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  1. Uniques Pokemon Hunting (103 jobs done)

    Bro they r event pokes only available during event....So I cant hunt these now...
  2. Uniques Pokemon Hunting (103 jobs done)

    Yo bump...
  3. Experience DS Events Xp shop

    I will train for rotomweens first... 9 M... unknown A in uft....and bro save Arceus water for me.... I will continue the training for that later
  4. Experience DS Events Xp shop

    I'm trainning Xp for some events pokes..... Ign demonlordstriker I do 300K per day LF ( =2 - 2.7M = 4- 5.5 M = 2.5 - 5 M = 4.5-5 M Pm or reply...
  5. TradingShadow Rotom (Spin) with 1M Xp train my if interested... or contact me in game Ign demonlordstriker

  6. Giveaway Clan Legendary Hunterz Giveaway Series

    @jay6570 u won the giveaway.... put something in auction.....
  7. Experience EXP Training And Trading Shop UPDATED *

    @PokeMasterBary rates for norm and unique leggies... I want u to train xp for me
  8. Experience FireDemon (DS) Exp Shop (20 Jobs Done)

    Actually I'm not training now..... working on my account.....
  9. Giveaway Clan Legendary Hunterz Giveaway Series

    Prize is.... money more than 1M..... just 3 members came from our clan xd... should I announce now or wait for more members..
  10. Join giveaway


  11. Another giveaway has been started....better not miss this one....price more than 1M money..
  12. Giveaway Clan Legendary Hunterz Giveaway Series

    Another Giveaway has been started as I told.. .... only clan mem r allowed..... Start Posting ur Ign's
  13. Nice! I just joined the other day so do I apply for this by any chance?? My name is ahmazing

    1. Fire Blaze

      Fire Blaze

      Yup bro... u can....:)

  14. I will host another giveaway  as soon as we gets 5th position...... just 28K points... needed...:)


    Join Legendary Hunterz....if u want to ^_^


    Prize will be money.... More than 1M O.o

  15. Universal Buying/Trading For EXP *Updated

    Its in uft ign demonlordstriker