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  1. trading my for or or or or ANY UNIQUE TYPE OF KYOGRE trading my too. Offer me
  2. hello guys i just found a it says its "ultra rare" leggy im wondering is it true? is this guy is a Ultra rare thing?
  3. i want normal and all types of levels not matters. im offering and
  4. i used to muslim and living in turkey. Why should it would be forbidden? Its just game.
  5. READ FIRST: Well. I have to say i'm not best friends or enemies with any of you. I prepared this totally random. I just seperated all my items to 15. I wanted give something to everyone. This is my goodbye to Vortex, stay happy and safe boys. İll offer to you but wont offer in a light speed. Im tired today and i need go outside, ill offer today or tomorrow. Ill pm you or just offer. REWARDS: Yes i know rewards are not close but it still better than 2 winners taking everything
  6. there is no room left @iZeus sorry. u said first mate. You are 5. ill announce now. I learned its up to me so i removed him from giveaway. You are 5
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