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  1. General Lost It

    Take a break, Even the greatest among us need a break now and then. Its normal for people to burn out from a game they are playing for a very long time. Be patient and before you know it your back here in vortex. I myself have taken quite alot of breaks, but never really quitted since I knew I would come back anyway when there was an intresting event or a new update. Anyway best advice I can give you is dont give your stuff away and keep your account for yourself. Everyone comes back now and then and It would be sad that if you come back you immediately quit again because you lost all your previous progress Greets a Captain that calls himself Blackbeard with a T Kappa
  2. Fixed Training Account

    You forgot to mention @iZeus that using these glitched training accounts will result your account in being banned. So dont try to use them unless you want your name on the banlist
  3. Helpen Welkom Nederlandse Spelers van Vortex!

    Haha @Champ13 zuid-afrikaans is inderdaad btiske lijkend op nederlands! leuk om je hier te hebben
  4. Archive Super Secret Giveaway

    IGN: Blackbeardt