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  1. IGN: Phoenix Good luck in your future endeavors
  2. Feedback Click trick

    Might not be button sensitivity, I think it’s more of clicking too fast for the server to register you chose another attack before actually clicking “attack” itself. Kinda like sometimes I’ll click ultra ball but then end up using a potion.
  3. So... are there any plans to remove the pages upon pages of single pokeballs on PokéBay?


    * I know there are filter options. 

    1. Patrick


      Uh... no. Just because you're not interested in an auction, that doesn't mean it has no right to be there.

  4. Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    IGN: Phoenix Favorite color: Orange
  5. Deoxys Scavenger Hunt


    Actually, I don't know if your math is off, but mahematically speaking, if the chances are 1/10000, even after 1000000000 steps, the chances of finding one are still 1/10000. Because every step that doesn't find a dratini does not increase your chances of finding one the next step. was kinda hard to put into words but I hope you know what I mean (not trying to say you're wrong in any way, just trying to help explain)
  6. Deoxys Scavenger Hunt


    There's 10 missions, and as far as I know, 1 person has finished already
  7. Deoxys Scavenger Hunt


    It's Patrick trolling,
  8. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Pm me full offer
  9. Deoxys Scavenger Hunt


    Thanks for another unique event @Patrick Seems like it really will be a scavenger hunt
  10. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading for ++ + something
  11. Experience hhh123 coolest exp shop

    You did, but from what I saw, you took on a new job?
  12. Experience hhh123 coolest exp shop

    Didn't you say you were leaving?
  13. Universal Community Trading Thread

    What rules ?
  14. Deoxys Scavenger Hunt


    I believe Patrick said on discord that he hasnt done an event like this one yet.