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  1. IGN: Phoenix Good luck in your future endeavors
  2. Might not be button sensitivity, I think it’s more of clicking too fast for the server to register you chose another attack before actually clicking “attack” itself. Kinda like sometimes I’ll click ultra ball but then end up using a potion.
  3. So... are there any plans to remove the pages upon pages of single pokeballs on PokéBay?


    * I know there are filter options. 

    1. Patrick


      Uh... no. Just because you're not interested in an auction, that doesn't mean it has no right to be there.

  4. You did, but from what I saw, you took on a new job?
  5. Didn't you say you were leaving?
  6. I mean sure "everyone has their own rates" but a unique cranidos goes for least 7-8 unique legends
  7. That was almost a year ago...
  8. 5 days is more than 3 days... so saying at LEAST 3 days means anything over 3 days IS OK.
  9. IGN: Phoenix I played a little bit of Pokemon Crater back in the day, and played for most of v2, so only logical thing is to move onto v3 amirite? #37 Thanks for giveaway
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