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  1. It is agreed that people do not want me to go so I am going to stay.
  2. Just to let you know the giveaway will be in Chatroom #Bye Everybody who is coming to the giveaway please report to chatroom. THe channel is called #Bye
  3. I am leaving pokemon vortex. It is not my thing anymore. I will be giving away 20 pokemon in Pokémon vortex chatroom. When I am satisfied that there are many people going to join. I don't have many good pokemon so don't complain. The channel where I am going to do my giveaway is #Bye in Pokémon vortex chatroom. Bye entering display your igh.
  4. It is very interesting that v4 is coming up soon I get to have more time on the game than chat.
  5. You will never know when it comes so display your igh. What do you reckon in my opinion is my best pokemon?
  6. Mini Questionnaire Hello guys I am doing a mini questionnaire that will not be challenging but a lot of fun. Rules 1. If you don't know one of the answers that's ok just take a guess. 2. I do not want anybody searching the answer when I give the questions below it is to test on what you know about vortex and pokemon in general. 3. When displaying the question and the answer make sure your answer is immaculate. 4. For the person who gets the answer correct wins! 5. If you win you will receive a mystery pokemon it might be good or it might be not so good. So don't complain! 6. In order to answer questions correctly I would recommend that practising will be good. 7. Make you are active at all times for you will never know when I will give a question out. 8. There would be only 2 questions! Stay alert! http://static.pokemon-vortex.com/images/pokemon/Landorus.gifhttp://static.pokemon-vortex.com/images/pokemon/Thundurus.gifhttp://static.pokemon-vortex.com/images/pokemon/Tornadus.gifStay cool!
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