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  1. RareHunterXTD

    Answered sidequests

    I think they will come with v4. You can reset sidequests and complete them again...
  2. RareHunterXTD

    Universal Community Trading Thread

  3. RareHunterXTD

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    I want to trade my Looking for offers.
  4. RareHunterXTD

    Fixed error

    Can't you explain a lttle bit more?
  5. RareHunterXTD

    Puan hakkında

    Puanlara hiç takılmamıştım. Ben de merak ettim şimdi.
  6. RareHunterXTD

    Giveaway Loki's 2nd Giveaway

    Giveaway is already ended.
  7. RareHunterXTD


    I think he is talking about ingame. I am also curious about this.
  8. Wow there are some new Sun/Moon Pokemon Video here! I liked that lobster thing...



    1. soulweeper616


      Thats a coconut crab,they dont live in the water so thats why thats not a water/fighting just fighting type. They are pretty docile,you can even pet/hold them if you are slow enough. But they can crush coconuts in one move,so you imagine what can it do a human bone. 

    2. RareHunterXTD


      Dude this is freaking cool. 

    3. porymon


      wow!cool dude

  9. RareHunterXTD

    Archive JustParkys Bugs & Suggestions

    Game purchases repuls so many player. This is a fully F2P game and most of players enjoy it.
  10. RareHunterXTD

    [ENDED] Complete Rayquaza Set Giveaway!

    IGN: RareHunterXTD Favourite Pokemon:
  11. RareHunterXTD

    Giveaway Team Hunter - Giveaway

    Don't worry I'll listen it.
  12. RareHunterXTD

    Giveaway Team Hunter - Giveaway

    Sorry but too late...
  13. RareHunterXTD

    Giveaway Team Hunter - Giveaway

    AT LAST THE TIME HAS COME! WE HAVE 2 WINNERS HERE!!! 1st Place: XGantzx 2nd Place: Loki Please PM me for your rewards guys! Note: I made a lot for this giveaway...
  14. RareHunterXTD

    Hediyeler (Giveaways) hakkında

    Evet bu güzel olur.
  15. RareHunterXTD

    Hediyeler (Giveaways) hakkında

    Yapabilirsin de çok gülerler.