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  1. The list is updated everytime i get each offer .... Ok great, but for now will be the strict rules which are written in first page og thread.
  2. Sorry for late reply, accepted all , thank you very much
  3. Od done, keep offering
  4. No it s in the rules that is not for trade like Shiny Rayquaza, Shiny Arceus etc...
  5. Hmm not really it s quite greedy, but what ever it s only Shadow DIancie...
  6. Ok no problem, just feel free in offering
  7. Hmm it will be fine, but i dont have Shiny Articuno anymore, so please choose another pokemon Welcome.
  8. Well only because it s bulk i say yes, we can But without x1 because i already have theese Accepted thank you
  9. You´re welcome. Sure i will, when i m going to coomplete the other types, it will be written here BUMP ! Wish list is edited and also list of legends for trade too. Thread is again active so please feel free in offering
  10. Abhi So funny i made rule and i am the first who broke it LOL.
  11. Accepted thank you. IMPORTANT ! I m wating for huge bulk of shiny pokemons from my list so for short time please do not make your offers. Thank you for respecting.
  12. Since there is another trader with arons and Elgyem, i will accept the second offer with wurmple, goldeen and Swinub (instead of Aron) If it s ok, just make an offer i will accept. Ok sure, just make the offers and let me know It s up to everybodys decision
  13. Welcome to my new trade thread Intro: Hello everybody, i made this thread because i would like to complete pokedex and this way i hope it will be much easier. Since i already have full dex of all types of legends and normal uniques, now i am looking for other 5 left types of uniques ONLY. To make it clear and more bright i m going to make it by type. Once i get all uniques from one type i am going to make another list of another type etc. So for now the type i am completing is SHINY Rules: Rates: Wish list (ONLY SHINY for now) Trade list: IGN: ReSpEcT17
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