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  1. Events

    pick whatever you like from my thread and if it is reasonable then i will proceed
  2. Universal

    trading : .Mainly LF Donation pokemons. I can accept event pokemons also for them,just give decent offers . Pm me here or in-game. ign- surana57
  3. Giveaway

    !claim surana57
  4. Universal

    Looking for : , ,, ,,. PM me here on in-game if you are trading them. Ign-surana57
  5. Events

    if this offer is for my attack,then no.
  6. Events

    Nope, deoxys attack itself is worth much more than 2 unique completes.
  7. Events

    well i cant see the completes in your ign. Also i can only offer you events for 2 unique completes as a dp is worth much more than those 2.
  8. Events

    sorry but i don't need any xmas events as i have all of them
  9. Universal

    guys check out my trading thread and pm me if interested in anything
  10. Events

    Thread Updated
  11. Universal

    trading if interested in any of them with your offer
  12. Events

    can i know your ign? I will Pm you for this trade sorry but i traded the fairy but i am interested in your magearna sorry, i'll pass the offer. But i am interested in your complete.
  13. Guys check my trade thread !



  14. Idea

    Patrick updated the pokedex count for a lot of events and all the donations around a month or 2 back. Cosplays,waters,rotom dexes and unique completes didn't change but events like volcanion,missingno had been updated at that time.