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  1. Hello LGTBIQ community 🌈




  2. Yes, we are allowed to do that kind of trade (hunting for requested pokemon). However, I suggest to have some pokemon already to offer (dupes of popular leggies, unique starters, unique "rare" pokes, lvl 6 immunes, etc...). Because hunting for specific pokemon will take alot of time... Example: someone requests your hunting service for a shiny Rayquaza or any unique Necrozma... it'll take several days, but if you already have any of them.... then you just trade them to ppl (this is just an example). Make the post on trade section --> 'Universal' sub-section
  3. He is looking for Espeon or Eevee and offering the other eeveelutions. Usually players put on first place what they're offering and on second place what they want.... but yeh, he can be more specific/clear when posting such a trade!
  4. IGN: Unknown_citizen Shiny Bidoof should be the 1st prize!!!
  5. Lmao Firstly, this is NOT a bug... This 'issue' occurs when you or everyone post (reply) on specific forum sections: 'Ideas & Feedback' and 'Report Scammers' sections mainly. This is for every regular user and the reason for that 'restricction' is to avoid spam -probably- on serious topics. Secondly, please do NOT post "Forum bugs" because neither Patrick nor mods are the creators of this... I mean this platform works with a software created by 'other ppl' (Invision Community). Thirdly, have a nice day/night!


  7. ^^ That's a really bad trade! You can get better offers for Meltan... just saying
  8. IGN: Unknown_citizen Thanks. I would like 5th prize if possible, but even if I'm not winning anything... I wish prosperity and a long life for u.
  9. Yeah. Offer on Bonsly. And thank you sooo much!!!
  10. Meltan is NOT a Galar poke... according to The Pokėmon Company it's from Alola! The other poke (Rillabom) is a final stage of the grass-starter of Galar.
  11. IGN: Unknown_citizen Mewtwo Mega XXX Thxn
  12. %59 + %20 + %10 + %5 + %10 + %5 + %1 = %110 You're not good in maths Also, DO NOT ask ppl to follow u in game/forums as condition for this or future giveaways. That's against Global Forum Rules!!! Pls, read ALL THE RULES before posting... Also, when creating a topic.... post in the correct section.... this should be in "Giveaway" section.... @Patrick pls
  13. You see... our MVP @porymon a.k.a poryNOOB is hosting a secret giveaway which main prize is a Shiny Arceus (Electric)!!! All you need to do is send 666 messages in-game (IGN: Porymon). Hurry up, don't miss ur chance to get one sukulent shiny Arceus!!!!!!!
  14. 13,000 profile viewers of u_c (me).... NICE 😃👌

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