Viridian Forest. It was not allowed anywhere else.

  2. unknown_citizen

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    Playing in Discord.
  3. It's curious!

    It's expressive!!

    It's mythical!!!


  4. unknown_citizen

    General Sidequest Team

    Sableyes are a good election for Sidequests, but they're overused!!
  5. unknown_citizen

    General achievements

    I think that we need to wait for v5 for achievements at this point @sportsandmusic69 incorrect section!! and incorrect answer as well!!
  6. unknown_citizen

    Universal UniqueS

    Please, bro avoid to make double posting ( post in arrow more than 1 post )..... it's against the Global Forum Rules! @sportsandmusic69 please kindly fix that mistake! and give a @ShinyChamp123 a WARNING
  7. WHOOOOOA!!!. New Pokémon Discovered! :o


    And no..... it isn't green @eurstin -_-

  8. unknown_citizen

    Giveaway (closed) Shiny Mega Latios Giveaway

    1) IGN: Unknown_citizen 2) thanks 3) make me winner or you'll get rekt!
  9. unknown_citizen

    Ultra Beast Bonanza


    @Patrick m8, make Double Experience Weekend during the event also.....
  10. unknown_citizen

    Bug Lost bid even with the greatest bid

    Hmmm... I assuming "he" is Fabyo's account... then he didn't bid higher than VITOL ( 1,255,191 > 1,177,00 ). VITOL had the highest bid of that auction.
  11. unknown_citizen

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Good!! i'll offer the&, then!! @VITOL Read the spoiler stuff...
  12. unknown_citizen

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking for: Unique Offering: DP Anyone?
  13. unknown_citizen

    Giveaway God's Giveaway Series : Giveaway 4

    WINNERS ???