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  1. Universal

    Hi! I have a with 500k , how many uniques non legends can i get for it?
  2. dude hmu its your old pal

  3. Legendaries

    Perfect! what are your rates?
  4. Legendaries

    Its up Also, do you have uniques non legends that you're willing to trade for exp?
  5. Legendaries

    Hey @VITOL are you interested in my with 900k for your and ?
  6. Universal

    I'm looking for uniques that i don't have, i can offer some exp! Let me know if you're interested
  7. Universal

    accepted, tks. i can do it the mew
  8. Universal

    Hi! What is the value of ?
  9. Universal

    Sure, offer pls yeah, i have some spares in my trades,
  10. Universal

    i'm trading and Looking for other unique legends Ign is JaymzIsUS
  11. Universal

    Looking for and . Offering normal leggies uft, id is JaymzIsUS
  12. Discussion

    Dratini forms are the only event ive ever wanted tbh, also maybe rotom dex :\ long shot for that one tho, i bombed during that event
  13. Hey, i need Friend Codes on 3ds for the friend safari in XY. Mine is 4055 8141 6914

    Please and thank you