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    Answered got hacked...a year ago

    my friend and i were changing our passward in school and it was successful but someone overheard our passward and changed it. we didint know who it was but found out soon. it was a girl and she logged into our account and left for the toilet. so my friend quickly went over to the girls laptop and transferred all our pokemon to a different account but my friend accidently logged out. so we thought we got all our pokemon back... but 1 day later i looked at our account that the girl hacked and we forgot we put our shadow kyurum (white) up for trade. so how can i get it back? . the hacked account was Camoroy7x. someone please reply. oh i forgot it's been like a year now but still. help
  2. manjay

    Answered Arceus (Ice)

    i know you don't need to know anymore but it had a spawn rate just like a normal legendary pokemon
  3. it would be cool if they bring back the old events, such as the kyurum or the caterpie Christmas event