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  1. Events

    can i know your ign? I will Pm you for this trade sorry but i traded the fairy but i am interested in your magearna sorry, i'll pass the offer. But i am interested in your complete.
  2. Guys check my trade thread !



  3. Idea

    Patrick updated the pokedex count for a lot of events and all the donations around a month or 2 back. Cosplays,waters,rotom dexes and unique completes didn't change but events like volcanion,missingno had been updated at that time.
  4. Giveaway

    surana57 haven't won a cosmog yet thanks for the giveaway.
  5. Event is liveee :D 

  6. liked and already subscribed. ign - surana57
  7. liked and subscribed . ign-surana57
  8. until

    Deoxys Event
  9. Trading :,,,,, LF , , ,(any unique form of rotom dex). PM Me in-game or here. ign- surana57 & Alcadieus
  10. Universal

    i made some offers for your unique legends, check your trades. my ign - alcadieus
  11. LF , offering ++. Also LF , offering events/donation pokemons
  12. Giveaway

    surana57 1. 2.Captainx is a generous person. 3. I had taken commerce in 11th and I would suggest you to take whichever stream that interests you
  13. i skipped a
  14. Giveaway

    surana57 Please end the giveaway in 2-3 days and you are a great contributor to forums
  15. Giveaway

    surana57 thanks