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  1. Deadpool 2! I would highly recommend it to watch if you're not offended by jokes easily!
  2. gngrs

    Art gngrs' Drawing Exhibition

    thank you!! ^^ ---------------------------------- a commission~ my shiny gothorita and tsareena fusion! Gothoreena!
  3. gngrs

    Art gngrs' Drawing Exhibition

    thank you!! ---------------------------------- another drawing of me and my bf!
  4. gngrs

    Art gngrs' Drawing Exhibition

    thank you!
  5. WELCOME TO MY ART THREAD! Hello hello my dears! I'm gngrs! But I go by Prism in Pokémon Vortex's Discord Server. Though I prefer to be called as Pris(m) or Gri. As you may know, I've send a drawing of mine on the general chat in the server and that motivated me to open an art thread here! So here are some of my drawings I've made! The rest of the pictures are for my Pokésona, Pantsanette! (Those are kinda old) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like my art? Here are some social media accounts that you can follow me in! Deviantart Twitter Art Fight ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gotta make a small announcement too! I usually take commissions with a specific payment. Though I'm really really busy with school nowadays. BUT you can still send me a picture of your pokésona or any kind of pokémon oc you have in this thread! I get stressed SO easily and drawing pokémons help me feel better. So you have a chance to get a free art from me! It doesn't even have to be pokémon too! I mean I love drawing furries, human(oids) and other creatures aswell! So, all you have to do, post a picture of your OC below comments! P.S. Please note that I don't draw nsfw (nudity) but I'm completely okay with body horror and gore! If specified, I can draw them aswell.