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  1. As I said, once I get down to 3 or so in the queue I will open it up to new orders ^.^
  2. Since recent events, my school has been closed, and in light of me suddenly gaining a lot more free time, I will be continuing the shop soon, and maybe once I've gotten it down to 3 or so requests, I will do a grand reopening, I also have new prices but these will only affect brand new orders, ones that have already been placed will not be affected, the same as the new(ish) 5m maximum.
  3. I'm gonna have to take a break for a while, could be a couple weeks, could be a couple months, if you want to get rid of your order, just reply and I'll take it off for you, but if you don't I'll still do it after I get back to it
  4. It says you were last logged in on the 9th of December 2017
  5. Put it up for the Mystic Zapdos, thanks
  6. I have a if you want it, for it I'll take any unique Articuno, Zapdos or Moltres (except dark Zapdos)
  7. I have 3 unowns up for trade, pick any you want, ty
  8. As I told you on private messaging, after I open up I'm only doing 5m maximum.
  9. You already posted this about 20 hours ago, I would recommend against posting 2 threads that are pretty much the same.
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