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  1. until

    Actually, I don't know if your math is off, but mahematically speaking, if the chances are 1/10000, even after 1000000000 steps, the chances of finding one are still 1/10000. Because every step that doesn't find a dratini does not increase your chances of finding one the next step. was kinda hard to put into words but I hope you know what I mean (not trying to say you're wrong in any way, just trying to help explain)
  2. until

    There's 10 missions, and as far as I know, 1 person has finished already
  3. until

    It's Patrick trolling,
  4. Universal

    Pm me full offer
  5. until

    Thanks for another unique event @Patrick Seems like it really will be a scavenger hunt
  6. Universal

    Trading for ++ + something
  7. Experience

    You did, but from what I saw, you took on a new job?
  8. Experience

    Didn't you say you were leaving?
  9. Universal

    What rules ?
  10. until

    I believe Patrick said on discord that he hasnt done an event like this one yet.
  11. Universal

    I mean sure "everyone has their own rates" but a unique cranidos goes for least 7-8 unique legends
  12. until

    And you know this how?
  13. until

    Lunar new year is a few days before the event though... (hopefully I can make some money this year from gambling)
  14. Giveaway

    Ign: Phoenix