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  1. Looking for various events, Volcanions, Deoxys Def/Att/Spe, Various Arceus', EXP, and Pokemoney Donation Events I'm very very bad at remembering to check forums, so messaging me in game is best. IGN: OpticYolo
  2. Looking for EXP, Volcanions, and Deoxys Defenses. PM me in game please, Offering Donations

    IGN: OpticYolo

  3. Ooh let me think on that for a little bit please I'll have to pass man No thank you IGN: OpticYolo
  4. I'll have to pass man, I'm not a big fan of metallics D:
  5. Right so it's been awhile since I have traded and therefore my rates might be a bit off, so let me state that I'm pretty much open to offers, and almost exclusively interested in Deoxys (Defense)/Donation Pokes/EXP for my events, Legends/uniques I'm fine with parting ways for pokedollars. Also if you get here early enough, you'll notice that this thread looks like trash because it's been awhile since I have posted, just give me time to organize it. Feel free to message me in game as well, or look through my account for specific uniques as I won't be listing them. IGN: Optic Yolo Events Legends I probably have more stuff to add, which I will do slowly. I will also be randomly auctioning various legends because the cool new auctions.
  6. Anyone know the value of a complete set of Kyurem (Black)?

    1. OpticYolo


      If someone would be kind enough to look at my IGN: OpticYolo and let me know what is valuable that would be great also I'm back from a long hiatus. 

  7. I'm confused, 200EXP? Like 200,000 EXP?
  8. Looking for Sableye's (megas ok too). Mainly Dark/Mystic Offering whatever you want.
  9. Looking for Dark and Mystic Sableye and/or Mega Sableye.


    Please let me know what youre looking for. Ign: Optic yolo

    1. Haisum Arif Sheikh

      Haisum Arif Sheikh

      Is your IGN correct?

    2. OpticYolo


      Oops, its opticyolo, 

      not space, apologies

  10. Naw I'll have to pass, not a fan of giratinas. Sounds good to me, can you train the 1m on one of mine?
  11. Rules Rates Legends Fossils Events What I'm looking for
  12. Uhm let me think on that, need to find some volcanion rates x)
  13. Trading Looking for donation/volcanion
  14. opticyolo Taylor Swift Favorite Song? Am I allowed to list all of her songs? otherwise, I don't know about you, but I'm feeling twenty twwwooooo
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