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  2. ^^ That's a really bad trade! You can get better offers for Meltan... just saying
  3. IGN: Unknown_citizen Thanks. I would like 5th prize if possible, but even if I'm not winning anything... I wish prosperity and a long life for u.
  4. Yeah. Offer on Bonsly. And thank you sooo much!!!
  5. Meltan is NOT a Galar poke... according to The Pokėmon Company it's from Alola! The other poke (Rillabom) is a final stage of the grass-starter of Galar.
  6. IGN: Unknown_citizen Mewtwo Mega XXX Thxn
  7. %59 + %20 + %10 + %5 + %10 + %5 + %1 = %110 You're not good in maths Also, DO NOT ask ppl to follow u in game/forums as condition for this or future giveaways. That's against Global Forum Rules!!! Pls, read ALL THE RULES before posting... Also, when creating a topic.... post in the correct section.... this should be in "Giveaway" section.... @Patrick pls
  8. You see... our MVP @porymon a.k.a poryNOOB is hosting a secret giveaway which main prize is a Shiny Arceus (Electric)!!! All you need to do is send 666 messages in-game (IGN: Porymon). Hurry up, don't miss ur chance to get one sukulent shiny Arceus!!!!!!!
  9. 13,000 profile viewers of u_c (me).... NICE 😃👌

  10. If anyone would like to trade a lvl-88-or higherwith your any-lvl, female... OBVIOUSLY THAT'D BE GREAT for you, BUT,.... It will be very TERRIBLE for the other guy! Please, if u r newbie in this game.... learn about values, a 'fair trade', rarity, etc before to post such offers.
  11. Pollito con papas

    Pollito con papas🐥^_^

    ¡Se viene el Día del Pollo a la Brasa!

  12. IGN: Unknown_citizen I got a few cosmogs, but it's always an honor having stuff with ur OT (regardless if cosmog or magikarp)
  13. Hi there, Previously my suggestion, idea for Arceus (Dragon) on dragon map! was approved (except 4 the "ritual summon" part that u forgot to add :'v ). Anywayz, thanks again 4 that special (main) event!! This time I have a idea 4 weak event(s).... what about a specific unique (variant) bonanza 4 specific holidays/seasons ? For example: -Between October 26 to Oct. 29th, there would b a Shadow pokémon Bonanza because of Halloween! I know I know.. we have usually a special Halloween themed event poke for that ocassion, but this is an extra or just a "preview". So.... during these 4 days ALL SHADOW MAP pokémon will spawn ×3 as usual. These pokémon include: common, uncommon, rare, legendary and Ultra Beasts; but in Shadow variant. - Between January 1st - Jan. 4th (4 'New Year 2021' event), it'll be a Mystic Bonanza. - Between November 13th - Nov. 16th in celebration of Pokémon Vortex 11th Anniversary.... there would be a Shiny Bonanza!! Who doesn't like a Shiny pokémon eh?? - Between April 1st - April 4th ('April's Fool').... it will be a NORMAL Bonanza, normie variant pokémon will spawn ×400 as usual!! (JK ) And so on. Yeah, it's not a BIG idea for a kind event, but this is mainly 4 new players, but also 4 old players (like Auke1995) who wants to fill the pokédex. Note: dates and placeholders r referencial, I mean just examples. PD: If you like this idea give a positive reaction, if you don't.... then go to "One bid auction" topic and give a Sad emoji
  14. No, thnx. Also, you posted in the 'Ask Questions' sub-forum for this!... This section (sub-forum) is basically for help about the game (doubts, questions related to gameplay, clarification, etc.), what you're doing is advertise ur clan Don't do that!! Make a status update for stuff like this, next time! Anywayz, wish all the best!!
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