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  1. Eevee is UFT hey message me in game richards48 and we can discuss it
  2. cheers buddy offered necrozma on one and a random poke on the other
  3. it is in a great ball, nicknames approved so its uft now
  4. hey the mareanie is caught just waiting for the nickname to be accepted, id want shiny bellsprout, shiny carvanha and shiny flabebe white or red is fine
  5. hey buddy I have found them both. they are uft you happy giving me these 4 for them Shiny farfetched, shiny pancham, shiny ralts and shiny spoink?
  6. hey buddy, that's fine ill change to both of those thanks for letting me know
  7. willing to offer 3 uniques I need? ill start hunting after I am done with nostalgischit's larvitar
  8. hey buddy im hunting now for shadow larvitar id do it for 2 or 3 unique non legends that ok?
  9. ive offered and instead, cheers buddy
  10. just re-offered sorry buddy! can you do 1.25 mil on both of these
  11. no problem buddy, Ive got type null for you, offer shiny mudbray, shiny lyconroc and shiny turtornator
  12. offered, how much can you train for a ?
  13. yeah I got pretty lucky with it not going to lie XD its uft now I have caught all 5 you asked for.
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